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19 August 2023


You're not going to believe it... The intercom is down again! Arrgghhh, we just can't catch a break! There's a sign in one of the lifts explaining that a technician has been notified and that the issue will be rectified ASAP... But we've heard that all before. I'm just praying that it doesn't take another 9 months to get it sorted. I mean, women are literally capable of growing an entire human life in 9 months. How can it take them 9 months to fix an intercom!? It's baffling.

But in any case, we shall persevere. It looks like it's back to leggings and crop tops as I inconspicuously come downstairs to collect you. Kay sera!

Here's a couple of pics of me practicing my contortionism to thank you for enduring my rant.

Jasmine x 

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