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19 November 2023

Good afternoon Pink Roomies!

Just dropping by with another update: My follow-up appointment with the surgeon is this Tuesday, so we will definitely have an answer soon as to whether or not I am able to resume my topless services. In preparation for the possibility of that, I'd like to share a few more pics with you guys so you know what to expect. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous about how the new girls will be received (okay, maybe A LOT nervous). But bear in mind that I am still only 6 weeks post-op, so my scars are still very visible and the implants are still sitting quite high. This is by no means the final result; the scars will fade significantly over the coming months, and my breasts will continue to soften and settle into a more natural resting place. To me, these photos are very much giving "porn-star/ blow-up doll" vibes, which was not the goal at all! But I want to remind you (and myself) that they have a lot of changes to go. It is still very early days!


I am quite happy with the size though, and I will say that they do actually feel softer than they look. All this new side-boob has been a bit unexpected, but is kinda growing on me! 


The last shot gives you a peak at how the vertical scars and areolas are looking. It also gives me another chance to shamelessly plug my bestie's OnlyFans! For more spicy girl-on-girl content, make sure you check it out:    


Here are a few photos where I'm sporting absolutely zero support.


As you can see, they still have a lot of dropping to do, and one is dropping slightly quicker than the other. My surgeon said this is completely normal and that I have to think of my breasts as two separate surgeries (with different rates of healing).


Here are a few unseen pre-surgery photos for comparison (and one of my bum, just because)...


As for my upcoming availability, this week I am working on Monday the 20th and Thursday the 23rd. Monday is fully booked, but I still have some morning availability on Thursday. Please get in touch if you'd like to spend some time together then (however we will have to play it by ear as to whether it is a modified "bra on" GFE or not).  

A little bit of bad news guys... Even if I am given the green light to return to topless services after Tuesday, I am going to have to remove "nipple sucking on me" from my service list. While I am still so early in my recovery, I don't feel comfortable with any forceful kind of pressure on my nipples as I feel like it could be detrimental to my healing. I've been through too much to not protect my investment! Also nipple sucking has always been a little touch and go for me anyway; sometimes if it's gentle it can be very pleasurable, but more often than not, it's carried out with too much gusto and errs on the side of painful. My preference has always been for gentle licking and light teasing so I think that's the only kind of nipple stimulation I will offer going forward. Thank you in advance for respecting my choice :)

I look forward to some delicious trysts this week!

See you soon,

Jas x

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