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27 November 2023

Hello Pink Roomies


... Well... almost. 

Last week I was given the green light to go topless for the occasional hour or two. But unfortunately, shortly after I received the good news, another pesky little stitch decided to poke its way out. This is something that has happened before earlier on in my recovery. It's where an internal stitch fails to dissolve beneath the surface, and migrates through the incision site. Its very common and normal, but can be quite irritating as it aggravates the healing scar and leaves behind a tiny opening that has to re-heal. It's not painful at all, but due to the risk for infection, I will have to keep that particular spot covered with a small round Band-Aid. It's just something to keep in mind if you are planning a booking in the next week or so. I do understand if you'd prefer to postpone until I am without said Band-Aid.


My rates will be back to normal now guys. For my lovely regular clients such as yourselves, that means $300 for 30 mins and $450 for 1 hour. If time permits, I am still happy to offer sensual massage bookings and social dates, however my GFE bookings will be a priority.


 A couple of other developments: I am comfortably sleeping on my stomach again, so that means I am ready and willing to be massaged! Feel free to indulge me until your (or rather, my) heart is content. A shower-for-two is also back on the cards if that is something that piques your interest. I am also back to accomodating 'Dress Me' requests. And just a little reminder: I am not offering nipple sucking anymore, but light licking and teasing is a big "Yes!" 

I have some new photos to share with you today, and these ones are something a little different. Over the past couple of weeks, my friend Alexandra and I, have been taking advantage of the heat wave and have taken some trips to our local nude beach! Our main objective was to create some content for her OnlyFans. But we quickly figured out that although it seemed like a good idea in theory, in reality it was an endeavour fraught with challenges. The heat was absolutely sweltering, the flies were a complete nuisance, and the aggressively persistent men were even more of a pest than the flies. Sadly, there were quite a few beach-goers who would not take no for an answer. If I could use an ocean-themed simile, "they swarmed us like a pack of sharks" and continued to approach despite already being politely turned down several times. They couldn't seem to just enjoy the view without encroaching on our personal space. On one occasion we felt so uncomfortable that we left early. It's a shame that some people think that the act of being naked, strips you of your right to basic respect. 

Another complication was that the sun was so bright that we couldn't actually see our phone screens, so we were essentially shooting blind. They're not the best quality, and many are overexposed, but I wanted to share these photos with you anyway because they're a bit more "real" compared with my usual selfies (where my makeup is done, hair is done, the lighting is just right, etc.). In these pics, my only accessories are my sunnies, and a tonne of sunscreen! They also give you a proper look at how my scars are going so you can decide if you're happy to book in yet, or if you'd rather wait.


Talk to you soon guys!

Jasmine xo

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