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29 August 2023

Good evening 'Pink Roomies'

First thing's first... The intercom is back up and running! It was thankfully only out of service for a few days this time. My guess is that they have a competent technician on speed-dial now, so hopefully any future issues will be short-lived.

Aurora and I have been getting quite a few requests for threesome bookings recently. There must be something in the water (I'm definitely not complaining!) In light of this sudden surge in interest, I will post a complete list of the dates and times when we are both available. This is the last of our threesome availability before I head off on my break. Please note that a small deposit may be requested, to be paid directly to Aurora via Beem It. Aurora has a much more active social life than me, and she will often turn down dance training or events in order to spoil us with her company and some quality bedroom time. The deposit is just a small way to compensate her if the booking falls through. By the way, did you hear that Aurora is going blonde again soon? I'm so excited! I always loved her as a blonde.


Fri 1st Sep: 3pm - 3:30pm

Sat 2nd Sep: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Mon 4th Sep: 12pm - 4pm

Fri 15th Sep: 11am - 4pm

Sat 16th Sep: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Fri 29th Sep: 11am - 3:30pm

Sat 30th Sep: 10:30am - 2pm

Mon 2nd Oct: 12pm - 4pm

Tue 3rd Oct: 11am - 4pm

Speaking of Aurora, we have been in our element together lately, incorporating this silk scarf into our Sensation Play sessions. The slower you inch it across our skin, the more sensual and erotic it feels (and the wetter we get!) Do you think you have the patience? It's hard to describe how such a simple action can ignite every skin cell with such exquisite pleasure. Here's a little teaser that paints a more vivid picture... 

When it's done right, it's pure heaven! I think the hard nipples say it all though, right?

While we're on the topic of pleasuring a woman, I thought that we could try something new in The Pink Room. With each new announcement, I was thinking of including a little Sex Tip. Obviously I can only speak with any expertise about my own personal experiences and with my own preferences in mind. I can't tell you want all women want, but it might be of interest to hear a little about what this woman wants. Some of what I'm going to say, will be things that you already know (and already do so well!) but even still, sometimes it's just nice to validate what you think you know. 

But first, a little bit of an introduction to the basis for this series of Sex Tips...

When a (straight) woman reflects back on her most enjoyable sexual experiences, what do you think is the most common element amongst them? Do you think it's a huge earth-shattering orgasm? Or even multiple orgasms? Do you think it comes down to the attractiveness of the man she’s with? Or the size of his cock? Do you think it's about how long he lasted? Or the array of sexual acts they were able to tick off during that session?

I would argue that it's none of these things. I think that the single-most crucial factor for a woman, is simply her COMFORT. The average woman will have a history of not just unfulfilling, but uncomfortable sexual experiences. Hopefully not too many of them were tarnished by discomfort, but there’s a good chance that there’s been at least a few. And as women, we are persistently programmed throughout our life to be habitual people-pleasers. In a sexual context, we may feel obliged to put up with uncomfortable positions, repetitive pounding, overzealous sucking, non-consensual spanking, and so on, because we feel it is our duty to endure what “a man wants.” We often don’t recognise our own right to sexual pleasure, or perhaps we see it as secondary to a man's right to pleasure. Particularly when a woman is at the beginning of her sexual journey, she will often feel like she is not in a position to speak up or assert herself in the bedroom. We are taught that “submissive is sexy,” and so we make ourselves as accommodating as possible. We sometimes worry that asking our man to do something differently might be taken as a criticism, and this might result in him being quite turned off by us. Trust me, I know that’s not the way it should be. That kind of thinking and lack of communication lets us all down, right? But unfortunately overcoming this kind of conditioning is easier said than done. Especially when we are talking about being with a relatively new sexual partner.

All is not lost though! There are still some simple things you can try to increase your partner's comfort, and thereby increase her capacity for pleasure. I'm here to give you some practical tips that will set you apart from the rest and have her thanking her lucky stars that she finally found one of those rare men who is genuinely great in bed!


Without further ado, here is this week's Sex Tip...

Every time you turn her over during sex (let’s say you’re moving her into doggy-style position, or flat-doggy, or even the spooning position), take the time to plant a trail of kisses down her back. Now I know you're probably focused on putting it straight back in. That's where you really want to be, right? But try to remember that although the penetration might be your favourite part, it’s a lot less likely to be hers. It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy feeling you inside of her, it’s just that other areas of her body might be just as, if not more, sensitive. A string of soft touches or kisses down her back will drive her crazy. The slower and more patient you go, the more sensual it will feel and the more it will allow her desire to build. If you just take a few moments to make her feel relaxed and comfortable, she’ll enjoy the penetration so much more, and be so much more receptive to quite literally letting you in. You can also try this during foreplay. I really love when a man slowly undresses me and then turns me around, gently pushes me against the wall and runs his hands or lips down my bare back. The anticipation is so incredibly exciting, but also the physical sensation of feeling the fabric of my dress sliding down my back, then the softness of my hair grazing past my skin, then the cool air and the absence of touch for a moment, before the warmth of his skin against mine. It's a smorgasbord of sensations one after the other. And it's even better if he keeps inching downwards until he's kneeling down and is in the perfect position to worship my butt for a few minutes. In this position, I feel both powerful and vulnerable at the same time.


You get bonus points if you can find a way to pay my back some attention after sex. When we're lying there in each others arms, enjoying the blissful afterglow, and you lazily start peppering my back with kisses and caresses... I could literally purr. It not only sparks a heated flashback to the passion we just shared, but it's also just such a comfort.  

Before I head off, here's a couple of photos from an outfit request I fulfilled last week. The brief I was given was "Sexy Angel." What do you think? Did I understand the assignment?

Bye for now guys,

Jasmine x

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