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6 November 2023

Hello again!

I've just finished getting back to all of your enquiries, and I've also just put together this little infographic...

November Service List.png

And just to clarify, when I say "bra on" services, I don't mean those awful-looking surgical bras (although I do wear those at home). Rest-assured it will be the kind of bra that suits the occasion lol. I was thinking something like this one below: supportive yet sexy! (These are pre-surgery photos by the way).


But like I said in my last announcement, I totally understand if you'd like to wait until I'm back to full capacity (or "off light duties" as they say in Occupational Rehab). I am actually putting together a little waiting list of clients who would like to be notified once topless services resume. If you'd like to be added to the list, please let me know! I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon on the 21st of November and I'm really hoping that at that appointment he can clear me to spend some time out of a bra, but we will have to wait and see!

In the meantime, here are a few days of availability for which the above service list applies:

Tuesday 7/11: 10am - 11:30am

Wednesday 15/11: 1pm - 3pm

Thurs 16/11: 10am - 2:30pm

Mon 20/11: 10am - 3pm

If you were wondering about the images that I've used on that little flyer above, those are pre-surgery photos that I took just before I went on my break. I loved that outfit so much that I ended up taking a bunch of shots in all different poses. I'll share a few more with you below. A black satin dress, black satin gloves, a velvet choker necklace, and blingy earrings... That's my idea of dressing to the nines!


Now... I did promise to post the first post-surgery pics in this announcement, didn't I? 


I wish I could do the girls justice but unfortunately, as I haven't been up to the apartment yet, I don't have the best conditions for selfies. Usually I would use my tripod and a bluetooth remote, plus lots of lovely natural light, and ample alone-time without a toddler wrapping themself around my ankles... But alas, I don't have any of that at home. So I will just leave you with a couple of "before & after" comparisons in the same activewear set. FYI: This is a crop top with no padding at all. The change in hair colour makes it easy to identify which photos are "befores" and which ones are "afters." You can see my hairdresser got it quite a bit lighter today! It's almost where I want it to be.


Do you see what I mean? They're just a little fuller and they sit a little higher, which was exactly my goal. Even though my last announcement was only a few days ago, they have already gotten noticeably softer since then. And today I was so excited to see that they jiggle and bounce again! I'm so relieved that they're starting to feel and look more natural. Tomorrow is my first day back at the apartment, so some better quality lingerie photos will be on the way. I can't wait to share them with you!

See you soon guys,

Jasmine xx

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