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9 September 2023

Happy Saturday my honeys!

A few things on the agenda for today... Firstly I want to apologise to anyone who is waiting on a reply to their messages. I accidentally did "an Aurora" (that's a term we've coined to describe the act of breaking or misplacing a phone). I was using my phone at the gym to follow along with my workout app, and I foolishly dropped a dumbbell on it, effectively smashing it into smithereens (I don't do things by halves, do I?) It's finally been repaired now, after what felt like an eternal wait for the parts to be restocked. What was even more foolish though, was that I hadn't backed up my data in quite a while (rookie mistake, I know!) One of the things I lost was my Booking Schedule for September and early October. I have been painstakingly combing through all of my text messages to try to piece together my calendar and I think I've almost restored everything to its rightful place, but if you are worried about whether I have your upcoming bookings noted, please do get in touch and we can confirm. Especially anyone who has booked something in verbally, you will definitely need to refresh my memory for those ones. I'm trying to look on the bright side: I definitely learnt a big lesson from this and I now have back up systems to back up my back ups. This won't be happening again!

I'm going to drop my remaining availability below as I've made a few recent changes. Most notably, I am not available this coming Saturday anymore (the 16th), but I will be free this Wednesday (the 13th) to make up for it. I've also added some new availability on Monday 25th as it's a public holiday. It's the King's birthday, so why not come over and let me treat you like a King? (Oh sheesh, that one was a bit cringey). 

Wed 13th Sep: 9am - 2pm
Fri 15th Sep: 2:30pm - 5pm 
Tue 19th Sep: 10am - 2pm
Fri 22nd Sep: 10am - 5pm 
Sat 23rd Sep: 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Monday 25th Sep: 10:30am - 2pm
Thurs 28th Sep: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Fri 29th Sep: 11:30am - 3:30pm 
Sat 30th Sep: 10:30am - 11am & 1:30pm - 2pm 

Mon 2nd Oct: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Tue 3rd Oct: 12:30pm - 6pm 
Thurs 5th Oct: Fully Booked

The countdown is on guys! Only 1 month until my new boobies. It's getting real now. I think what I'm most excited for, is the chance to wear backless dresses. As some of you know, I really love pretty clothes. You might even say I have a passion for fashion (that's the last dorky thing I say today, I promise). But ever since I turned 18, I've had quite an ample (and heavy) bust, so going braless in public has never been a suitable option (and nothing turns a backless dress from classy to trashy quite like an visible bra strap). Getting a breast lift, means that I can sometimes go without the support of a bra, so I can finally wear those gorgeous plunge-back dresses I've always dreamed of.

Spring has officially sprung guys! It's my second favourite season. Summer is my #1 because I adore the heat, but my birthday is in Spring so it's a close runner up. Although if you have a morning booking coming up, please expect a sneeze here or there! I'm not sick, I'm just very prone to hay-fever. They say a sneeze is 1/8th of an orgasm though (they really do, look it up!) so the good news is that with each sneeze, you're only 7/8ths away from making me cum! Here's a random little clip of me enjoying the glorious sunshine while I was walking into the city. Aurora likes to say that I "strut" rather than walk, but I think that's just a sign that I'm in a great mood and enjoying my day. The weather was beautiful, I was on my way to have a delicious lunch, and you can't tell from the video but whenever I wear a long flowy skirt I like to go panty-less underneath. All very good reasons to strut if you ask me!

Did you spot the naughty purple shop at the start? It's so hard to walk past and not go inside! I love browsing in there (for research purposes of course!)

I've recently been having some chats with my partner about wanting to achieve a healthier work/life balance. He works full-time, and for the past year I've been working on Saturdays, so our only real chance for quality family-time has been on Sundays. But of course Sundays are for visiting parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, so that hasn't left much time to enjoy our little family of 3. When I return from my hiatus, I'm thinking of axing my Saturday shift and offering availability on Wednesdays and Fridays instead. I will have a mixture of morning and afternoon time-slots available in the hopes that I can still accomodate all of my wonderful regulars. I will keep you updated as we near the end of my recovery period, once I start thinking about taking advanced bookings again.


I'm really excited to be spending the day with Alexandra Adams soon (formerly known as Jade Rose). I am going to be helping her with some content creation. My role will be predominantly behind the camera, but I have a sneaking suspicion you might see me in a spicy cameo or two very soon. Stay tuned!    


Carrying on with our series of Sex Tips... Today's tip is about treating her mind right, because we all know that while sex is largely a physiological desire for men, for most women it begins in the mind. It’s not just about her physical comfort, it’s about her mental comfort too. One thing I will mention here, is that I have never met a woman who is 100% secure in her own body. I have met some very confident women, and from time to time I even consider myself one of them, but no one is completely immune to insecurities. And unfortunately these insecurities often decide to surface when we're smack-bang in the middle of getting naked with someone. But here are some practical things you can do (or avoiding doing) in order to create the space for her to feel mentally comfortable with you. 


If you can see that she’s gone to the trouble of designing a dimly lit boudoir, maybe don’t suggest you take it out to the couch right in front of the open window. Very few women are completely comfortable with every flaw of their body being on display in the blaring daylight. She wants you to see her body in the best light, and that often means in the best lighting. I know it usually comes from a good place - your sense of adventure is telling you to fuck her in every room of the house - but maybe let her have the comfort of being in her own carefully curated environment. If the choice is between self-conscious reserved sex outside of the bedroom, or wild uninhibited sex inside the bedroom, I know which one I'd choose!


Some people really love intense eye contact during sex. But some people prefer to close their eyes, because by taking their sense of sight out of the equation, all of their other senses are magnified (namely the sense of touch). I'm firmly in the latter camp! (This is incidentally why I'm very partial to blindfold play). If her eyes are closed during those intimate moments, that doesn't mean she's not visually attracted to you, it may simply be her way of connecting with you in a purely tactile way. You might take it as a sign that she's not present, when in fact it is exactly the opposite. In my experience saying things like "look at me" or "let me see your eyes," can actually really sever that connection for her, and may even make her feel viscerally uncomfortable. My advice with this one is just don't... Don't force that eye contact if it's not what feels natural to her. 

Okay those tips were more about what not to do. But my next announcement is going to be a juicy one. Let's talk about cunnilingus! What I like, what I don't like, and what makes me think, "goddamn, he's amazing at that!" Watch this space guys...

Lots of love,

Jasmine x

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