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An Exclusive Encore

Even a million moments wouldn't be enough...

There are times in life when we come across those rare connections that make us feel all warm and cosy inside. These friendships seem to blossom out of thin air and make us wonder how we ever got by in life before knowing that person. We feel uniquely drawn to these people, as though we were destined to meet.

If you are a gentleman that I have agreed to see regularly, that means you are one of those special people that I feel at home with. It means that we are kindred spirits, and that being around you brings me comfort, joy, and of course, pleasure. To these gentlemen I say, "Welcome to the V.I.P Room."

I usually do not offer outcall bookings, however for those of you who I know and trust, I would love to discuss the possibility of taking our arrangement outside the confines of my apartment for the very first time. This is an opportunity that is available to only my finest lovers. Until now, our time together consisted of brief yet beautiful snapshots in time. Stolen kisses, fleeting moments and blissful memories that lingered long after we parted ways. While these precious interludes have always given us exactly what we needed at the time, have you ever felt that we may have been limited by the clock? When the timer went off, were you left wanting more? Sometimes it feels like our one or two-hour bookings are a mere glimpse into our potential as lovers; like we're only just scratching the surface. But, why stop there?


Are you ready to take this further than we ever have before?

Come and steal me away for a luxurious extended encounter together; an affair with no limits. This is much more than just a fantasy. What I'm offering you is the realest and truest experience of being with me. Let me be your girlfriend, if only for one night.


Why don't we cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie? Just don't be surprised when I start to fondle you under the blanket. I've never been very good at keeping my hands to myself. Let's play-fight in the kitchen as we cook dinner together. Then we'll enjoy our meal as we sit under the stars in the backyard. When we're finished, you'll lay me down on the picnic rug and savour the sweetness between my legs for dessert. Afterwards, we'll sip chilled wine while we have a hot steamy bubble bath. You can lean back and rest against my soft warm breasts. I'll rub your shoulders and tickle your back as you tell me all about your day. And if you so much as dare to throw a cheeky remark my way, I'll have to straddle you with my slick soapy body, so that I can kiss you deeply just to shut you up. 


Let's go for a late-night drive while we listen to music and chat about life. We'll drive with no particular destination in mind; just purely to enjoy the journey and each other's company. On the way back home, maybe we could pull over for a while and climb into the backseat like horny teenagers. Back home, as we get ready for bed, I'll dance around your room wearing nothing but your favourite collared shirt. You laugh and shake your head at my silly antics, then pin me against the wall, stopping me in my tracks. You undo the buttons one by one, your eyes never leaving mine for a moment. You make love to me until I cum over and over again and we dreamily drift off to sleep. The next morning, I wake up in your arms with a smile on my face as the first rays of sunrise peak through the curtains.


We can spend this time however you like. I'm all yours! Do you want playful banter, genuine laughter, and endearing memories?

Or electric kisses, spontaneous affection, and breath-taking pleasure? Maybe just my devoted attention, unrestrained orgasms, and unbridled passion?... You deserve all of these and more. And with time on our side, I can't wait to see what unfolds.

Exclusively Yours,

Jasmine x

~ Tender ~ Affectionate ~ Passionate ~​​


        6 hours (day-time)   $2500

Available between 8am & 6pm.

  12 hours (over-nighter)   $4000

Must include at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

This is an outcall experience (to your home or hotel room), available to selected regular clients of my choice. Please contact me directly if you would like to be considered.

50% deposit required via Beem It.

Please give me plenty of notice so I can clear my schedule and make you my one and only priority for the day.

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