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The Enigma Series

Find you a girl that can do both...

Story Time... The lady on your arm is a picture of poise and beauty. Demure and elegant, with the subtle allure of a femininity rarely embodied by the women of today. A glamorous 1950s actress, who has stepped straight off the Hollywood screen to share dinner with you this evening. 


She is the very epitome of class and grace. So much so, that passers-by can't help but follow her movements with their gaze. Even now you notice the way she effortlessly attracts admiring glances from each table in the restaurant. Yet somehow she seems so completely unaware that her shy smile has the power to bring men to their knees. Something tells you that there's more than meets the eye to this angelic disguise. Underneath her blushing innocence, you sense that there is another side to her, one that you are itching to unwrap. 


Sure enough, no sooner had the hotel door closed behind you, than she devoured you with a hunger and a passion unbecoming of the sweet reserved young lady you curiously appraised over your wine glass just a short time earlier. Her scent, her kiss, her touch, her warm womanly curves, envelop you completely the moment you dare to get close.


To the approval of the growing hardness in your pants, you discover that her purity falls to the floor just as quickly as her dress. When you strip her down, you uncover a body for sin and the wickedly devilish seductress that's been waiting within. You step back to appreciate this sultry sensual creation, silently thanking whoever sent her to you. She stares at you intently, with those knowing lustful eyes, before impatiently pulling you close again and begging to feel you inside of her. With the rest of the night stretched out before you, you revel in the knowledge of the many pleasures still to come.  

Yes, she is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. This spellbinding contrast might be the secret to why so many men (and women) are infatuated with Jasmine Lane. Care to find out for yourself ?

For your pure thoughts...

For your dark thoughts...

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