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When & Where?


1. Where are you located?​

I am located in a private discreet apartment in the Perth CBD. Please ensure you allow extra time during peak hour. For safety reasons, I cannot send my full address ahead of time. However, I will give you a general idea of where to go to allow you to plan your travels. I will then confirm the exact details about 1 hour prior to our booking time.


2. Do you have parking facilities available?​

Yes, there is a Wilson multi-story carpark and a CPP carpark located within walking distance of my apartment (a 3-minute walk and a 6-minute walk respectively). These are both low-cost parking options ($2 and $4 per hour respectively). I will send you an "on foot" map to each of these carparks about 1 hour prior to our booking time. If your booking is after 6pm, there is also free kerbside parking directly outside of my apartment.


3. What if I am running late (or early) for my appointment?

As a courtesy, it is always best to let me know as soon as possible if you anticipate that you may arrive late. Similarly, if you may arrive early, please communicate with me first to ensure that this is okay. As a general rule, arriving more than 15 minutes either side of your arranged booking time, might make it difficult for me to accommodate you. As with any other business, I run on a schedule and I have preparations to attend to during the time between bookings. I can be flexible within a 15-minute window, however any longer than that may be problematic. Please note that if you choose to still proceed with a booking after arriving more than 15 minutes late, unfortunately I may have to cut the booking short so as to not disrupt the rest of my schedule.


4. Will my belongings be safe in your apartment?

Yes. I lock the door from the inside so that I can feel safe and secure while enjoying my time with you. However, I will not be offended if you choose to take your phone/wallet/keys to the bathroom with you. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable while we establish a sense of trust with one another.


5. Where can I find your most up-to-date availability?

For the most up-to-date list of dates and times, please contact me directly via text message or check my Scarlet Blue profile.


6. Can I see you for a night-time or weekday booking?

At the moment I am not available at night or on weekdays. Unfortunately I am only free on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm. I appreciate that many gentlemen are unable to visit me during these limited working hours, however I have family commitments that prevent me from being able to meet outside of these hours.


7. Do you offer outcall? (Can you visit my house or hotel for a booking?)

I currently only provide incall bookings. This is my preference in the interests of safety, and also for my comfort and convenience. I am simply more at-home in my own environment and I feel much more organised. As I am a busy girl, I only have a limited number of hours each week that I can dedicate to escorting. I would much rather spend these hours between the sheets in the throes of passion, than on the road travelling. The exception to this rule, is 'The Threesome' service with Aurora Sky (for bookings of 1 hour or more) which can be provided in an outcall setting. A deposit is required for this experience (please refer to the 'The Finer Details' page on this website, and click on the 'Deposits & Cancellations' button).

8. Do you offer overnight, dinner-date or social bookings?

Unfortunately due to family commitments and my limited availability, I am unable to offer these experiences at this time.


9. Why is your availability so limited?

My family (and being a mummy) is my #1 priority. While I love being an escort, it is just one small part of who I am. That being said, I sincerely hope the stars will align for us soon so we can enjoy some time together. (Please also note that I am exclusively based in Perth. I am not a touring escort).


10. I know you said you’re fully booked today, but surely you have a little bit of spare time for me?

I am incredibly luck to have a wonderful regular-client base, some who visit me every week, others every fortnight or every month. These clients often book days or even weeks in advance. I am afraid that doesn’t leave much time for short-notice bookings. It would mean squeezing you in between clients with long-standing bookings, which just isn’t fair to them. You have to consider that a woman’s sex drive does have its limits. By taking on more clients than I can handle, my sexual energy is spread more thinly, and each client will not receive the very best of me. That’s just not okay in my books! Every client deserves to experience an unrushed, passionate encounter, with a lady who is well-rested, refreshed and ready for pleasure. While I’m more than happy to reserve a timeslot for you in advance, if you wait until the day, I can’t promise I will have any time available. I do have a waiting list system though. Please let me know if you would like to be notified in the event of a last minute vacancy.

Service Details


11. Do you offer natural services? (BBBJ, CIM, COF, etc.)

No. I do not offer any natural services. I take the health and safety of myself and my clients very seriously. These are my standards. They have not changed since I began in this industry, and they will never change. My stance on safe sex is grounded in science (I have a career in the medical field) but also in my own personal preferences and a resolute promise that I made to myself. Please respect my decision and do not attempt to argue. Many men have tried and failed. In fact, I am so explicit about my position on safe sex, that if you continue to ask me anyway, it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever agree to meet you. My time is best spent with likeminded gentlemen.


12. Do you offer short services? (10/15/20 minutes, or "blow-and-go" services).

My shortest service is 30 minutes. I do not offer a shorter service than this. Please understand that it is important to me that I enjoy each and every sexual encounter. I have chosen this line of work because I crave pleasure, and for me, earning money does not make up for unfulfilling sex. In a booking that lasts less than 30 minutes, it is very unlikely that I will receive much pleasure at all. A hard and fast quickie just isn’t going to do it for me. The kind of sex I enjoy is unrushed, sensual and erotic… I want you to take your time exploring my body. I want to feel a connection with you and get lost in each other’s passion. Doesn’t that sound so much better than a mindless, meaningless, wham-bam thank you ma'am service? I have to stick to the kind of sex I enjoy.


13. Why don't you offer this particular service? Could you do it just for me?

Just as you prefer certain things in the bedroom, an escort is entitled to have her own boundaries too. I do not offer rough sex, BDSM, roleplay, filming or photography, anal sex, or natural services because it is my choice not to. It is as simple as that.


14. Why don’t you offer hard-core sex? 

Rough sex just isn't my style. Despite what the porn industry would have you believe, many women really don’t enjoy being fucked hard. I am not judging what you’re into sexually; that’s completely your choice, and each to their own. But I just don’t get along very well with men who prefer the rough, degrading, dirty stuff. It’s just not me, and I’m sure neither of us wants me to fake it or pretend. To me, intimacy, passion, sensuality, generosity and patience – these are the things that make a man a great lover. I crave the exquisite delicacies of mutual pleasure. Being pounded does nothing for me. I totally respect what you like, however if you are after a pornstar experience, I am not the best escort for you. There are plenty of other ladies who would be a better fit. Please do not endeavour to book me if your intention is to hammer a nail repetitively for an hour straight.

15. Why don't you offer roleplay?

While I have tried roleplay in the past, I have discovered that it is not my forte. It just feels far too contrived and fake to me. It's specifically the dialogue component that is out of my comfort zone. I have a hard time acting out scenarios that I do not wholeheartedly believe, and I can end up feeling inauthentic, silly and embarrassed when I do so. A genuine girlfriend experience however, is a role that I feel most at home in. I have no trouble at all believing that I really am your girlfriend during our time together. And I'm just more turned on when there's no pretences and I feel like I'm being myself. 

16. Do you have any costumes?

Yes! While I do not offer roleplay, I am happy to cater to costume requests as part of the Girlfriend Experience. The choices available include: Naughty Nurse, Slutty Schoolgirl, Sexy Cop, Dirty French Maid and Seductive Secretary. Just let me know which one tickles your fancy. Or maybe you'd like to see me in something more casual? Less like an escort and more like the girl-next-door? I'm just as comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, or a floaty summer dress. One of the most popular requests though, is actually gym-wear. There's just something about the sight of a woman in yoga pants and a crop top. However, for those who are lovers of a more classic seduction, I have no shortage of lingerie sets and stiletto heels. Please let me know if you prefer bodysuits or a bra and G-string. Or maybe if you're feeling a little more bold and daring, you could ask me to wear one of my semi-sheer all-lace dresses. The sight of my curves hugged by barely-there lace, leaves just enough to the imagination. Please see the 'Dress Me To Undress Me' gallery under the 'Visuals' tab of this website, if you would like to pick out something sexy for me to wear during our upcoming encounter.


17. I’m not sure what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.

Communication is key gentlemen! If you are not sure, just ask. I will be very upfront about what is okay and what is not okay. If you’d like to do your research before we meet, please read through the list of services that are included in each experience (you can find them on the 'Experiences' page of this website). If you have any questions, I would very much prefer that you ask, rather than just trying something out that we haven’t discussed. 


18. What happens if I cum quickly? Do I have to leave right away?

No, absolutely not. If you would like to leave after you have cum, you may. However, as a standard part of my bookings, I offer MSOG (multiple shots on goal). This means that if you wish, you can have multiple rounds of sex within your allotted booking time. If you are not feeling up to another round, I am happy to lay with you and bask in the blissful afterglow of sex. We can use up the rest of your time with cuddles and kisses, casual chatting, or a relaxing massage. I will never shuffle you out the door before your time is up.


19. I'm having a great time, I don’t want it to end. Can I extend midway through our booking?

This is dependent on availability. Provided that I have no other bookings arranged for the subsequent timeslot, I would be happy to extend my time with you.


20. Do you offer a massage-only service?

While I do enjoy getting all oiled up and sliding my naked body against yours, it is generally not a stand-alone service that I provide. I’m happy to incorporate a sensual massage, Spanish and hand relief into a Girlfriend Experience booking, or even to offer these services without penetration. However, I do have to charge the full-service price for this. Given my limited availability, I need to make the most of my time. And as time is the real commodity here, what you are paying for is my time, rather than for the specific sexual acts we get up to together in said time. The same rules apply for bookings of a non-penetrative or non-sexual nature.

Payments & Pricing


21. Do you accept eftpos?

I do not have eftpos facilities, and to my knowledge there are no ATMs within walking distance of my apartment. Please make sure you allow ample time to organise cash-out, so that you can arrive on time for your booking. I am also happy to accept payment via 'Beem It,' however this must be arranged prior to our meeting. As is customary in the escorting industry, all payments must be made in full before any services can be rendered. To avoid any awkward moments, please kindly offer to settle the formalities upon entering the bedroom. The sooner that's out of the way, the sooner we can get down to the fun part!

22. Do you accept trades for your services? (Drugs, alcohol, vouchers, etc.)

No. Unfortunately, I can only accept cash as a form of payment. Just like any other professional offering a service, I like to make sure my income and expenses are accounted for at the end of the month. Sadly, I can't balance the books with a bottle of wine. Escorting is my work, and as such, I need to be paid with legal tender.


23. I finished before our booking time was over. Do I get a refund for the remaining time?

No, I do not issue refunds. However, as previously stated you do not have to leave immediately after the sexual service is over. If you are the type of guy that can go more than one round, I offer MSOG (multiple shots on goal) in my service. If not, you are more than welcome to spend the rest of your booking time cuddling, talking, or receiving a sensual massage. If you choose to leave immediately after you finish that is okay too, but I cannot offer a refund for the unused time, as it is time that I have reserved for your booking that I cannot reassign to another client.


24. I don't want to have penetrative sex. Do I still have to pay full price?

Yes. Regardless of whether you choose to engage in penetrative sex, sexual services such as mutual oral and kissing are considered Girlfriend Experience services and you must pay full price. Similarly, if you want to omit some acts from the service list but still have sex, you must still pay full price.


25. Do you offer discounts for regular clients, student discounts, birthday discounts, etc.?

Clients who have visited me before within the last 6 months will be offered 'Loyalty Rates.' You can find these under the various 'Experiences' tabs on this website. However please note that these prices are firm. I have set them based on industry research and careful consideration of what other service providers are charging. I believe that my prices are fair and true, and they represent great value-for-money. After feedback from my clients, I can guarantee that a booking with Jasmine Lane is money well spent. I am confident you will leave with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Please note that attempting to negotiate the price is the absolute pinnacle of disrespect because it tells me exactly what you're thinking: "I don't think you're worth that much." I appreciate that bartering and bargaining is customary in some cultures, however in Australia (and in the sex industry in particular) it is considered quite rude and offensive.


26. Why are escorts so expensive?

This is a pretty complex question. Firstly, you have to consider that a portion of the fee you pay, goes to covering the lady’s expenses; things like rent, parking, prophylactic supplies, lingerie, advertising, photoshoots and so on. A significant share also goes to the tax man (both as income tax and GST). Then there’s all the extra time your chosen lady has invested into your booking; travelling to her incall apartment, carefully answering any questions you might have, and ensuring she is looking stunning for your meeting. And don’t forget the compensation for all the risks she is taking; the risk to her safety, her sexual health, her reputation and her privacy. And finally, no matter how much she enjoys the sex (and believe me… I do) you cannot underestimate the emotional and physical demands of offering your body to another human being. It’s true that paid-intimacy comes with a hefty price tag, but when something can make you feel happier and more alive than you’ve felt in a long time, personally I think it’s worth every cent.

Safety & Hygiene


27. I'm very clean and healthy. Will you consider offering BBBJ at your discretion?

No, and I'm not even sure what this means. At my discretion? As I'm sure you're aware, a person's day-to-day cleanliness and hygiene is not a reflection of whether or not they have an STI. Many men are asymptomatic carriers. Being well-presented and looking like you take care of yourself, does not indicate "disease-free." In fact the very act of asking an escort for an unsafe service, tells me that you might not be taking care of yourself as well as you think. It is simply not worth the gamble, and I refuse to take unnecessary and irresponsible risks with my health. The peace of mind of many of my clients, relies on my dedication to uphold these high standards and it's part of the reason why I have such a loyal regular client base. For every potential client that is disappointed that I don't provide BBBJ, there are just as many clients who appreciate that I do not provide it. Also, while the thought of giving a stranger a blow job is a big turn-on for me, the thought of doing it unprotected is quite the opposite. I would hate every minute of it. I love my job, provided that I can practice safe sex while doing it. I hope I have explained my preferences adequately. It is a personal choice after all and my stance is firm. It's just not on the menu. Having said all that, I've been told that my blow jobs have the power to make a man forget his own name. I doubt you'll even notice whether a condom is in place or not. 

28. Do I need to bring my own condoms?

No, not at all. I am always prepared with a variety of condom sizes, as well as lubricant, massage lotion and oil, fresh towels, clean linen, tissues and wet-wipes, shower gel, mouthwash, men's deodorant, sex toys and so on. If you are allergic to latex, please let me know in advance and I will arrange an alternative type of condom.


29. Should I bring some beverages for us to share?

As a general rule, I do not drink alcohol while I am working (no, not even just one glass). I like to ensure I am in a perfect state of mind to fully enjoy the pleasure between us. However, I am not opposed to you having a drink or two if you choose to.


30. What is a health check?

Before you hop in the shower, I will ask for your consent to carry out a brief sexual health check. I will have a quick look at your genital area for any signs or symptoms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This will include pulling back the foreskin of your penis, as well as checking your shaft, around your testicles, and amongst your pubic hair. I may also check your lips, tongue and the inside of your mouth. I know this can feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable, however it is in the best interests of both your health, and mine. Please be assured that conducting a health check is in no way a reflection of my feelings towards you. It is not personal. I check each and every client before each and every booking. I’m sure you can appreciate that it is better to be safe, than sorry.


31. Why do you have to do the health check before the shower? I am a little embarrassed for you to look down there before I have had a chance to get clean.

It is very important that I conduct a health check before you have showered and before you use the toilet. This is because water or urine may wash away some signs of STIs (such as discharge or strong odour) before I have a chance to identify them.


32. Why do you insist on a health check when we are going to use a condom anyway?

Condoms effectively protect against STIs that are transmitted via genital fluids, however they are not quite so effective with those transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Some infections (such as herpes virus or pubic lice) can occur outside of the boundary covered by the condom. Also, occasionally accidents can occur with condom breakage or slippage. It is therefore always best to be as cautious as possible so that in the heat of the moment we can focus on more pleasurable thoughts.


33. What happens if I fail a health check?

If you fail a health check for whatever reason, I am more than happy to offer you a full refund. We can reschedule the booking for a later date once you have a clean bill of health.


34. Do you have smoking facilities at your apartment? Can I smoke in the bedroom?

As I do not smoke, and have many other clients that are also non-smokers, it would be disrespectful for them to have to walk into an apartment that smelled of cigarettes. Furthermore, my rental contract does not allow smoking inside or on the balcony. If you are a smoker, I would appreciate if you could make use of the mouthwash provided before we begin with the booking.


35. I know you don't do drugs, but do you mind if I bring some along for myself?

I definitely mind! I offer a completely drug-free encounter. Having drugs on the premises makes me feel very uncomfortable and I would prefer not to be around it at all. I respect that some people enjoy using drugs recreationally, but it would be best to save that until after your time with me. 




36. Will there be anyone else in the apartment when I visit you?

As a safety measure, I never work alone. My friend Aurora Sky shares the apartment with me, and we do have additional security protocols in place should the need arise. However, you will not come into contact with anyone else other than myself and Aurora, unless a situation gets out of hand. Provided that you do not threaten me or make me feel unsafe, I will be the only presence you come into contact with during our encounter.


37. Will I cross paths with other clients when I visit you?

No. Never. I pride myself on being professional and I value your discretion. I always leave ample time between bookings, to ensure that you will not awkwardly intercept with other clients. 


38. Do you have hidden cameras in the bedroom?

No, I value your privacy. What happens in the bedroom will stay between us. However, I do have an intercom with a camera at the entrance to my apartment. I will need to see your face before buzzing you in, so please do not show up incognito with a hat or sunnies covering your face. This is to ensure I don’t recognise you from my personal life, and also so I can confirm you are not a client I have previously blacklisted. Your image will not be captured or recorded in anyway though.


39. I am a married man. Are you sure I can get away with this?

It is not my business to meddle in your relationship or to judge your choices. All I can do is assure you that I operate with the utmost discretion. Please let me know if I should avoid using scented massage oils or lotions on you. I will oblige without asking questions. You are of course welcome to have a shower at the end of the booking as well. Although you are welcome to make contact initially through email, at some point during the booking process I will require your phone number (this is important for my screening processes). Rest-assured, I will not contact you via SMS out of the blue, and if I have to contact you regarding an upcoming booking, my initial message will always be discreet.


40. Can I ask that you delete my phone number after our booking?

While I can understand your request, in most cases I cannot honour this. For your peace of mind, I can reassure you that I will never contact you out of the blue, and should my work phone ever get lost, it is password-protected and no one will be able to access your personal information. However, as a general rule, I never delete my past correspondence with clients (whether we proceed with a booking or not). There are a few reasons for this. It allows me to identify perpetual time-wasters; men who are serial pests but rarely follow through with a booking. It allows me to provide references to other escorts; one of the cornerstones of our ability to stay safe in this industry. It allows me to run your phone number through screening databases. It reminds me of any special requests and the things you like most in the bedroom. And most importantly, it means I can identify my regulars when they contact me, and ensure they are given priority when planning my bookings.


41. Do I need to show ID when making a booking? / Do I have to use my real name?

No, in the interest of your discretion and anonymity, I do not require an ID or your real name. I have other screening procedures in place using your phone number alone. I feel that this is sufficient to maximise my safety, and it is not my intention to invade your privacy any further. However, I do promise that whatever details you choose to disclose during our time together, will stay between us. The exception to this, is if you appear to be quite young, I will need to check your ID to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Contacting Jasmine


42. What is your preferred method of contact?

Feel free to contact me via text message, email, or using the contact form on the homepage of this website. I will respond to you as soon as possible however please note that emails may incur a delayed response. Although I’m happy for you to contact me initially via email or using the contact form, in order to secure and confirm a booking I will require a message from an Australian mobile number at some point. This is to ensure I can screen your number through escorting databases, and so that I can report your number should you choose to be a no-show. Please note that I do not accept phone calls. My work phone sends all calls to voicemail (and I never check my voicemails). 


43. Why don’t you accept phone calls?

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I have this crazy desire to sleep through the night and not be woken up at 2am by a horny client that has decided to ignore my listed availability. Secondly, when I am not at work, I am usually with friends and family; not really the best time to be chatting on the phone to a client. And when I am at work, I’m busy having amazing sex; again, not the best time for a chat. If you message me, I can get back to you when I have the privacy to do so. 


44. Why do you take so long to reply sometimes?

Please remember that I am only a part-time escort, and my life outside of escorting is just as full and rich as I’m sure yours is. Please also remember that I am an undercover escort. I am not “out and proud,” therefore I can only respond to you when I have the privacy to do so. I do my very best to respond to messages promptly. As a courtesy, please wait patiently for a reply. Please do not double or triple text me, use multiple platforms to contact me, or contact me in the middle of the night. And please for the love of all things holy, do not send me a string of question marks. It will not be well-received. Becoming a serial pest is the worst way to get my attention.


45. What information should I provide when contacting you for a booking?

Please provide your name, the date/time you would like to book (from the availability listed on my Scarlet Blue ad), and the duration of time you would like to spend together. We can then proceed with my screening protocol. If you message me just to say “Hi,” it is highly unlikely that you will receive a response. Please be polite, but to the point.


46. What do you mean by “screening protocol”? Sounds a bit intrusive.

Not at all. It’s really just a few questions that I’ve developed to help me figure out whether we might be compatible before I accept the booking. Essentially, it’s all about the kinds of things you enjoy most in the bedroom and what you’re hoping to experience during our time together. Mostly, it’s just my way of identifying any red flags (such as clients who are after unprotected services or rough sex, or men who might not harbour a whole lot of respect for women). It’s my way of weeding these ones out in the beginning instead of having to suffer through a booking with them. If you are a gentlemen with good intentions, then chances are you will pass with flying colours.


47. How much notice should I give if I want to reserve a timeslot?

Now that’s the million-dollar question! I know a lot of people get frustrated with me because they consistently get the same "sorry I’m fully booked" response. I’m honestly not trying to be unattainable. It’s just that I usually only work one day per week, and I do have a lot of regular clients. (I’m very blessed to meet the most amazing loyal men). That leaves very little time for me to see clients on short-notice. I can’t remember the last time I accepted a same-day booking. It really only happens on the off-chance that there’s a last-minute cancellation (please request to be added to my waiting list if you'd like to be notified in these instances). The moral of the story is that booking in advance is essential! Do not leave it until the same day guys! The most popular time-slots are always the first of the day (8am) and knock-off time (I leave at 4pm at the latest). If you want to secure one of these, I recommend booking at least two to four weeks in advance.

More About Jasmine


48. How old are you, and what is your nationality?

I am a 30 year-old Aussie and I was born right here in Perth. I am Caucasian, with the telltale curves of a woman of European descent.


49. What is your dress size, bust measurements, height and weight?

I am a size 10 in clothing, approximately 165cm in height, and I have a natural F cup bust. My weight generally fluctuates between 60 to 65kgs (BMI 22 to 24). I am curvy but healthy. My bust-waist-hips ratio is 38": 26": 38". 


50. Are your breasts really natural?

Yes, I have had no cosmetic enhancements to my breasts, nor any other part of my body. Still sceptical? Come and feel them for yourself. I’ll make you a believer yet!


51. Can you send me a face photo to verify that you are the real girl in the pics?

I blur my face in my photos to protect my identity and anonymity. Just as your discretion is important, mine is too. I cannot send face photos to you, however I do have a lot of partial-face photos on my website. 


52. Are your photos recent and genuine?

Yes, all of my photos are recent and 100% genuine. Please note that I try my best to update my professional images once every 6 months. These images are slightly retouched but I feel that they are still fairly representative of my appearance (I am often told I look better in person). For the most recent untouched selfies, please see selfie section of my Scarlet Blue profile. I believe these are the truest reflection of the lady that will be standing before you when we meet. The one discrepancy, is that I do have a few tattoos which have been removed from my photos in the interest of protecting my anonymity.


53. Do you have piercings and/or tattoos?

Yes, my ears and belly-button are pierced, and I have several tattoos (in black & white) which are discreetly placed. I consider these enhancements to be tasteful, delicate and feminine, and I believe they add a unique edge to my classic hourglass look, without detracting from my elegance or class.


54. What is your favourite thing in the bedroom?

This is one of my favourite questions. I love it when a man has the intention of giving pleasure as well as receiving. I love sensual touching, kissing, and stroking my most erogenous zones. Caress my inner thighs, rub my back, play with my hair, and I am guaranteed to be putty in your hands. If you would like to know more, please check out my Blog on this website. You can find plenty of clues there that describe how to turn me on.

55. What are your grooming habits prior to a booking?

Prior to each and every booking, I shower thoroughly. Rest assured, this is absolutely non-negotiable, without fail, no exceptions! You will always have a freshly soaped, squeaky clean playmate in your arms. I do not wear perfume when I am working, as I know it can transfer easily and I am mindful of your discretion. However, I will still be smelling delicious, with the subtle scents of shower gel, shampoo and body lotion. I am a non-smoker and I am diligent with my dental hygiene. I generally prefer a more natural makeup look rather than full-glam, and I am not usually partial to fake nails or fake tan (except on special occasions). The only hair you will find, is the stuff on my head. As a personal preference, I had laser hair removal a few years ago, so I do not grow pubic hair at all now. You will find that I am always soft, supple, stubble-free and inviting!



56. How old do I have to be to see you?

In Western Australia (as with all Australian jurisdictions), the age of sexual consent is 16 years old. However, the age at which a person can engage in prostitution (both as a client and as an escort) is 18 years old. In saying that, being18 does not necessarily mean you are a shoe-in. Typically, I do prefer the company of older gentlemen. Due to the type of sex I enjoy (slow, sensual, gentle, with plenty of foreplay and mutual pleasure), I tend to be more compatible with older men. However, I do assess this on a case-by-case basis. I appreciate that some men in their early 20s are mature beyond their years.


57. Can I purchase your services as a surprise gift for a friend?

While this is a very sweet gesture (and you should be nominated for the 'Friend of the Year Award'), the logistics of this are just too tricky. There are issues around consent that make this a bit of a murky one. It'd be so much better if we let your buddy in on the secret before going ahead. 


58. Is escorting illegal?

The laws around prostitution in WA are complicated and ambiguous with grey areas and loopholes a-plenty. I have no experience when it comes to deciphering legal jargon, but from what I can gather, here’s a summary of the WA Prostitution Act 2000:

Brothels and public solicitation (street work):

These are technically illegal, but WA has a ‘Containment Policy.’ This means the WA police can grant immunity to brothels, as long as they are located in suburbs nominated by police, and as long as they are operated by females.

Private sex work:

It is technically legal however it is not fully decriminalised. Private work is technically regulated by the WA police.


This part of the legislation is very clear (thankfully!) Section 8 states that it is an "offence for a person to engage in an act of prostitution without using a prophylactic that is appropriate for preventing the transmission of bodily fluid from one person to another." In other words, both the escort and the client may be charged for not using a condom or dental dam.


Sex work in general:

The exchange of money for sex (between adults) is legal, however it is still criminalised. “Legal” means there’s currently no penalties, but “criminalised” means that it’s still a matter to be addressed by the criminal justice system. There are currently strong pushes for sex work to be decriminalised (please refer to the “LASH” report – a noteworthy research study published by Curtin University in 2010).

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