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A Day In The Life Of Jasmine And Jade

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A special insight into a day in the life of your two favourite escorts: Jasmine Lane & Jade Rose.

Here's your almost-all-access pass to a day in the life of Jasmine Lane and Jade Rose: Sometimes glamorous. Sometimes hilarious. Always sexy. (We've left out the details of what goes on during our bookings, as a lady never kisses and tells).


Arrive at our private discreet residence in Innaloo. Transform from jeans-and-jumper-clad university students, into sexy bombshells. Our daily uniform is comprised of lace lingerie, curve-hugging cleavage-bearing dresses and 6-inch heels.


Meet our first client for the day. Because who doesn't love morning sex?


A nice hot shower. I always like to moisturise my body when I get out. Can't quite get to those hard-to-reach parts of my back though, so I call Jade in to lend a hand.. her hands feel so good caressing my body.. and just like that one thing leads to another...


Jade: Do you have any fresh towels?

Jasmine: Nope, do you have any fresh towels?

Jade: Shit! The washing!


Receive the 36th dick-pic of the day. Guess who's number is about to be blocked?


Impromptu photoshoot. Inspiration can strike at any moment. For example, Jade just bent over to pick up her pen. Snap. Jasmine just spilt chocolate sauce on her breasts. Snap. Jade and Jasmine just accidentally kissed. Snap Snap.


Respond to the 57th text message today requesting face pics or natural services.


Lunch-time followed by doing the dishes. Both done in the nude. Because food tastes better when you're naked, and because we don't want to get our clothes wet when we do the washing up. Do we really need an excuse though?


Accidentally rip a hole in the 3rd pair of stockings today. These things are honestly so impractical.


Escapades to our local sex shop to pick up some new goodies. They're tax deductible so it's as close to guilt-free shopping as you can get.


Practice using our newly purchased strap-on. Purely for research purposes of course. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.


Activate "Study-Buddy Mode." Because we concentrate better right after an orgasm. It tends to clear the mind.


Dinner Time. You don't get curves like these by skipping meals.


A quick workout session using our Pole Dancing stage in our new Deluxe Room. Lots of sweating and heavy breathing from us both (what's new?)


Jasmine: You're showering again?

Jade: Yeah, why?

Jasmine: I was just about to have one. Oh well, since we're both in here... *hint hint*


Time to head home for some sweet dreams about the day ahead.

Lots of Love,

Jasmine & Jade.


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