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A Helping Hand For First-Timers

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Is this your first time delving into the wonderful world of professional companionship? Are you nervous or apprehensive about how this whole thing works? Would you like to feel more reassured and prepared for the exciting encounter that awaits you?

Fear not! Jasmine and Jade have compiled some handy information for all of the first-time punters out there.

Let’s start by talking you through the process from the very first moment you arrive at our doorstep and ring the doorbell. At this moment, I’m sure your heart is beating out of your chest, but I promise things will only get easier from here on in. Jade or Jasmine will greet you at the door with a warm smile. Our outfit-of-choice is usually a figure-hugging cleavage-bearing dress, and a sexy pair of heels. Don’t worry, we will forgive you if you can’t take your eyes off our ample assets (in fact, we welcome it). If you are lucky, you may arrive for your booking and have the opportunity to meet both of us girls, but please don’t let that intimidate you. We are both very friendly and down-to-earth. We don’t bite (unless you ask us to!) Your chosen lady will lead you to her bedroom which will be beautifully made up with candles, soft music and fresh linen. Rest assured, we like to keep our room cool in the summer, and toasty in the winter, however if the temperature control is not to your liking please let us know.

As the old saying goes… “Business Before Pleasure.” It is always best that the formalities are settled upfront so that both parties are free to enjoy themselves. Once the payment is out of the way, your host will offer you a refreshment (I’m sure you will appreciate the hydration during the events that will follow later on). Next, she will ask that you get undressed and place your clothes on the hooks or hangers provided, before wrapping a fresh towel around your waist. She will then lead you to the shower.

Before you hop in the shower, your lady will ask for your consent to carry out a brief sexual health check. She will have a quick look at your genital area for any signs or symptoms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This will include pulling back the foreskin of your penis, as well as checking your shaft, around your testicles, and amongst your pubic hair. She may also check your lips, tongue and the inside of your mouth. We know this can feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable, however it is in the best interests of both your health, and ours. Please be assured that conducting a health check is in no way a reflection of our feelings about you. It is not personal. We check each and every client before each and every booking. I’m sure you can appreciate that it is better to be safe, than sorry. Your lady will then leave you to shower in privacy. Please help yourself to body wash, mouth wash and deodorant. Remember: the cleaner you get, the dirtier we will get in the bedroom. The smell of a fresh clean man is extremely intoxicating and a huge turn on!

When you are finished showering, your lady will be waiting for you in the bedroom. Depending on what vibe she is getting from you, she may break the ice right away with some deep passionate kissing as you undress her gorgeous body. Or she may opt to take it slow and ease you into it with a nice sensual massage to help you relax, or some friendly chatting so that you can get to know each other better. Jasmine and Jade are incredibly intuitive, and they will be able to sense which approach you desire without you having to say a word.

What happens next is better left unsaid. Just know that the rest of our time together will not follow a set plan or routine. Rather than providing “cookie cutter” services to every client, we like to tailor the experience to each individual man and his needs. We like to let it flow, and we feed off the chemistry and passion between us. Sex should never be choreographed or rehearsed. We will never just go through the motions with you. Instead, we will go wherever our desire takes us. If you are unsure about how to initiate, allow us to take the lead. However, if you know what you want, we will graciously hand over the reins.

I hope you enjoy every moment of your first time with an escort. As with many experiences in life, your first time will often be the most exciting. So what are you waiting for? Secure your booking with Jasmine or Jade today! In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Lots of love,

Jasmine & Jade.


P.S. Head over to the FAQ's section of this website for more information.


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