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A Night With Jasmine & Jade

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Literotica by Jasmine Lane

It's Friday night and Jasmine and Jade help each other get zipped up into their tight little black dresses. They slip into their heels and throw a few toys, a handful of condoms and some other naughty things into their handbags before heading out the door. As they make the short drive to the hotel, they chat excitedly about the night ahead: What will he look like? What is he into? How big is his.... The girls' lace panties are starting to get damp just thinking about it.

They knock on the door and Mr J greets them with a warm smile. After admiring the gorgeous view and getting to know each other briefly over a glass of bubbly, it's time to get down to business. Jade and Jasmine begin to slowly undress each other, unclipping their bras and slipping off their panties. Jade takes one of Jasmine's tight rosy nipples into her mouth and teases it with her tongue. Tormented by her desire for more, Jasmine tilts Jade’s face up to hers and they share a deep passionate kiss. As their sweet tongues are mingling together, Mr J feels his erection pressing hard against his trousers, straining to be free. The anticipation is agonising. The girls’ naked bodies saunter over to him, their soft breasts bouncing with each step. Jasmine walks around him like a lioness eyeing her prey. She halts just behind him, leaning in close, her huge breasts grazing his back as she restrains his hands together behind him. Now Jade is free to unbutton his shirt and place slow wet kisses across his chest and abs. She kneels before him, maintaining eye contact as she undoes his belt, and yanks his trousers and boxers to the floor in one swift motion. Jade’s eyes grow wide with lust as she gazes upon his massive throbbing cock. She feels that familiar flutter below the waist as her mind fills with dirty thoughts about the promise of pleasure ahead. The girls can’t wait any longer. They take Mr J by the hands and lead him over to the bed.

In a smouldering three-way kiss, their tongues intertwine in a tantalising dance of seduction. Jasmine and Jade reach down to stroke his rock-hard cock and gently cradle his balls. The girls are feeling especially naughty tonight so they pull a silk blindfold out of their bag of tricks and secure it around Mr J’s face. Jasmine leans in and whispers in his ear, “Lay back and relax baby. Just let us work our magic.” Mr J is only too happy to oblige. He can feel the warm oil being dripped all over his chest and stomach, and then the hands massaging his skin in slow deliberate movements. With his sense of sight blocked out, every touch becomes pure ecstasy. Every sensation becomes magnified and heightened. The girls use an arsenal of nibbling, kissing, licking, sucking, a feathered teaser, a soft whip, an ice-block. And then comes the caress of not one, but two sets of full natural breasts, sliding up and down over his face, his chest, his cock. It’s enough to drive a man wild. There is nothing quite like the exquisite feeling of two young horny girls rubbing their soft feminine bodies all over you. Finally, Jade removes the blindfold and seductively tells Mr J that he definitely wants to watch the next part.

She kisses him to stifle his gasp, as Jasmine takes his long thick cock into her mouth. In slow sensual movements, her mouth sucks up and down his manhood, her tongue moving in circular patterns against him and her lips tight around his girth. She gradually builds in speed and pressure and just when he thinks he might be pushed over the edge, she comes up for air and gives him a cheeky smile. Time to slow it down; the girls are having way too much fun to let it all be over so soon. Jasmine spits on his dick to make it nice and sloppy. She teases him by flicking her tongue gently against the tip and running her fingers lightly over his balls, all the while keeping her sultry bedroom eyes fixed on his. At this moment, Mr J begins to understand why Jade told him he would want to watch. He is treated to the visual of Jasmine and Jade sharing his dick, both licking from base to tip in long strokes up either side of his shaft. The girls intermittently lick him and suck him, pausing every so often to give each other a quick tongue kiss.

It’s too much for Mr J to bear. His raw primal instincts take over and he just has to have them. Now. He pins Jade down on the bed, claims her lips with his own, and plunges deep into her warm wetness. She tenses around his dick and grips it tightly with her pussy muscles. Her legs wrap around him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. Jasmine sits on Jade’s face and starts to ride it while he continues to thrust into Jade’s tight little pussy. Jade’s moans grow louder and louder. It’s just the right spot and she knows she can’t hold on much longer. “Good girl, cum all over his dick,” Jasmine commands. Jade does as she’s told and the waves of pleasure flood over her as she climaxes hard all over his cock. Mr J collapses onto the bed to catch his breath, but Jasmine can’t resist… She licks his dick clean, making sure to savour every last drop of Jade’s sweet pussy juice.

Still wanting more, Jasmine inserts a finger into Jade’s trembling pussy and then traces Jade’s lips with it. “Taste yourself babe. You taste so fuckin’ yummy.” Jade gives her a coy smile in response and licks her lips. “Seriously, you’ve got such a pretty little pussy,” says Jasmine. “Well then come and taste me some more,” Jade replies, “you don’t mind do you Mr J?” It’s safe to say, Mr J did not mind at all. He laid back and watched the girls go down on each other in a 69 position, their breasts pressed firmly against each other, their faces between each other’s legs. Within a few minutes of Jade’s tongue tracing figure 8’s around Jasmine’s clit, Jasmine’s legs begin to quiver and shake, and she cums violently all over Jade’s face. Eager to return the favour, Jasmine positions Jade on all fours so that her gorgeous asshole and pussy are on full display. She spreads Jade’s cheeks and begins to lick the rim of her bum as she simultaneously inserts a vibrator into her dripping wet pussy. Suddenly Jasmine remembers a raunchy lesbian session she and Jade shared a couple of nights ago, when they shared a double-ended dildo between their pussies. She grabs the double-ender from her handbag and concocts a kinky idea about how to use it now on Jade. She lubes it up seductively and slides one end into Jade’s pussy, and forces the other end into her tight ass. Jade gasps in surprise. This is the first time she’s ever had double penetration before. She can feel herself being fucked from the front and the back, and she is loving the feeling of both holes being so full. Being watched intently by Mr J as he jerks himself off, is just turning her on even more. She is hypnotised by the site of his cock twitching and growing in answer to her own erotic pleasure. Jasmine begins to push the dildo in and out, faster and faster, and Jade arches her back towards her in an attempt to swallow it up even deeper. The last inch is enough to send her spiralling out of control. The intensity of her orgasm shocks her as both her pussy and her ass contract in massive earth-shattering convulsions. It takes her a few minutes to drift back to reality afterwards.

The girls ask if there’s anything in particular they can do to please Mr J. He describes one of his fantasies to them. He wants Jasmine to lay on her back with her legs spread. Then Jade lays on top of her but also facing up, so that the two pussies are stacked on top of each other, perfectly presented like a delicious meal. The girls were excited to try something new, so they positioned themselves just the way Mr J had asked. With both pussies beautifully sandwiched on top of each other, Mr J ate them out, and the moans of the two girls mingling together was like music to his ears. Jasmine and Jade are soaking wet by this point, their little pink pussies are creamy with desire. Perfect conditions for some slip and slide. They move into the scissoring position, and begin grinding their most intimate areas into each other. As they grip each other’s thighs and pull each other close, they move together in a frenzied rhythm. The friction of their two clits rubbing together is making their pussies slicker and hotter by the minute.

Jade looks over and is transfixed by Mr J’s pulsating member. She is hungry for it to be inside of her. She mounts Mr J in reverse cowgirl, giving him an incredible view of her tight pussy strangling his big fat cock. Jasmine grabs a handful of Jade’s bootylicious ass and helps to bounce it up and down on Mr J’s dick. Jade pounds it hard and fast. This is her favourite position, and she can’t get enough. She spits on her fingers and reaches down to gently fondle Mr J’s balls as she gives him the ride of his life.

Somehow Mr J manages to hold on. He’s already picturing how he wants to finish but there’s a couple more things he wants to do before the grand finale. Fucking Jasmine in doggy while Jade watches on and fingers her pussy, is an opportunity that is too tempting to pass up. On her knees, with her ass in the air, her back arched and her face in the pillow, he rams his hard cock into her hot wet pussy. He grips her slender waist as he pounds her over and over again in time with her cries of pleasure. While he is as deep in her pussy as his balls will allow, he spanks her round ass and watches it jiggle in the most mesmerising way. He’s a man who worships curves and he loves a natural feminine figure. As he’s fucking Jasmine from behind, there is a moment when he looks over and notices her reflection in the mirror. Her face is a picture of pure ecstasy: she’s biting her lip, her eyes are closed, her cheeks are flushed. He catches a glimpse of her huge natural tits swaying back and forth as he fucks her. He reaches around to cup them. They are soft, warm and heavy in his hands. As she reaches down to play with her clit, her pussy begins to squeeze his cock even tighter. “Yes! Smash my pussy babe!” she screams. “Fuck me harder! Deeper!” Mr J pulls out just in time. A second longer and he would have blown his load.

He coaxes Jasmine to lay on her back with her face dangling upside down over the side of the bed. Jade climbs back onto the bed wearing a black leather strap-on around her lovely hips. As Jade enters Jasmine’s pussy in missionary, Mr J slides his cock down Jasmine’s throat. He face-fucks her furiously as Jade is thrusting the strap-on deep inside her pussy. It’s all too much; Jasmine’s big tits bouncing around on her chest, her sloppy mouth swallowing up his shaft, the tight constriction of her throat around the head as she gags on it. He pulls away and starts frantically jerking his cock in anticipation of the pièce de résistance. Jasmine knows what he wants. “I can’t wait for you to blow your hot load all over me baby,” she encourages. “Cum all over my tits. I want it all. Every last drop!” With mind-blowing intensity, Mr J explodes all over her glorious breasts. Jasmine and Jade revel in it, rubbing the hot cum all over their skin.

Mr J lays back blissfully with Jade and Jasmine draped over his body as they all take a moment to recover. This is the most peaceful and stress-free he has felt in a long while, and the most satisfied he has perhaps ever felt in his whole life. He languorously caresses their curves as the three of them chat easily.

Several minutes later, Jasmine and Jade pull Mr J into a hot steamy shower-for-three. The sight of the girls rubbing soap on each other’s bodies and sliding their wet slippery breasts against him, is enough to have him ready for another round. But that’s an encounter for another day.

After they’re zipped up into their little black dresses once more, Mr J walks the girls to the door. They each bid him goodnight with a lingering kiss. “Sweet dreams Mr J, until next time...”


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