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Are We Sexually Compatible?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I think I’ve just had an amazing idea! (It’s rare, but it does occasionally happen). Remember those quizzes we used to do in the back of Cosmo magazines? What if there were a quiz to predict how sexually compatible you might be with your chosen escort? I’m hoping that the quiz I’ve devised below, will do just that!

Make sure you keep track of your answers and refer to the score key below. But take it with a grain of salt guys. Sexual chemistry and compatibility are complex constructs. There’s much more to it than any quiz is able to capture.

But just for fun, here goes...

Question 1: Which kind of sex do you enjoy the most?

(a) Rough, hard and brutal.

(b) Slow, passionate and intimate.

(c) Fast, sweaty, and high-energy, with lots of different positions.

Question 2: What’s your favourite thing for a woman to wear in the bedroom?

(a) Stockings and suspenders with luxurious French lingerie.

(b) A simple lace bra and cheeky knickers.

(c) Fishnet stockings, a latex corset and sky-high stilettos.

Question 3: Which of the following best describes your cunnilingus style?

(a) Sucking and nibbling on the clitoris.

(b) I prefer not to dine at the Y.

(c) Slow, circular motions on and around the clitoris.

Questions 4: Which style of fellatio would you rather receive?

(a) Long, slow strokes with gentle ball-cupping and heaps of eye contact and saliva.

(b) Deep throat, gagging and face-fucking.

(c) I’m not really a fan of blowjobs.

Question 5: What’s your stance on safe sex within the sex industry?

(a) I wouldn’t say “no” to a natural blowjob if the escort was willing.

(b) I value the health of myself and my sexual partners and I would never engage in unsafe sex, including unsafe oral.

(c) I’m happy to engage in natural sex if I think the escort is clean and healthy.

Question 6: How important is foreplay to you?

(a) What’s foreplay?

(b) It’s just as important as the main event, if not more.

(c) I could take it or leave it.

Question 7: How much tongue should you kiss with?

(a) I don’t like for our tongues to touch at all. Light pecking only for me please.

(b) I love sticking my whole tongue in her mouth, and for her to do the same. So hot!

(c) Our tongues should meet in the middle and tease each other gently every so often.

Question 8: Do you like to chat to your escort?

(a) No. I’m not there for the conversation. Escorts should be seen and not heard.

(b) Only if it’s dirty talking.

(c) Yes of course. Getting to know each other on a personal level makes the sex even better.

Question 9: What’s your idea of the perfect body type?

(a) A curvy, hourglass figure.

(b) I’d never fuck a girl bigger than a size 8.

(c) Fit, toned and tanned.

Question 10: I desire a sex partner who is…

(a) Dominant.

(b) Submissive.

(c) My equal.

Question 11: How would you turn me on?

(a) Eat your pussy and finger you.

(b) Give you a full-body massage with slow gentle clit-play.

(c) Slap you, choke you, bite you and pull your hair.

Question 12: What’s your punting preference?

(a) Once I establish a connection with an escort, I prefer to stick with her.

(b) I’ll probably only pay for sex once or twice in my life.

(c) I like to see each escort on a once-off basis. No point fucking the same girl twice.

Question 13: My favourite place to have sex with an escort is...

(a) In my car.

(b) On the couch.

(c) In the comfort and privacy of a nice soft bed.

Question 14: Lights on or off?

(a) Crank them as bright as they go. I wanna see every detail of this.

(b) Dim mood-lighting and candles.

(c) Switch them off please. I’m kinda shy.

Question 15: Which of these positions is your favourite?

(a) Reverse cowgirl.

(b) Doggy.

(c) Cowgirl.

Question 16: Which of these positions is your favourite?

(a) Flat doggy (also known as “prone bone”).

(b) 69 position.

(c) Missionary.

Question 17: Where would you most like to cum?

(a) While I’m deep inside her (with a condom on of course).

(b) On her face or in her mouth.

(c) On her breasts.

Question 18: Which of these are you most into?

(a) Ball licking and sucking.

(b) Role play.

(c) Rimming on her.

Question 19: Which of these are you most into?

(a) Bondage and S&M.

(b) Blindfolds.

(c) Golden showers.

Question 20: Which of these are you most into?

(a) Fisting.

(b) Foot fetish.

(c) Body worship.

Question 21: How would you like your escort to greet you at the door?

(a) Wearing a sexy costume.

(b) In a figure-hugging cleavage-baring dress.

(c) Naked.

Question 22: How would you describe your ideal sex partner?

(a) Sensual, passionate and affectionate.

(b) A dirty, slutty pornstar.

(c) Cheeky, playful and fun.

Question 23: How many rounds would you like to have per session?

(a) Three.

(b) Two.

(c) One.

Question 24: Pick one…

(a) Anal sex.

(b) Vaginal sex.

(c) Oral sex.

Question 25: Which would you prefer?

(a) If my partner is having trouble reaching a climax, I would prefer that she fakes an orgasm to make me feel better.

(b) Genuine orgasms only please. If she doesn’t cum during a session, that’s okay, but I’d rather she didn’t fake it.

(c) Who cares either way? I’m paying for MY pleasure. I’m not interested in hers.

Question 26: Choose a prop…

(a) A whip/paddle.

(b) A feather teaser.

(c) Flavoured lube.

Question 27: Choose a prop…

(a) Handcuffs.

(b) A vibrator.

(c) A vibrating cock ring.

Question 28: Let’s start the session off with...

(a) A steamy hot shower-for-two.

(b) Undressing her slowly and exploring her gorgeous curves.

(c) Can we skip this part and get straight down to business? I’m on the clock ya know?

Question 29: It’s your first time meeting Jasmine. What do you bring as a gift?

(a) Flowers.

(b) Nipple clamps.

(c) Chocolate.

Question 30: Time spent with an escort is always best when…

(a) I’m completely sober so I can get the most out of the experience.

(b) I’ve had a few bevvies to calm my nerves.

(c) I’ve had some party drugs to spice things up.


0-20 points – Mildly Compatible

It’s very likely that there’s another escort out there who will meet your needs better than I can. Please make sure you read each escort’s profile and service list thoroughly, to ensure your expectations are in-line with what she’s offering.

21-40 points – Moderately Compatible

Although we’re not the most compatible, they say that opposites attract. If both of us are willing to compromise, there’s no reason we can’t have an amazing time. However, for us it will be all about the give and take.

41-60 points – Highly Compatible

It’d be a crime for us not to meet! We are guaranteed to set the bedroom ablaze with our passion for one another. Brace yourself for some mind-blowing earth-shattering sex.

Why not come and test out your score in the real world and see how accurate my quiz is? And if you scored 60 out of 60, let me know… I may need to marry you!

Love always,

Miss J xo


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