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Don't Be Silly, Wrap Your Willy!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A guide to safe sex written by my lovely friend Jade Rose.

We absolutely love our job. It is without a doubt one of the best jobs in the world. However, one thing that gets our panties in a knot is constant requests for natural or unprotected services. We thought we would put together a few facts about safe sex and a little education about the risks of natural sex.

Bare-Back Blow Job (BBBJ)

This is by far the most commonly requested service, and we have noticed that many girls are providing it. Each to their own, however, these are the reasons Jasmine and I do not negotiate on a BBBJ service: There are at least 9 different STIs that can be contracted through an unprotected blow job (including some incurable diseases). It is not worth risking our health or yours for a little bit of extra cash. Imagine if we were to offer an unprotected blow job to a client, and then kiss you in your booking straight after. Not only is it unsafe, it is also unfair on you. Some things should just be reserved for monogamous relationships.

Cum in Mouth / Cum on Face (CIM or COF)

Any time bodily fluids interact (sperm, saliva, mucus, etc.) there is the risk of transmitting infections and diseases. Cum in mouth or cum on face carries a risk, just like unprotected vaginal sex. Did you know you can contract syphilis in your eye? Not only that but how would you feel if a stranger was asking to cum on your face? Adding on to this, a small cut on your finger from work may not seem like much to you, but it is a potential gateway for infection to both you and I. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Health Checks

Before you get into the shower, Jasmine and I always ensure we do a mandatory health check. Do not take this personally, it is a safety measure that we take with every client, for every booking. You may be wondering what exactly we are looking for, as it may feel like the most awkward doctor's appointment in history. But don't worry... We are just having a quick look for any visible signs of STIs.

Genital-On-Genital Contact

While we know that rubbing the tip of your penis on our clitoris or vagina can feel amazing, you may not be aware of the serious risk it carries. It is fine for us to engage in this kind of foreplay (in fact, we welcome it) however, a condom must be used in order to protect us both. Even pre-cum can carry STIs.

Unprotected Anal Sex

While pregnancy is not a risk associated with unprotected anal sex, the possibility of contracting an STI is even higher than with natural vaginal sex. We've all heard that HIV/AIDS is predominantly spread by having anal sex. This is because the cells in that area are more susceptible to the disease than in other areas. This not only applies to homosexual anal sex, but also heterosexual anal sex. In this case, ignorance is anything but bliss. Adding to this, even when having protected anal sex, when switching to vaginal intercourse, the condom must be changed. E. Coli is no joke.

Safe Condom Use

So you've accepted that you must use a condom. 10 points for you! However, there is a little more to safe condom use than just putting one on. In this case, size does matter! Allow Jasmine and I to choose your condom size, this prevents any slipping or strangulation of the penis. It will also eliminate that pesky "feels better without it" attitude. A correctly fitting condom and lube will feel the same as having natural sex, with the added benefit of peace of mind. For those who want to argue this point, we guarantee it is all in your mind. Jasmine and I are so skilled at what we do, we promise to make you forget all about the condom if you let us. Using lube is paramount to ensure the comfort of the lady and the integrity of the latex. Saliva is not a substitute for lube. Also, once the show is over, there can be no encore. In other words, once you have cum, please stop immediately and remove the condom. If you continue penetrative sex with a full condom, it is likely that the sperm will leak, defeating the purpose of using the condom in the first place. If you have the stamina to go another round, a shower in between in compulsory. Wiping sperm with tissues does not remove all traces, and therefore does not remove the risk. What's the price of a one-minute shower for a little piece of mind?


Kissing is one of the most sensual and arousing parts of foreplay and sex. However, if you have cold sores (which is a similar virus to genital herpes), a cold, the flu, mouth ulcers, or any other viral infection please let Jasmine and myself know before your booking. If we contract an illness from you, regardless of if it is an STI or the common cold, it will cost us time, money and suffering. We never come to work unwell, because we care about the health and safety of our wonderful clients, and we appreciate the same courtesy shown to us.

We don't make these rules just to bust your balls. We do it because we care about both your health and ours. It is a common misconception that working girls are more exposed to STIs than regular girls. This is untrue. A working girl that does her job right is one of the cleanest girls you could ever meet. We are very highly educated on safe sex, and we don't make exceptions to our rules for anybody. We hope this puts your mind at ease. We are sure that you can appreciate our high standards regarding safe sex. Once you let go of your hang-ups regarding condoms, we promise you'll have the time of your life. The best sex of your life is waiting for you, it's just that it will include some rubber.

Until next time...

Jade Rose xo


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