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For the Love of Toys

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Ever since I was 16 years old, I have been caught up in an enduring love affair with sex toys… Actually, technically you could say that I lost my virginity to one (but that’s another blog for another time).

I still remember my first time walking into the mysterious purple realm of an Adult Shop. I remember giggling and blushing and feeling very naughty... Like I’d just taken a peak of something very forbidden. Yet I couldn’t avert my eyes. There was something so exciting about all the colours, textures, shapes and sizes. I was like a kid in a candy store. Everywhere I looked, the promise of pleasure leapt out at me. Fast forward 10 years or so, and I’m still spellbound by them. Toys that buzz, poke, pulse, wriggle, suck, flick and nudge. You name it, I’ve tried it.

I love that moment when I decide to reach over to the bedside table and grab something hard, long and silky for a well-deserved solo sesh. I can’t resist watching myself in the mirror as I play. Part of the fun of toys is the visual. In fact, some of my all-time favourite porn videos, are ones with toy penetration scenes.

And it’s not just fun for the ladies. There’s a toy for absolutely everyone. I love incorporating toy-play into the mix during my bookings. Even the guys who are a little weary of them at first, grow to embrace and enjoy introducing a toy or two. I know some guys might feel a little emasculated at the thought of bringing in a mechanical helping hand. But we know it’s not that you need the assist. You’re doing just fine on your own, trust me. You’re not about to be made sexually redundant. It’s just that every now and then a girl just likes a little something different. Think of it more like adding another tool to your belt. I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re missing! In fact, I’ve never met a guy whose eyes didn’t light up once he saw me having a little play.

You may have noticed that up until now, I have been offering a Toy Show as an ‘extra’ (to be added on to the standard girlfriend experience for an extra cost). I’ve given it some thought and I think it might be in my best interests (and yours) if I offer a new initiative. Since life has been a little stressful for me as of late, with my studies growing more and more demanding by the day, I think I am in need of some extra stress relief. So, I have decided that from February onwards, I will be offering a Toy Show at no extra cost. If you want to include it in your girlfriend experience booking just let me know!

Speaking of toys, one of my faves is a vibrating cock-ring. They can be an acquired taste for the lads though; some guys love the vibration, and some can’t stand it. But for us ladies, it makes sex so freakin’ amazing, to the point where the penetration might actually rival the foreplay (and that never happens for us). I’m sure there are plenty of men out there that have actually never felt the sensation of a pussy cumming around their cock while they’re inside of her. Most girls only cum from foreplay and clitoral stimulation. And unfortunately, penetration generally doesn’t provide the right angle for any clit contact at all. That means that the elusive “cumming together” phenomenon, is kind of like a unicorn sighting: extremely rare, and you can’t be quite sure whether you imagined it or not. But with the help of a well-placed cock-ring, you can both experience the mind-blowing ecstasy of orgasmic penetration. Once you feel her pussy lips gripping you as tight as a vice while she cums, I swear you’ll want to pop that cock-ring in your pocket and carry it with you everywhere you go. Curious about trying this with me? Just ask! I have the most epic cock-ring ever invented (which is fully sanitised after each use of course – safety first!)

So, are you feeling adventurous yet? Have I persuaded you to share my toys with me? Whenever you’re ready, just say the word and I will lead you down the rabbit-hole into my playground of delights.

Forever yours,

J.L. x


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