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A Letter From Jasmine

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Gentlemen of Perth...

My name is Jasmine Lane and I'm a 27 year old Australian Bombshell.

I'm a size ten with an hourglass figure and a natural F cup bust (and yes, they feel just as good as they look). My sexy 'Jessica Rabbit' curves will drive you crazy. I am extremely busty, with a tiny slim waist and a round curvaceous bum. Come and explore my body and I promise, you won't be able to keep your hands off.

Let yourself be mesmerised by my sultry dark eyes, long luscious hair and big bouncy breasts. I have smooth milky skin that begs to be caressed, and soft full lips that you won't be able to resist kissing. I simply exude femininity.

I'm a sweet natured girl-next-door, with an easy-going carefree attitude. I truly enjoy pleasuring a man and being pleasured in return. I am incredibly sensual and seductive, and I was made for long afternoons between the sheets. If you're looking for a lover that you can experience a genuine deep connection with and intimacy unlike anything you've ever felt before, then I'm all yours!

Let's take our time exploring each other, forget the outside world, and get lost in the moment. Pleasure this good should never be rushed. I'm an incredibly affectionate girl so you will always feel welcome and wanted when you spend time with me. One of my deepest pleasures is taking my time to figure out exactly what turns you on, so that I can watch your walls come down as I give you the ecstasy and relaxation that you deserve. Let's get wrapped up in passion together and enjoy every single delicious moment!

Feel free to message me about the kinds of things you like, and I will endeavour to cater to your every desire. As for me, here are a few things that never fail to excite me and make me nice and wet: the sexy smell of men's cologne, being undressed by a man ever so slowly, long passionate kisses, sensual caresses all over my body, teasing and touching while I'm blindfolded, steamy slippery showers together, running your tongue over my tight nipples, nibbling my neck... and I'll let you in on a little secret, my most erotic zone is my inner thighs. Tickle me with your tongue just there and you're sure to drive me wild with lust. I can't wait for you to feel me tremble under your touch.

I've heard plenty of stories about escorts who are cold, clinical, disengaged or who treat each man like just another pay-cheque. But please be assured, that is not the experience you will have with me. Sex is not just a job to me. Sharing a physical and mental connection with another person is what life's all about! I genuinely love being intimate with a man, getting to know him and fulfilling all of his desires. I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable, and to make sure you enjoy our time together as much as I'm sure I will. I make it my personal mission to be the girl of your dreams... and I won't let you leave the bedroom without a smile on your face.

Love always,

Jasmine xx


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