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I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Greetings Friends!

I'm so excited to announce my new Dress Me To Undress Me option.

As a child, I just loved playing dress-up with my barbie dolls. I have always been fascinated by fashion and how it has the power to change a person's entire attitude. I was always amused by how a particular outfit could influence the way I carried myself, and how it could even act as a suit of armour, giving me an inner strength that I didn't know I possessed.

In my early 20s, although I didn't care much for drinking and partying, what I did love was that feeling of walking into a nightclub and making an entrance. I didn't even have to look around to know that all eyes were on me. I could just feel it. For a shy girl, this felt both terrifying and exhilarating, but it was a feeling that I began to crave more of. I would carefully select just the right curve-enhancing dress to leave a trail of eyes popping and jaws dropping behind me. As I begun to realise the allure of my own sex appeal, my confidence grew, and so too did my wardrobe. Sometimes getting dressed up makes me feel like a siren, casting a spell on men, stealing their souls and luring them mindlessly to my bed. Clearly, I also have a flair for the dramatic.

One of my favourite things about being an escort, is that I get to play dress-up now as part of my everyday life. Escorting gives me the artistic license to try looks I would never dream of debuting in my regular life as a plain-Jane university student. It's so much fun to take risks and experiment with the many different sides of myself through fashion. And I've noticed that my lovers seem to really enjoy this part of the process too! It's so common for clients to have a certain look in mind when they plan a booking. The outfit requests seem to be just pouring in lately.

Of course, there will always be difficulties in attempting to dress someone else. After all, we are only experts in what looks flattering on our own body. We are in the dark when it comes to dressing someone else. At the risk of sounding uncooperative, there are certain outfit requests that I have had to decline. For example, it takes about half an hour to unlace a corset. Is that really how you want to spend our time together? I won't wear a bikini under a skin-tight dress, as the strings digging into my soft flesh would ruin the entire shape and contour of said dress. I would rather wear a potato sack than a mini skirt with knee-high boots. This isn't the 80s and I'm not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. In fact, I don't really like mini skirts at all. On my shape (and at my age), corporate pencil skirts are sophisticated and sexy; mini skirts are just cheap and tacky. The only exception is a schoolgirl mini skirt, for those times when I actually want to look like a teenager. Some dresses can cause too much of my bra to be visible, so I'd rather not wear one. But other dresses must be worn with a bra because some support and cleavage will complete the look. I don't do low-rise anything. That goes for jeans, as well as g-strings. These create muffin-tops in even the skinniest girls; what do you think they're going to do for curvy girls? Also low-riders were a 90s fad designed to make a girl's ass look small. Thankfully that's not a beauty standard we strive for anymore. Big booties are in, and let's hope they stay that way! High-rise styles help to accentuate that itty bitty waist and big beautiful bum.

I know I sound like a bit of a pain in the ass right now. Men probably don't give a toss about any of this. But it's important to women. Wearing something that doesn't compliment our shape, can make us feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, which in turn has repercussions for our ability to unleash our inner vixen in the bedroom. I actually don't consider myself a fussy dresser. I think I'm very versatile in that I'm open to trying lots of different styles, colours and fabrics. But I do know my body, I know what's current and what's outdated, and most of all, I really know what I don't like.

As you can see, it can be tremendously complicated to dress a woman. But I do believe that lingerie and clothing requests should be an integral part of an escort's service. You should be able to have a say in how she shows off her body during your time together. To make it easier for you, I have decided to digitally catalogue my "work wardrobe." I have documented all of the pieces that I own, and each and every one of them is something that I would be comfortable wearing for you. Don't get too excited. This is not another gallery filled with half-naked shots of me wearing all of the items. (That would remove some of the incentive to meet with me in person). Instead, I've used generic images of models to display the items on offer, so that you can customise my look especially for your booking. This is what I am calling the Dress Me To Undress Me service.

We all have different tastes. An outfit that really revs your engine, might cause the next man's motor to sputter and stall. That's why I've collected a wide range of items to accomodate a variety of preferences. I have over 200 different looks! From a woman's perspective, this abundance of choice would only enhance the experience of window-shopping. The more outfits, the better! Keep em' coming... Browsing is what we do best and we'll happily sit here all day if we have to. However, I have been told that men might not cope so well with so many options. They like their choices to be more cut and dry and to the point. Therefore, instead of bombarding you with all 200+ options, I have organised them into the following six categories:

Classy & Elegant

Kinky & X-Rated

Sweet & Innocent

Girlfriend Material

Fun & Flirty

Fantasy Costumes

Simply select the category that best represents your taste, and then select from the items within. If you still feel slightly overwhelmed by this prospect, then perhaps we could just choose the category, and I will make the choice for you from there.

With the Dress Me To Undress Me option, now you have a way of telling me exactly what you like, so I can bring your fantasies to life. Some of you might find this idea a little gimmicky, or even slightly superficial. Because it's only fabric, and it only ends up on the floor anyway. Who cares what an escort wears? It's what's underneath that matters, right? But... I still think we can have some fun with this! You never know what kind of look is going to get your heart racing. At the very least, let's give it a trial-run and see if it adds anything to our time together. Remember... No matter what you ask me to put on, the fun part is helping me take it off.

I have one small proviso. When I greet you at the door, I will be wearing a cocktail dress or evening gown of my choice. It just doesn't feel right to answer the door in something skimpy (or completely naked as many clients have requested). It's not that I'm not confident in my own skin, because I am. It's just that I'm not that kind of girl. I have to be true to myself, and I guess I'm just not quite that brazen. Without sounding too precious, I would prefer to have some decorum and etiquette when I welcome you into my "home." I want us both to feel comfortable first, before we strip bare and jump in. Once you get out of the shower, that's when I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom, wearing the ensemble of your choice.

Although I am immensely picky with what I enjoy in the bedroom, I do consider myself to be quite an accomodating companion. I am flexible with most reasonable requests as I really don't enjoy saying 'no' to people. I can easily adjust to different audiences, and I can adapt to most personality types. I am even able to establish an understanding and some mutual cordiality with men who most women would find rude or offensive. Some people would say that to be a people-pleaser like this, you would have to be a pushover. I disagree. (And if we've ever butted heads over my safe-sex policies, you would appreciate the sheer strength of my convictions). No, I think the secret to maintaining this people-pleasing nature, is to be an open-minded multi-faceted human being with lots of room for experimentation and change. Indeed, I believe there are many different sides to my sexual persona, and I hope that this Dress Me To Undress Me feature is a reflection of that. Perhaps there's a side to me you haven't seen yet? Let's explore it together!

Now for the very first time, you can choose your tailor-made version of Jasmine. I'm basically your 'Build-a-Girlfriend' doll. Do you want Jasmine the Naughty Nurse? Jazzy the slutty school girl? Officer Lane, the sexy cop? Mademoiselle Jasmine, the dirty french maid? Miss Lane your seductive secretary? Or maybe even Bollywood Princess Jasmine, for my Indian gentlemen who are missing home?

Do you want to see my body draped in velvet, lace, silk or satin? Or maybe latex, leather and fishnets are more up your alley? I could look like your virginal blushing bride one day, and your devilish mistress the next. How about a teeny tiny micro bikini, the kind that's barely able to contain my assets? Or maybe some daring outfits that nobody's seen me in until now, like a full bodystocking, a caged harness, or an easy-access cup-less and crotchless number? Or perhaps all you really yearn for is the girl-next-door in her casual and comfy Netflix-&-Chill underwear? Whatever you desire, all of the possibilities are now at your fingertips and a mere text-message away.

Today, (Monday 8th of June) is my last shift before I take a 2-week break to focus on my exams. When I return, the Dress Me To Undress Me option will be available for all bookings of one hour or more. Please note that some items may not be available yet as they were purchased online and Australia Post is slower than a snail running through peanut butter these days. Let's hope they arrive before Christmas does!

Of course if choosing an outfit is not something that interests you, I'm more than happy to surprise you with one of my favourites. Your wish is my command (that reminds me, I really should order a Genie Jasmine costume).

Goodbye for now my dears!

See you in a couple weeks.


Jasmine x

P.S. Stay tuned for my new photoshoot pics (coming in early July!)

P.P.S. Don't forget to add me on Snapchat for the occasional sneak-peek of my new outfits. My snapchat username is: MissJasmineLane


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