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Part-Time Girlfriend, Full-Time Fantasy

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Who would you like me to be?

I can be the girl who makes you feel alive again. The one who makes you feel like the man you always knew you were deep down. I can be the reason you’re sitting in the office trying to hide the smile from your face. You can’t help but allow the images to drift into your consciousness. You know the ones… Daydreams of me lovingly licking your cock as I look into your eyes. Or visions of me riding you, my hands on the headboard and my soft full breasts bouncing just above your face.

I want the thoughts of me to haunt you in the most tantalising way. My feminine scent will linger on your collar long after you’ve left my bed, and my moans will run on replay in your mind making you dizzy with lust. Regardless of the stress and pressure you’re under, and no matter what life throws at you, it’ll be just that little bit easier to manage because you'll know you have this secret source of happiness that you can call upon whenever you need it most. Let me be that happiness for you.

I want thoughts of me to follow you wherever your day takes you. When you grab a coffee before work... As you lick the foam off your lips, it’s the taste of my sweet wet pussy that you’ll be imagining. When you’re taking a hot shower, it's my soapy slippery body sliding against your chest that you'll remember. When you’re doing your grocery shopping, guess who magically pops into your mind as you pass by the melons? All of these small moments add up to form the tapestry of my lasting impression on you. Bit by bit, I’m weaving my way into your fantasies until you just can’t wait to see me again.

I want to be your distraction from a boring day as you recall the way my nipples tightened as you teased and sucked on them. If you ever feel lonely and in need of some company, it will be my familiar smile and warm embrace that invades your thoughts. When you’re home in bed in the middle of the night, stroking your cock and finding your release, it will be my name on your lips as you call out into the darkness. Let me occupy your dreams with swirling snapshots of our sweaty naked bodies intertwined. Our tongues and lips moving in an impassioned hunger for each other. Your thick hardness plunging deep inside me as I open up to you and draw you in.

I’ll be a place where you feel safe to be yourself, to be uninhibited and honest... To feel whole. A place where you can explore and experiment with new and exciting things. We may not be able to talk every day, but when I’m with you my attention is all yours. In that moment, you are the only one that matters, and I will devote my time and energy to giving you everything you need. I will fill every pocket of emptiness, providing all that you yearn for, until you’re full and bursting with contentment and peace.

I’m that unique kind of escort who despite being wildly seductive, has also somehow managed to maintain an air of innocence… I am everything a girl-next-door should be. Sweet, sincere and down-to-earth. Compassionate, gentle and nurturing. I make love whole-heartedly, with every fibre of my being. I give endlessly, without reserve and with everything I have. And I am oh-so-willing and grateful to receive whatever pleasure you would like to bestow on me in return.

I can’t come home with you, but I can make you feel at home in my arms. I can be your escape from the mundane and your comfort from the storm. I can be your inspiration, your playmate, and your most indulgent treat. ‘Jasmine Lane’ might only be a stage name, but that’s the only thing about our arrangement that is fake. Everything that happens between us is real. Everything you know about me is real. The promise of mutual pleasure is no illusion. The way it feels when we’re together, the way my body responds to your touch, the sound of my moans as you bring me to the pinnacle of pleasure. These are all as genuine and authentic as the air we breathe.

If I didn’t want to be with you, I wouldn’t be. If I didn’t long for you, I wouldn’t reach out for your touch. I wouldn’t pull you close and kiss you deeply. I wouldn’t trust you enough to allow myself to get lost in your intoxicating presence. And I wouldn’t surrender my body to you, knowing with all certainty that you will handle me just right.

When you need to express your passion, you can use my body as your canvas. And when you need someone to listen, I’ll be your confidante and the keeper of your secrets. As you bare your soul to me, I’ll show you mine... Everything you need during our time together, you know I will gladly give. But when we part ways I will dissolve into thin air, leaving nothing but the ghost of my kiss fading against your lips, the mental picture of my ass as I walk away, and the excitement that has already begun to build in anticipation of our next encounter together.

I won’t be your whore. That’s just not how I think of myself. But I will be your part-time lover. I'm the girl who appreciates you as a man and sees you for the beautiful person you are. I will support your aspirations and dreams. I will remind you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I will make sure you never doubt your own potential. And I will always reward your hard-work in the naughtiest way I know how.

I can’t belong to you, but I can be yours for a series of brief yet beautiful moments in time. And in the times when we’re apart, I hope I’m in your fantasies until we meet again.

Forever yours,

Jasmine x


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