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The Battle of the Beau's

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It's a question that I'm sure every group of girlfriends has discussed amongst themselves at some point during their friendship... Whether it's giggly teenage girls at a slumber party, or middle-aged women getting together over coffee, it's the age-old debate:


Being that I find myself in the incredibly blessed position to spend time with a myriad of gorgeous men each week, I thought I might weigh in on the topic.

Let’s start with the white-collar workers.

He greets me at the door looking shockingly handsome in his finely tailored Italian suit. The silk tie he’s wearing immediately conjures an image of him tying my hands to the bed-post with it (but I’ll file that mental note away for later). We slip easily into conversation, his charm and charisma working as a powerful aphrodisiac and awakening a lust deep within my body. A man who appreciates the finer things, he wines and dines me, because it would be rude to skip straight to dessert, wouldn’t it? He is engaging, intelligent, witty, and ever-so-impressive... but beneath our friendly glances and polite smiles, is a devilishly erotic subtext. We can both feel it. We’re just itching to rip each other’s clothes off. Yet Mr White-Collar is a man who is patient and measured. He undresses me with a gentle and unrushed precision. His smooth clean hands finesse their way up and down my soft skin, leaving no curve untouched. His greatest skill is his attention to detail. And the sight of him in his tight Calvin Klein boxers? Well that’s the stuff of billboards. He’s cocky. But when you can back it up, who really cares? His cool confidence and self-assurance is enough to make any woman feel like she’s in good hands. But don’t confuse his mild-mannered demeanour for a sign that he doesn’t know how to get a little wild between the sheets. Men in positions of power in their careers, are always the kinkiest of all! Their day-to-day lives are filled with high-pressure, responsibility and expectations, and this makes them more inclined to enjoy some power-play in the bedroom. They’re only too happy to relinquish control and surrender their power to me for an hour or so. And when the fun is over, he leaves me under the covers wearing nothing but his button-down shirt... His sexy cologne lingering long after he’s left my bed.

Now to all my blue-collar workers.

You know I can’t forget about the tradies! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of his hard calloused hands on my skin. The sensation of his roughness against my softness, is enough to drive me crazy. And his sexy manly smell, like wood and engine oil and musk all mingled together with that extra something else that’s just undeniably “man.” He exudes a raw, primal, carnal masculinity – that “Tarzan and Jane” passion. He’s a man with strength and stamina, owing his state of peak fitness to the physicality of his job. I can hardly take my eyes off of his rippling muscular body. My hands drink in the warmth that radiates from his skin after a long hard day of working out in the sun. Blue-Collar guy’s mind is about as dirty as his hands. He takes what he wants and he makes no apologies for it. He’s the alpha male in every situation, and his sheer virility leaves his lady feeling like a delicate flower in his presence. My good friend Jade Rose, said it best: “I get so turned on by a man in a dirty high-vis uniform... The dirtier, the better.” There’s just nothing sexier than a hard-working man. Plus, I can’t quite describe the thrill of being with a FIFO guy who fucks me like he’s just gotten out of jail. Intense!

So, what’s my final verdict on the white vs. blue debate?


Why not have both?

Come on… you know I was never going to actually choose. This was really just my chance to write an appreciation post – An ode to all of the things I love about men!

Hugs and Kisses,

Jas xo


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