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The Cost of Quality

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A couple of my lovely regular clients have been telling me for months that I’m selling myself short. The feedback is that in their opinion, I consistently provide a better service that some of the girls charging $600 or $700 an hour. I am so incredibly flattered by this and I truly appreciate the words of kindness. It has encouraged me to ponder whether my pricing structure accurately reflects my worth.

Since diving into the private industry just over a year ago, I have remained a $400 per hour escort. This is considered by most to be “low-to-mid-range” for private escorts here in Perth. I have subsequently come to realise that I may have made a mistake when I was starting out. I initially settled on my prices by modelling my new business off of my previous experiences as a brothel sex worker. The establishment I worked for, charged a base-rate of $300 per hour. Included in this standard service was massage, covered blow job and sex. For an extra $50, the girls included deep passionate kissing and for another $50 we included DATY (oral on her). So, in total, the client was forking out $400 per hour for the full Girlfriend Experience. However, the lady only received about 60% of the base-rate. When I became a private escort, I figured that logically it was safe to assume that a man would still be willing to pay the same amount for me: $400 per hour. And although I now got to keep100% of that hourly rate (minus tax and GST of course), I was now managing all of my own admin, security costs, paying rent, business phone-bills and so on. So it seemed to me to be quite fair. What I was overlooking, was that all of the ladies under that brothel roof, were charging the same amount, however not all ladies were providing an equal service or (as crass as it sounds) were of the same value.

In the brothel, I was always good at my job. Sure, I had my off-days like anyone else, but I made it my duty to forge authentic connections and to ensure that each and every client left with a smile on his face. As a result, I was consistently requested by name. Many clients refused to see anyone but me, and I had regulars almost lining up around the block. I’m not meaning to sound conceited, merely stating facts. I worked hard to build my reputation, so I feel that bragging rights are justified. My shifts were pre-booked from start-to-finish almost every evening (which is almost unheard of in brothel work except for perhaps several years ago during the mining boom). I’m sure I have my natural F cups to thank for a lot of that success, however I can’t help but hope that my friendly attitude, sweet nature, and genuine appetite for passion, were at least partly responsible. By the end of my brothel stint, I seldom had a chance to “intro” for new walk-in clients because I had built up such a large following of repeat clientele. This is a testament to my highly ambitious nature. As with my studies, I make it my mission to be at the metaphorical top of my class in all arenas in life. My parlay into the private industry is no exception. Except that now, I take even more pride in my work.

The problem was that when I emerged from my brothel-bound cocoon, into the private-escort butterfly that I am today, I was still operating within the mind-set of “brothel culture.” I was extremely naïve as to the inner workings of the private industry. But with a year of private escorting experience under my garter belt, I now realise that there are much higher expectations in the private sphere, and hence higher price-tags to match. For example, it is expected that a private escort will be catering to a far lower volume compared to a brothel worker. She should uphold a premium level of hospitality and service, and should embody the epitome of class and grace. Everything in the private world should be of the highest standards, from the more expensive lingerie and venues, to the exquisite beauty and sex appeal of the lady, to her intelligence, wit and sparkling conversation, to the unrushed and genuine intimacy and affection. A private escort should be accustomed to accommodating a client’s requests down to the smallest detail, because it’s the personal touches that earn them top-dollar. You gentlemen are paying handsomely for our time, and you deserve the best!

It is my sincere hope that you do not interpret this price increase as a sign of greediness. It is not something I have entered into lightly; rather it has come only after careful deliberation. As many of you know, I have consistently been booked out a month in advance, mostly by my regular clients. As such, I stopped advertising for quite some time, and I was not able to take on any new clients. As all good business-men and -women know, it's the Law of Supply and Demand. When the demand exceeds the supply, the prices tend to rise. What I can do, is reassure you all that this will be the final change. I have reached a level that I now feel is fair, and barring any designation of magical powers that suddenly turn my pussy into glitter and gold, my prices will remain the same for the foreseeable future. I know some of you probably won’t get behind this change, and although I will be sad to see you go, I do completely understand. However, I do believe I have enough regular clients who are willing to pay this new rate. I’m pretty sure we can all agree, that it is far better to work smarter, rather than harder.

I’d like to just point out one of the reasons why I have held back on upping my prices until now. In the past I had been slightly intimidated by the general consensus on certain review sites, namely suggesting that you can’t possibly charge more than $400 per hour unless you are offering natural services, BBBJ or a Porn Star Experience. I’m not sure who established this general rule, but I’ve decided to grow a bit of a backbone and make my own rules. Because at the end of the day, isn’t it the lady’s decision how much she charges? Of course, it’s the gentleman’s choice whether or not to pay it, but I would be a fool to feel that my service is somehow subpar, just because I am not comfortable with one particular aspect of service provision. I am no sheep, and I refuse to follow the masses over the STI-riddled cliff. What I now accept, is that for me, BBBJ is not a pro, it’s a con. I know there are those that will disagree, however I firmly believe that not providing an uncovered blow job, is actually a highly advantageous component of my service delivery. It really comes down to the question: What price do we put on our health? What price should a clean, healthy escort with high safety standards charge? Should she charge more or less than one who’s willing to risk her health and the health of her clients? This epiphany of sorts has just suddenly clicked into place for me. My high standards are not to my detriment. They are a desirable quality. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. For every text message I receive complaining about my safe sex practices, I receive at least two or three comments praising me for them. It’s encouraging to hear that most of you really appreciate that you can feel safe with me.

What am I hoping to get out of my new pricing structure?

I am hoping this change will result in me taking on fewer bookings each day. I am looking forward to more down-time between bookings. I anticipate there will be more extended bookings and fewer quickies. I am hopeful that my days will be more enjoyable and less rushed, with the perfect balance of hot sex, plus plenty of time for foreplay, cuddling and chatting afterwards. Ultimately, I am striving for more balance in my working life.

What will you get out of my new pricing structure?

A more well-rested companion. A playmate with more energy and oomph! A lady who is more beautifully made-up with every detail embellished and overflowing with impeccable taste. A higher sex drive from me. More insatiable lust for you. A more inclusive Girlfriend Experience with optional extras at no additional cost. A more personalised and tailor-made service. More devotion to accommodating your requests. A regularly updated gallery with professional photoshoot images to peruse at your leisure when I can’t be there in person. Continued dedication to my blog and Literotica entries. A new and improved website (I hope you're all enjoying it!) Upgraded facilities and amenities, including the recent renovation of my bedroom into an enchanting oasis of pleasure… These are my promises to you. You will receive nothing but the fully decadent, wonderfully indulgent, absolutely deluxe experience. Above all, what you will get is QUALITY.

Love always,

Jasmine xo


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