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Trying To Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

You’ve been scrolling through the classifieds and a beautiful lady has caught your eye. Her photos are making you hard already and you can visualise the feeling of her body under your touch. She’s just your type. Perfect!

But wait… There’s more to “your type” than just the way she looks. What are you looking for sexually? Do you want a submissive kitten, a seductive temptress, a dominant mistress, a filthy pornstar, an anal queen, a bratty school girl, an obedient slave, a sweet girl-next-door… or maybe all you want is just your passionate equal? Some escorts manage to offer a couple of these personas; however, few are able to transform into every single one of these (if she can, then she’s either a bloody good actress or possibly some kind of half-woman-half-chameleon hybrid). When Whitney Houston sang, “I’m every woman, it’s all in me... anything you want done baby,” I’m fairly certain she wasn’t talking in a sexual sense, because no woman can be EVERY woman in the bedroom. Yes, as a punter you are the one with the cash, but that doesn’t mean you are in control of what any given escort will and won’t offer. Contrary to popular belief, not everything can be bought. So rather than forcing it upon your chosen escort to be what you want sexually, you should instead ensure that you are choosing the right escort.

But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right lady for you? You should pay attention to how she markets herself. You are spending a significant amount of money so why not take a little extra time to do your research and read her profile properly. We write our profiles strategically to attract the kind of clients that we are most compatible with. If you find my photos appealing, but the description of my service is not quite up your alley, then I am not the girl for you. Physical appearance is of course a very important part of sex (men are visual creatures after all), but sexual compatibility is what makes the difference between mediocre sex and mind-blowing sex. More important than my nationality or the colour of my hair or the size of my breasts, is my “sexual style” and whether or not it aligns with your expectations.

For example, I have never claimed to offer a pornstar service. My speciality is a genuine girlfriend experience. Deep passionate kissing, slow sensual massages, affection, intimacy, connection – this is my forté. I actually have quite a strong aversion to hard-core pornstar sex. I don’t want to be dominated, degraded or punished, and I don’t like pain with my pleasure. Sure, there will be times when things heat up, and if I’m really getting into it I will amp up the physicality. Jasmine definitely has a naughty side and things can get a little dirty. But it’s always in a cheeky girlfriend kind of way. I like to say that my favourite flavour is vanilla, but I think a twist of caramel topping every now and then can be yummy too. I understand that I’m getting paid to do this, so it’s not all about my preferences. But won’t you have a better time if you choose an escort who actually enjoys the things that you’re into? In my experience, escorts on Scarlet Blue are strong independent women who are in touch with their sexuality and they are experts in how to pleasure their own body, so there will be no “breaking us in” or pressuring us to like the things that you want us to like. Trust me, there is very little that you can show us that we haven’t already tried before, and we have already determined whether we like it or not. Being an escort does not mean I have to be open to everything. (Open-minded? Yes. Open-legged? No). I will listen to your kinks and never judge you, however I may decline if I don’t feel comfortable. Just because I sell sex, does not mean I am burdened by the responsibility of selling every kind of sex there is. No one woman should have to cater to every fetish and fantasy known to man. No woman should feel obligated to enjoy every single shade of grey. Because let me tell you, there are many more shades than just fifty! It is impossible to like them all.

If you are after a pornstar service, there are many girls that are offering the works! Anal, BBBJ, CIM, COF, BDSM: it’s all at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. I can only assume (and hope) that these girls are offering those services because it’s what they enjoy. As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” Those services are not what I offer, and they’re certainly not what I enjoy. So please don’t come to me and expect a pornstar experience. You wouldn’t expect a lady who advertises as a dominatrix mistress to provide a GFE, so why would you expect a GFE service provider to offer BDSM or PSE or any other service that she does not list? It’s no use trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Before you pick up the phone, ask yourself: does she provide the service I’m looking for? Maybe you’re a man that has a taste for a few different services, depending on the day. In that case, isn’t it lucky that you have an absolute smorgasbord of ladies to choose from and you can have a variety of women on-call depending on your mood? But take your time choosing the service provider that meets your unique individual needs. You wouldn’t go to a neurosurgeon and expect open-heart surgery. Sure, those two surgeons might use similar skills from time-to-time. They both know their way around a scalpel. But you’re going to have a better outcome if you go to the one who specialises in what you need. Like many other professionals, escorts often gravitate towards a particular field of interest, and they naturally become an expert in that arena. Escorts are therefore as diverse as the scope of men’s sexual desires, (how convenient!)

Most escorts (certainly the ones using Scarlet Blue as an advertising platform) are not out here trying to mislead you. We tell you exactly what you will be getting; no smoke and mirrors. So please accept and respect when a lady says she doesn’t provide a particular kind of service. Do not simply assume you can push the boundaries once you are behind closed doors. If you’ve ordered the steak, don’t wonder why it doesn’t taste like chicken. And if you didn’t put enough thought into your order, don’t be disappointed, just try to enjoy the steak for what it is… because you get what you bloody order! Just make sure that next time you take a little more time perusing the menu and if you don’t see what you’re after, then shop around for a restaurant that is offering exactly what you want.

One thing that really gets my panties in a knot, is when men compare a girl providing PSE services to a girl providing GFE services. That’s really unfair. It’s like comparing chalk and cheese. Furthermore, I don’t believe one service type should be considered “better” than the other, or that a service provider should be deemed as “better value” if she includes more PSE extras as standard. My reasoning for this is that what one man considers fantasy sex, may not be another guy’s idea of a good experience at all. Believe it or not, raunchy filthy pornstar sex is not every man’s cup of tea. Some guys don’t want this kind of service at all. The reality is that every service type fulfils a certain niche, and they each place their own demands on a service provider (whether they are emotional demands, energy demands, or physical demands). This is why it is at your service provider’s discretion to offer a price that she deems fair for the level of demand the service places on her. Only she knows what feels right and the value she feels her service is worth. I believe an escort’s service should be judged on whether or not she wholeheartedly fulfilled the “brief” described in her profile, or that she upheld the service explicitly communicated between the client and herself prior to their arranged booking. Did she cater to your sexual needs (within the bounds of her listed services)? Was she looking gorgeous and just like her photos online? Was she friendly, genuine and enthusiastic in her delivery? Did she make you feel comfortable and special during your time together? If the answer is yes, then she has done her job.

So here is my bottom-line for a successful and enjoyable encounter with an escort: The service provider should be upfront and honest about the style of service she is offering. And the punter should take the time to select a service provider who meets his unique sexual desires, (as well as his physical ideal). That’s it! If those two stars align, everything else should be a breeze.

Best of luck lovers!

Jasmine xx


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