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What She’s Really Thinking

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A collection of thoughts that might cross a girl’s mind while you’re fucking her…

I wonder what it looks like from his angle.

Mmm, he has really nice arms.

Wow, I can’t believe he hasn’t cum yet.

He’s taking ages, I hope he cums soon.

Did I forget to take meat out of the freezer this morning?

I wonder if he’s going to be up for round two.

Ouch, cramp!

I’m so sweaty. I hope he finds that sexy.

Go back to what you were doing before.

Can I reach the lube without falling off the bed?

Please don’t stop. I’m almost there.

Look at my boobs bouncing all over the place haha.

Did I shave my legs today?

Can we do doggy now?

I really need a drink.

I really need to pee.

Whoa. Where am I? And what’s my name again? I’m disoriented.

That hurts. I wish he’d stop pounding me so hard.

Wow! That was amazing. Who taught him that?

I hope the neighbours can’t hear me moaning.

A little to the left babe.

I wonder how many other people in the world are having sex right now.

Remember that porno I watched last night? So freakin hot.

What was that noise?

Is the condom still on? Oh thank God, there it is.

This feels even better than I remembered.

And then sometimes, we're just not thinking anything at all...

Quiet the mind and the body will speak.

~ Jasmine Lane


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