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When Jasmine Goes M.I.A

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Every so often, I take a little sabbatical from work. Sometimes a week, sometimes a little more. The other day, one of my long-term regular clients pointed out a pattern that he had observed…

Mr K: What date will you be returning from your break Jasmine?

Jasmine: I'll be back at work on Thursday the 29th. Would you like to make a booking for then babe?

Mr K: [Deliberates for a few moments]. Umm no, I think I'll make it for exactly 4 days after the 29th... Just to be safe.

Jasmine: What do you mean "just to be safe?" Why?

Mr K: Well for the two years that I've known you, I've always tried to see you on the day that you return from your break. And every single time, without fail, you postpone it. You never come back to work when you plan to... Which is totally fine. I don't mind at all. But I just thought I might as well pre-empt it this time.

How mortifying! But Mr K was right. And I was shocked and appalled at my own unreliability. I pride myself on being a “career escort,” not just some flaky unprofessional girl dabbling in paid-sex. It was a sobering realisation that I’d better pull my socks up from now on!

Reflecting back, it’s easy to recognise the pattern now. I always delay my return to work by at least 48 hours. I reschedule advanced bookings, neglect new messages and emails, and no one can get in contact with me. My regular clients assume the worst; that I’ve just up and left the industry without a word of warning; that I’ve joined the endless string of girls to step out of the revolving door of escorting, never to be seen again.

But I would never exit-stage-left without saying goodbye. It’s just that I’m not always ready to return on schedule because I seem to lose touch of ‘Jasmine’ whilst I’m on my break. As I enjoy my time being just me, Jasmine fades further and further into the background (and into the dark seedy recesses of my mind). And do you know how I usually spend my time off? … By living like a nun. No sex, no masturbation, nothing that’s even remotely sordid or naughty. Just pure unadulterated G-rated fun.

It’s not that I get sick of sex, or that I forget about my clients (that would never happen). It's just that the nature of this job is extremely emotionally and physically demanding, and to prevent burn-out, we all need a little break from time to time. I don't mean a 4-day-weekend kind of break like when you work a "normal" job. Us escorts often need a little bit more than that. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my work. I truly do. But sometimes I just need a good solid week, where nobody wants anything from me. Where I don’t have to “turn it on” and be sexy. Where I can sit around in my PJ’s watching cartoons with my hair looking like a bird’s nest.

*Slight tangent*

I just want to point out that I really resent the suggestion (which seems to come mostly from other women) that every time a woman has sex with a new man, it somehow takes a piece of her away. “Aren’t you scared that if you keep giving parts of yourself away, one day there’ll be nothing left?” Ummm… no Susan. Sex work is challenging and exhausting, yes. (All the best jobs are). But in no way, do I lose any part of me through sex. If anything, sex work lifts my mood, awakens my body and invigorates my spirit. It does nothing but add to my life. I occasionally need to take a break because I’m human, but not because sex work is some parasitic leech draining me of my soul. But I digress…

Let’s be honest guys, how often have you been on holiday and you think to yourself, “I’d give my left testicle for just one more day off.” Well not to toot my own horn (*toot toot*) but I am my own boss, so I can take an extra day off if I want it… or 2 or 3... or 10 (although I probably shouldn’t). I know it’s wrong to shirk my responsibilities, and I can’t apologise enough to those I’ve had to give a rain check to, but sometimes it’s just what I need. My sanity thanks you for your patience.

Now here’s something strange… A peculiar thing happens when I return to work after a break. Regardless of whether I’ve been gone for a week or a month, it’s always the same cycle. I leave feeling like I’ve just hit my stride as a bona fide top-notch first-class escort. I’m confident, care-free and killing it! I’m juggling everything with ease: new clients, regular clients, admin duties, advertising and marketing, book-keeping, blog-writing. I can do no wrong! But then when I come back… I feel like a complete amateur. What happened to that experienced, poised and polished girl that used to work here? And who is this nervous, clumsy girl that’s inhabited Jasmine’s body?

But thank heavens for small mercies. There’s an upside to me being a bumbling mess when I first get back to work. It’s almost like I feel like… like… a virgin. Touched for the very first time? Ha ha, no but seriously. Even if it’s only been a week of celibacy, I feel every touch with more clarity. I’m hornier, wetter, hungrier. The kisses feel more passionate. I care more about my work and the service I provide. I’m more patient and engaged. My desire to blow your mind is stronger than ever. And I cum harder and faster. It’s like every sensation is new again and the thrill of selling sex is as captivating as it was on my very first day in the industry. So you see, a break can be a good thing!

For the first week after I get back, I’m usually quite selective about who I will see. I reserve those spots for my favourite regulars. The ones who I feel most comfortable with and who I don't have to "try" so hard for. I rarely risk taking on a new client in those first few days while I’m finding my feet again. I want to spend time with the men who respect my limits, who are easy to talk to, who I can relax with and be myself around. The men who don’t even mind if I’m a little off my game, they’re just happy and grateful to be spending time with me. You guys are lifesavers! You make my job easy and make me fall in love with the business all over again. And you gently transform me from a timid little Bambi-on-ice (and by "ice" I mean frozen water, not crystal meth... just to clarify), back into the confident and wildly erotic sex-goddess that I want to be.

Anyway, I’m officially back in the saddle now guys. I’m working all the way up until Christmas, and my batteries are recharged and raring to go. Let the games begin!


Jasmine xx


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