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You Asked, I Answered - Part One

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A big thank you to everyone who participated in my Q&A. Here are some of the best questions to hit my inbox…

1) How much longer do you think you'll be in the industry for?

I have a three-year plan. Throughout 2019 and 2020, I will continue escorting while I finish my studies. Then in 2021, I will transition into the “real” workforce, but the plan is to continue seeing a few of my long-term regulars throughout that year. That means that by 2022, Jasmine Lane will be but a faint and distant memory… but then again, how often does life really go to plan?

2) Do women really watch porn? If so, what kind do you like?

I can’t speak on behalf of all women, but I know I certainly do. Not just in my personal life, but also professionally. Porn is an escort’s secret weapon. For those times when I’m not really in the mood, I’m tired, or maybe something has upset me that day, porn immediately gets me in the right head space for work. I guess it’s similar to how a boxer listens to the right music to amp them up before they go out to fight. When I need to get “in the zone,” porn is my go-to. The type of porn depends on my mood, but some of my favourites are lesbian porn, massage porn, and solo sessions (guys or girls, I’m not fussy). Lately I’m also really turned on by “fucking machine” porn (not the hard-core bondage kind though, just gently spread-eagled stuff). And I’m obsessed with interracial porn. "Blacked" does some amazing work. Sometimes I’m just really craving a tongue between my legs, and the Angel Dark Cunnilingus Compilations on PornHub never fail to scratch that itch. Also as a general rule, you can’t go wrong with anything by Angela White or Sunny Leone.

3) Does it bother you that heaps of guys probably masturbate over your pics?

Not at all! I actually get off on the idea. Fantasy is incredibly healthy and should be encouraged and celebrated. I’m super flattered to be anyone’s chosen inspiration.

4) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An escort of course. (Kidding!) Like many little girls, I wanted to be a ballerina. It’s lucky I didn’t pursue it for more than a year or two though. If I had invested a lot of time and effort into it, I would have been very disappointed when puberty hit and my boobs came in. A ballerina with F cups probably wouldn’t have the best balance.

5) What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during a booking?

There have been so many awkward moments. They happen all the time. This is real-life after all, not an edited picture-perfect sex-scene in a movie (and quite frankly, it’d be pretty boring if it was). There was the time we were in the throes of passion and we bumped heads so hard that I had a massive shiner on my forehead for days. The time my eye wouldn’t stop uncontrollably twitching throughout the entire booking (I’m still not sure if the client noticed it or not). Those awkward air-escaping-squelchy-sounds that come from some vigorous doggy-style. The time I fell off the bed (lucky I have a big bum to cushion the impact). The time I went to the beach during the day, and then right before my evening booking a severe sunburn kicked in. I looked like a bloody tomato and had to concentrate all my energy on not flinching every time the poor guy touched me. The time I wore a lovely dress that laces up at the back, except it somehow got tied in a double-knot and I was completely stuck in it and was wriggling and squirming all over the place (total mood killer!) Wow, I’m not making myself sound very sexy, am I? The thing is… the true test of two sex partners, is whether you can roll with the punches and laugh it out when something funny happens. Above all, sex is supposed to be FUN!

6) If you could've been born in any other time period throughout history, which one would you choose?

Sixteenth century Venice. It was the age of Shakespeare, and romance, and let’s not forget the beautiful Italian corsets and gowns! Venetian escorts were true courtesans. They were some of the most educated and high-class women in society. To be an escort, was to be admired, celebrated, respected and even revered by the men who were lucky enough to be graced by their presence. These women were not just paid for sex, but for their bounty of skills and talents. They were expert lovers, but they were also trained in singing, dancing, and painting. They took their role as “professional companions” seriously. Kind of like the Japanese Geisha’s of olden times. Ah to be a fly on the wall in those bedrooms!

7) Have you ever caught an STI?

Never ever! I have a strict stance on safe sex and I also carry out health-checks on my clients, however I still get screened regularly for STIs every 2-3 months just to be safe. To date, I’ve had a clean bill of health each and every time. But full disclosure… although I’ve never contracted an STI from a client, unfortunately thrush and UTI’s are an occupational hazard for all of us girls. Even with stringent condom-use and impeccable hygiene, sometimes we just can’t avoid it. We are extremely sensitive down there. Things like wearing lace underwear too often, or trying a new soap or lubricant, changing our diet, too much friction during sex, or a change in the humidity… These can all throw us off balance and leave us side-lined for a little while.

8) Tell us something your clients might not already know about you.

Hmmm… How about that one of my guilty pleasures is spending time at my local nudist beach? I just love the feeling of complete freedom, and of the sun and sea-air on my bare skin. Something else I haven’t told anyone, is that I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of paying for sex myself. I am so intrigued by the thought of hiring a male escort and experiencing all of this from the other side. I wonder what it feels like to go through the whole process; browsing through the options to choose the one I want; the butterflies as I knock on the door hoping that the man on the other side will live up to my fantasies; the anticipation of the sexual gratification to come; the sheer indulgence of being “serviced.” Maybe I’ll treat myself to an early Christmas present and find out. And lastly, something I’ve never told anyone before… the story of how I first discovered how to masturbate. We all have an embarrassing story like this, don’t we? Arrgghh, I’m cringing as I write this (please stop reading right now if you’re as embarrassed as I am!) It happened in the bathtub. I was enjoying a nice long soak amongst the bubbles, and a couple of those McHappy-Meal toys had fallen into the water (at the time, my younger siblings still played with toys in the bath). The little toys were bobbing up and down in the water and as one grazed past my little lady-bits, a shiver ran down my spine and a funny warm feeling filled me down below. So I tried rubbing against that special place again... and again. And the rest is history really.

9) How can I convince my wife to have a threesome?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one! Well you can't force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. But I suppose you can gently coax her. I think it’s all about how you word it. Instead of saying to her: I really want to fuck two girls at once… Try: I would love to watch you being pleasured by another woman. Instead of: Can we have a threesome? … Try: If we ever had a threesome, I think the other woman might get left out because I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you. If your wife says no, it’s probably not because she has no interest in being with another woman (most of us girls are bi-curious). It’s more likely that she feels insecure that you want to replace her or that she’s not “enough” for you. Some women will never move past this jealousy and you might need to just accept that. If you made wedding vows to be faithful and monogamous then she’s within her rights to turn down your request. However, if she can be persuaded at all, it’ll be because you reassure her that she’s the one and only woman of your dreams, that she more-than satisfies you on her own, and that a threesome is merely a fun once-off optional thing to you. If she’s coming around to the idea, let her know that you’re very prepared to allow her to choose which lady joins you. This will make her feel much more at ease. And if you’re lucky enough to get the green light, my number one tip is to make sure your wife is the star of the show. Remember that the other woman is just a guest-role.

Stay tuned for Part Two ~ Coming Soon...


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