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You Asked, I Answered - Part Two

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

My inbox was absolutely chock-full of great questions from you guys, so I decided to write a Part Two…

1) I’m intrigued by your comments in past blogs about how fingering is so often a sore point (pun intended). Any more tips for perfecting my technique?

If you’ve learnt that gentle clit-play is the key, and that finger penetration is not, then you are already well on your way. But here’s another big tip: Leg Position Matters! I don’t really know the science behind it, but playing with me while my legs are together, feels different to playing with me while my legs are spread apart. And this feels different again to when my legs are in the air, and different again to when I’m on all fours. We change positions for sex, so why not for fingering? Perhaps these different positions generate different sensations because the access to nerves and pelvic muscles is different. Us ladies are used to guys just spreading our legs apart for fingering, which is probably why it feels so new and fantastic to try it in a different unusual way. One of my favourite things (and a really fast way to make me cum), is to close my legs together and use lots of lube to slide your fingers up and down between the gap. I love the way I’m able to clench tight in this position as I cum. That being said, another tip is to remember to be patient. Just because it’s taking her a while to cum, doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying every minute of it (she might even be dragging it out on purpose… We women can be selfish at times). Don’t expect to have it down pat in 30 seconds. I’ve been playing with myself for 10 years. I should be an expert by now, and sometimes even I can’t make it happen.

2) Are you a squirter?

No, I’ve never squirted in my life, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to. But the anatomy-student in me, prompted me to attempt it several times. I wanted to know what it felt like, however each time I got close, that “full-bladder” feeling was a complete turn-off and I stopped. I know lots of girls enjoy that feeling and so they push themselves over the edge. But for me, that intense stimulation is just uncomfortable and not pleasurable at all. Whenever a client fingers me at an angle that comes close to hitting the g-spot, I wriggle away to avoid it or guide his fingers to my clit instead. Not only do I not enjoy the feeling, but I’m also a little grossed out by the visual of it. In my opinion, many-a-porno has been ruined by a messy display of squirting. Each to their own, but I’m just not into it.

3) Do you have an amazing sex life outside of work?

No, it's completely non-existent. While I’m working, I am always single. I have no need for sex outside of work. Being “Jasmine” satisfies all of my needs. I know lots of girls can maintain a perfectly healthy relationship whilst being an escort, but I prefer to keep sex completely compartmentalised; all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. If I was having sex both in my personal life and in my work life, I would be doing a disservice to both. I would get less joy out of each and I wouldn’t be able to give my all to either one. There’s only room for one sex life in my psyche.

4) Have you ever fallen for a client?

Nope. The first rule of escorting is to never fall in love. From the beginning, it’s been easy for me to set emotional boundaries. Again, I’m very good at compartmentalising (a skill I think most escorts have in common). While there are a lot of similarities between Jasmine and the “real girl” inside me, there are also a lot of differences. We have different memories, experiences and motivations. The “real girl” never takes Jasmine home with her. So, sure, Jasmine might develop a bit of a crush, and maybe a whole lot of lust towards a particular client, but Jasmine doesn’t exist for long enough to allow this to develop into real feelings, because the “real girl” always takes over and goes home at night. I realise this makes me sound completely nuts. I don’t actually have split personalities. But this is just the way I reconcile it in my head.

5) Do you ever get bored of this work? Can there ever be too much of a good thing?

Yes and no. There are aspects of the job that are repetitive and monotonous (but you can’t escape that in any profession). For example, I get sick of having to do the same makeup and hair routine each day, the laundry loads are endless, I’m tired of making beds, and I’ve had it up to here with the text messages asking the same questions over and over (questions which are answered plainly on my advertisements). But the sex? I could never get bored of the sex! My encounter with each client is exciting and new, and if a regular client seems to be slipping into a bit of a rut with me, then I make it my duty to shake things up and try something new with him. The only time when I’ve experienced the “too-much-of-a-good-thing” conundrum, is when a client expects me to orgasm ten times within a single booking. It’s not realistic, nor is it pleasurable. Trying to force me to orgasm right after I already have, is like pushing my body past the point of hypersensitivity. It feels the opposite of nice.

6) Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years?

I’m a simple girl with simple dreams. In 10 years, I hope to be married with one or two rugrats. I hope to have an amazing sex life with my husband (who I will be completely honest with about my time as an escort, and he will be wonderful and accepting of my past). I also hope to have a few more research publications under my belt and to have finally travelled throughout Europe. In 20 years, I hope to have my mortgage paid off, and to be a small business owner. I also hope to have my PhD. But most importantly, I hope that all of my current friends and family are still in my life. If I have love, health and happiness, I will be doing just fine.

7) Have you ever felt unsafe in your line of work?

I have had a couple of borderline-stalkers that got a little too attached and tried some very sneaky tactics to try to get a booking with me even after I’d already cut them off. They were harmless though. They just didn’t respect my boundaries. One awful situation sticks out in my mind, where a very big guy (several times my size) repeatedly tried to choke me during sex, despite my repeated objections. I was so happy when that booking was over. A couple of guys have been stupid enough to show up to a booking on drugs, however they quickly get shown the door without further ado. Once when I was working at a brothel, a guy came in with a replica gun (although we didn’t know it was fake at the time). It was pretty scary but management handled it like pros and the police showed up to diffuse the situation. These bad experiences are few and far between though. Mostly I’ve been incredibly lucky to encounter absolute gentlemen who make me feel safe and respected. This is probably partly due to the screening that takes place before they even get to my door. I have developed a bit of a sixth sense. From just a few words in a text message, I can immediately flag any malicious intentions and decline to see them before they ever had a chance.

8) What was the most memorable sex you’ve had during your work? Was it because of his actions or his personality?

I have enough material to fill a book. It’s impossible to choose just one memory. But here’s just a couple of my favourites… There was the client who liked to whisper dirty stories in my ear as I played with myself. He told me a story once about how I was stroking his cock under the table at a restaurant, and our waitress caught on and asked if she could join us back at our hotel room for a threesome. Another time, he told me a story about us joining the mile-high club with a sexy blonde flight-attendant. His words made me wetter than my own touch ever could. There was the unforgettable tantric massage session with my client who made me orgasm continuously for the longest time. I’m not sure how long I was cumming for exactly as the whole experience put me in a blissful kind of trance. But for me, the best sex is primarily about personality and less about the actions themselves. The sex that turns me on the most, is always the kind where the guy is completely insatiable and bursting with ravenous desire for me. A man's enthusiasm is contagious, and I will feed off his passion and amplify it in return.

9) Although you don’t offer it at work, hypothetically speaking, for the right guy, do you enjoy CIM and CIMWS?

Hand on heart, I can honestly say in all my years of escorting (and there have been a few years), that I’ve never offered an uncovered blowjob to any client. Not ever. Not even once. I think it’s partly because I was introduced to the industry, not as a private escort, but as a working girl in a brothel (Mackenzie’s). To their credit, the management always had a no-tolerance policy regarding unsafe services. Perhaps I was a little naïve, but I sincerely believed that none of us girls were doing that. I am a person that respects authority and follows the rules, so when this rule was ingrained in me, well it never even occurred to me to disobey. I can be incredibly stubborn once I set my mind to something, so no amount of sweet-talking from clients could persuade me otherwise. Since I started working as an independent escort this year, it was a no-brainer for me to stick to my guns and refuse to lower my standards. Granted, it has been a little more challenging as a private escort, and I have definitely felt the pressures to conform to the norm. I am aware that by not offering BBBJ, I am now very much in the minority in this arena. But I am not a sheep, and my tenacity prevails each and every time. I know you’ve probably all heard me go on about the health risks, but truth be told, STIs aren’t my only reason for not offering BBBJ, CIM or CIMWS. My other motivation is that I’m saving it for someone special in my personal life. In order for me to want to actually taste someone, rubber-free, there has to be (a) monogamy and trust, plus (b) real genuine feelings. It’s corny, I know. But I’m not going to do that for just anyone. How powerful and amazing is love though? If I’m not in love, the thought of uncovered oral is disgusting to me (even if I’m really attracted to the client and have been seeing him regularly for ages). But if I am in love? … Then hell yes, I want to do it all. My man deserves it. I want to feel close to him. I want to make his every fantasy come true. For my future husband? Sure! Everyday. Several times a day if he’ll let me.

10) If you were shopping for a female escort, which one would you choose?

I LOVE this question! I firmly believe that us women should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Of course, I’m biased so I have to say my stunning friend Lexi Quinn. But Sofia Haze also looks like heaps of fun. I’m obsessed with Heidi Rose. She looks so demure and classy, and her personality really shines through in her photos. Luana’s Scarlet Blue diary entries are fascinating and insightful. She’s clearly very knowledgeable about all things sex, and I have a feeling she could teach me a thing or two. Taylor Rose is a total babe, plus her genuine girlfriend experience sounds like just my cup of tea. And Klara Elyse is drop dead gorgeous. I would probably lose all semblance of rational thought if I ever came into contact with a creature of such beauty. So many absolute stunners to choose from though. I don’t know how you guys do it. But I suppose there are worse choices to be faced with!

Thanks for reading guys.

Hugs & Kisses,

Jasmine x


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