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Your Passport to Pleasure...

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Gentlemen of Perth,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jasmine Lane.

Have you ever fantasised about slipping between the sheets with a real-life 'Bond girl'? You know... the ones from the 007 films? She should be curvaceous and flirtatious, sexy as all get out, intelligent and engaging, glamorous and dressed to kill... Plus let's not forget, breathtakingly beautiful. The ultimate luxury companion; the perfect match for your own devilish charm and unabated passion. The Queen of Hearts to your King of Diamonds... Does such a woman exist outside of Montenegro and the Casino Royale? Roll the dice on me and watch your dreams become reality. If you play your cards right, I'll have you feeling like you won the jackpot!

All movie references aside, I am a young Australian beauty with porcelain skin, long dark hair, an hourglass figure, and the most incredible natural F-cup bust. I know the rest of my profile might sound like one restriction after another. "Don't do this and don't do that." But rest assured, I’m only upfront about my boundaries online so that when we meet in person, I’m free to be my lovely, easy breezy, accommodating self! The girl you will meet is a sweetheart. I am soft, warm and feminine, friendly, flirty, and genuinely affectionate. You will always have my undivided attention, and you will always feel welcome and wanted during our time together.

Do you know what I love most about being an escort? It's not the fast cash, the fancy gifts or the lavish lifestyle. What I really crave is the intimate moments; the unrushed exploration of our bodies; the deep passion and delicious pleasure; the fulfilling physical and mental connections; the escape from our busy stressful lives; and the many gorgeous memories we're making together. I choose to indulge only in the types of sexual encounters I thoroughly enjoy, and for me, that means a sensual, intimate and genuine girlfriend experience. Of one thing I am certain... my body was built for pleasure! And I believe the way to pleasure a woman is not through hard, fast penetration, but instead through taking your time to worship and finesse your way throughout her wonderland of curves. Only the most patient gentleman will appreciate this sentiment, and in this wisdom he will be an expert lover. We have plenty of time to touch, tease, and taste every inch of each other. What’s the rush?

I am here as an escort because I want pleasure as much as you do. It is not my prerogative to only please my partner. I want to cum too. I want to feel your warm hands caressing my skin, your lips lingering against mine, your tongue moving with tantalising strokes between my thighs. I want to collapse back onto the bed, legs shaking and heart pounding. I want to feel every goosebump, every gentle ache of longing, every nerve-ending humming and throbbing with contentment.

Something tells me you are a man who is after much more than just a quick mindless fuck. You want the true experience. Not just a fleeting physical release, but something more. Something memorable and fulfilling. You crave the kind of encounter that lingers in your mind, makes you feel warm and satisfied, and brings a smile to your face throughout the days and weeks to follow. This tells me what kind of man I am dealing with. You’re a generous lover who is in-tune with a woman's body. You’re enamoured with her pleasure, just as much as your own. That's why you’re taking your time and doing your research. I can only assure you that you will be rewarded for this when we meet. If you let me, I can be your ready and willing playmate, your passport to pleasure, and your most erotic addiction.

If you think we may be compatible, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can't wait to meet you and to experience all that unfolds!

Yours, Jasmine xx


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