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Your feedback means the world to me. 

8 July 2023

"Jasmine, a sweet scent impossible to forget and with beauty to match. A true gift from God. Jasmine is sensual, modest, passionate and seductive, once touched, tasted and engaged the craving for more becomes addictive. When meeting Jasmine you realise how accomplished, informed and cultured this woman is. There is no antidote for a dose of Jasmine. Until our next liaison, keep smiling."
- G

9 August 2022

"Simply the Best! I saw Jasmine awhile back and she is an 11. Polite, courteous, down to earth, unpretentious, beautiful, warm and just great fun. When I'm back in Perth, she is a good reason to visit!"
- Jonno

21 December 2020

"A stunning beauty who will leave you wanting to see her again and again. Today was my first opportunity to spend some time with the lovely Jasmine. Such a good kisser."
- J

4 September 2020

"Had the pleasure of seeing Jasmine and Aurora for a doubles booking, all I have to say is it was amazing. They are both incredible people and play so well with each other. Would highly recommend anyone to them, I will definitely be a returning customer."
- Alex

30 July 2020

"What a wonderful lady Jasmine is, I can't get her out of my mind. She's such a genuine lady, one who not only cares for you but also takes part in the game with full enthusiasm. I am fortunate to spend some time with her! See you soon again, Jasmine and then again... A big thank you!"
- Ricky

13 July 2020

"Jasmine is amazing in every possible way. She is so kind and has a beautiful heart. I am so glad that I have met such a wonderful person. Thank you for everything Jasmine. You are truly a queen."
- Alex313

8 July 2020

"Time with Jasmine was one of the most sensual and passionate experiences I have had. Immaculately presented, demure, shy and innocent girl next door who turns into a hot blooded vixen with the right kind of kissing caressing and exploration of her soft curvaceous feminine figure which exudes erotic sensuality. She has a very natural gorgeous face with minimal makeup and very relaxed friendly and warm personality exactly as her profile states. The time spent was far too fleeting and the craving to meet her again will begin as soon as you kiss her goodbye."
- Mr N

12 March 2020

"I have spent time with her couple of times and she is very beautiful and a wonderful person. Her body is great!"
- Raj

20 December 2019

"She is simply perfect in every way!"
- Tony

12 June 2019

"I met Jasmine Tuesday evening for the first time, where have you been all my life? Jasmine was something else. Every moment with her was unforgettable. Her natural breasts and perfect curves and that peachy bum, together with her beautiful face. Wow!

I just had amazing time with this lovely lady. She is so sensitive and sensual. I fully enjoyed my time with her. I will back asap.

Thank you Jasmine."
- Ben

5 December 2022

"It was almost 12mths since I seen Jas. The reconnecting was just DIVINE. We both knew the chemistry we founded over the years never wandered. Once she knows what you desire the most, she won't let you down. Jas is very homely in a sense, caring and very thoughtful and understanding. Her girlfriend experience is so sensual and intimate you will be daydreaming for many days. Don't underestimate her, she can up the tempo if needed. This goddess has the best kissing lips you just want to linger on for ages, not to mention they can do other magical tricks too. Lastly if you treat her with upmost of respect you receive it back ten fold in return, BEWARE Jas is very addictive. Sorry no cure........."
- Mr B

20 April 2021

"What an experience! Jasmine is insanely beautiful and a really really sweet girl. I would like to thank Jasmine for the wonderful and best half an hour. I wish there was more time. She is indeed a perfect 10 in every department and a perfect perfect companion. I cant wait to see her again."
- J.S.

7 October 2020

"A heart of gold, a mind of a genius and a body of a pornstar is what Jasmine Lane is. I am not exaggerating it but I am saying what it is. A rare find in this fake world! If you are not satisfied with her then I will refund your money ;)"
- V

6 August 2020

"This was the first time I ever saw Jasmine. She is extremely gorgeous and adorable. The sexual chemistry we shared was just out of this world. I must say she is an amazing kisser and I just couldn't keep my lips away from hers. I'm glad I had the opportunity to spend quality time with her. I look forward to many more encounters with this beautiful woman."
- Akshay

21 July 2020

"She is absolutely amazing in every aspect. It is the most amazing thing to be with her."
- Rajesh

12 July 2020

"I seen Jasmine late last month for 2 hours and I couldn't be more happy with the experience. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I had a smile on my face. The outfit I chose through Jasmine's 'Dress to Undress' selection looked amazing. With many other choices it just means more visits.100% highly recommend seeing Jasmine because I know I will be seeing her again."
- Alex

19 May 2020

"A wonderful time with a wonderful lady. Jasmine is a stunning looking girl with a great body and pretty face. She is a lot of fun and a real nice person to spend time with. A genuine good time with a hot sexy girl. Cannot wait for a chance to spend more time with her."
- James

17 January 2020

"I am so happy and grateful I've had the opportunity to spend time with this lovely lady. I have had a few visits with her now and can't wait for another... She has a way of making you feel so comfortable but naughty at the same time! I truly look forward to spending more time together."
- J. J.

29 November 2019

"I’ve never done a testimonial before but this chick deserves one for sure. I met Jasmine some time ago. She is absolutely amazing in person, everything you see on her profile but better in person. She has an incredible body. If I had to describe it? "Goddess," for sure. I will be happy to see her again and again. She really makes you feel very comfortable. 100% one of the best chicks I’ve ever seen. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Jasmine on a couple of visits and I can say even though the sex was great, I enjoyed the small talks. Just chilling out with this beautiful fine young woman is an awesome experience, plus taking a shower together is amazing. I wish I could make more bookings with this fine beauty."
- Cam

22 November 2022

"There are not enough superlatives in the English Dictionary to do justice to Jasmine. From first contact until you regrettably leave her apartment, the experience is all you could ever expect and more from a woman. I eagerly await our next liaison."
- Mr G

6 April 2021

"Jasmine is your perfect 10.. Just think about being alone with Bo Derek in a room. Down to earth and smart with the perfect body. It is very hard to give a 10 these days until you meet J Lane."
- Mr J

25 September 2020

"Today, I finally meet Jasmine after a long month waiting for it. And, because I need to talk about it with someone, I will share some parts of my experience. After knocking at her door, I was dazzled by her beauty. Which, I have to confess made me nervous, but after hearing her voice, which is perfect, kind, and soft, with a pinch of naughtiness, I got relax to the point my mind was put at ease so I could fully enjoy the moment with her. After having a shower, she invited me to her room where the magic happens. She took the first step by kissing me and guiding my hands to her beautiful curves so I could feel her skin. Before continuing, I really need to express how enchanting is her skin, so white, soft, and delicate that you wish to never stop touching and caressing, with few freckles around her neck that If you follow them, they will guide you to her beautiful boobs, which anyway are impossible to miss. Going back, she continued having the initiative by removing my towel and grabbing my buddy, after that she removed the few pieces of clothes she had on and keep kissing me, after a few minutes she took me to her bed so I could explore and appreciate other aspects of her body, Then she went down to give me a BJ and after some minutes, she put herself on top so the real fun started. I will not go into more details because is not fair to ruin the experience for others. I will finish by encouraging everyone that reads this to contact her and make an appointment."
- C.M.

3 August 2020

"Jasmine is Perth’s Angela White. She is very hot, sexy and down to earth. She knows how to please a man with her authenticity. I wish there would have been many Jasmines in this world so that no man will feel alone. Stay blessed and take care!"
- VN

15 July 2020

"Jasmine Lane is equal parts playful and affectionate, and passionate and seductive. She can be a cuddly down to Earth affectionate playmate one minute and then an impassioned lover wrapping you in her warm embrace the next. I sit in my living room, skin still warm after experiencing her gentle almost cat-like doting cuddles and my blood is still pumping as I recall the sight of her body over me as she rode on top of me with such enthusiasm. I recall her impressive curves and soft skin and the absolute certainty that I will be planning on seeing her again and again. If you seek a companion to be nurturing and caring to you, someone who can warm you up with friendly and inviting down to Earth conversation but who can also make you experience pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, I cannot recommend Jasmine Lane highly enough. If you respect her and follow her rules she can be an affair that will linger in your memory long after meeting her."
- J.B.

11 July 2020

"I met Jasmine for the first time the other day and the experience was one of the best of my life! From the moment she opened the door she was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Since we parted ways I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the amazing time we had together and I will definitely be booking many more sessions with this beautiful woman!"
- Mr Graphixxx

17 May 2020

"I have been meeting Jasmine since 2018. I have never written a testimonial for anyone, but she deserves one. From our very first meeting till today, she has always left me wanting to see her again and again. From the moment she opens the door you will be left mesmerised by her beauty and the presence of those nice big natural breasts. She is always well-dressed, showing off all her curves. She is the girl everyone dreams to meet for the perfect GFE. Words alone can't describe the wonderful display of charisma that she possesses. In the bedroom her sensual touch and eroticism will surpass your wildest expectations. Jasmine always makes sure she gives her 100% with the person she spends time with. If you are looking to get a well-deserved GFE, she is the one to meet. Counting the days to meet you again Jasmine."

15 January 2020

"TRUST me, she is the best!!
Don't settle for less."
- Mr B

2 November 2019

"WOW, WOW, WOW, what an absolute delight! I had the pleasure of spending 1.5 hours of pure bliss with this hottie. Everything about her is outstanding. Her beauty on the outside and inside, Her toned skin like porcelain and those amazing breasts. I have seen WL in the past but Jasmine is special she can hold a conversation and is intelligent.

I would rate Jasmine 10 out of 10, cant wait till I see her again.
Thanks babe for a fantastic time!!!"

- David

I take pride in going above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience for my visitors each and every time we meet. A "True Lovers Experience" (TLE) is how one of my companions so beautifully described it.
My reputation in this industry and the mark I leave on those I share my intimate moments with, means more to me than I can explain. I truly love this work and I find it equally rewarding and gratifying. The gentlemen who have touched my life through this journey, are each responsible for a small part of why I'm the happiest girl in the world right now! Thank you all for understanding and appreciating me like only you can.
As long as you continue to open your arms and your hearts to me, I will have so much more to give!
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