The Enigma Series

Find you a girl that can do both...

 When she is fully-clothed, she is demure and elegant. A picture of poise and femininity. So much so, that each stranger passing by can't help but follow her movements with their gaze. She's the epitome of class and grace. Yet she seems so completely unaware that her shy smile has the power to bring men to their knees.


But you sense that this blushing innocence is just one side to her. She's a veritable angel in disguise. Once you get her alone, her purity falls to the floor just as quickly as her dress. You strip her down to find a body for sin, and the wickedly devilish seductress that's been waiting within. 


This mysterious contrast might be the secret to why so many men and women are infatuated with her.

Care to find out for yourself ?

For your pure thoughts...

For your dark thoughts...

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