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Your Virtual Girlfriend

The lover you always wanted, and the addiction you never knew you needed...

After sharing a blissful hour or two together, there's always a bitter sweetness in that last kiss before we say goodbye. If only you could take a piece of me with you when you go. A secret souvenir, so that you can relive the memories over and over again. Well I just might have something for you!


In an age of social distancing, restricted travel, and our busy lives with relentless demands on our time, my new ‘Virtual Girlfriend’ service will allow us to use technology to interact like never before. This is not meant to be a substitute for connecting one-on-one in real life, or up close and personal just like we do best. I will always crave human touch and closeness, and that feeling I get when I am completely immersed in the dizzy tingling desire of a man. The very idea of creating distance between us is sheer frustration to me. So don’t think of this as a detachment from our intimate encounters in the flesh. Think of it as merely an add-on.  

Life is just far too short to regret the chances we didn’t take, and this is something I think I can have a lot of fun with. While it is another way of expanding my brand, it’s also about creating a pleasurable playground for gentlemen like yourself to enjoy. There’s a cheeky, playful, kinky girl inside of me, that’s just itching to come out, and I know she can't wait to meet you all. There are so many new things that I'm ready to try. For now I need to do so by myself, with the safety and security of being the only one in the room. But I can’t deny that it turns me on to think that you might be watching while I discover these new parts of me.


Just as I am selective with who I invite to share my bed, my virtual services will be available to trusted clients of my choice. My intention is not to compete with the thousands of sex workers flooding the OnlyFans market. I am not interested in acquiring crowds of nameless faceless viewers who are essentially nothing more than strangers to me. I know you can access endless hours of free porn on the internet anytime you like. This is not that! This is your part-time girlfriend, sending you something special to make you smile, when she can’t be with you in person. This is a girl whose body you know intimately, showing you that she misses your hands and lips all over that body. And this is your lover sharing her naughtiest solo moments with you because she wishes you were here. This will be an outlet through which I can provide intimate content for my most beloved clients; gentlemen who share the same proclivities for genuine authentic no-holds-barred pleasure, as I do. I want to spread joy, inspiration and pleasure to those who have given so much to me.


I will be approaching the world of cyber services the same way I have always approached escorting; by finding my lane, and staying in it! Part of staying true to myself, means I will not be recruiting men to film porn scenes with, nor will I be offering filming during my face-to-face bookings. That’s just not me. My intimate moments with my lovers are private and precious and I hold them very dear. I would never put them on display for the critique and appraisal of others. I share such an intimate bond with my regular clients, that I know many of you would not like to see me with another man. Luckily, I have hundreds of sex toys to stand in as your stunt-double, and with their help, I can show you exactly what I would like to do to you.


It goes without saying that I am not comfortable showing my face in these videos. If this is a deal-breaker for you, please do not purchase them. Pressuring me to show my face after I have made myself clear, will only serve to sour our relationship. Due to the sensitive and private nature of the material, I have to do my best to protect my anonymity, as well as my personal and professional life outside of the industry. As such, I am asking that you access my content strictly for your own personal use. Any distribution of these videos will be quickly shut down and I will no longer offer these services. (Please don’t ruin it for everyone else!)


And now for the sexy part...

There will be two types of videos on offer:

Tease Me  &  Just for You.

The TEASE ME videos come from a private vault of pre-recorded content that I am continually adding to. Would you like a 2-minute video for just a quick taste? Or maybe a full-length extended version, for 15 minutes of unadulterated deliciousness. I hope this will be more than enough to get you all the way to that sweet spot. These are extra curvy, extra juicy and extra luscious videos of me completely unwrapped for your eyes to devour. Unleash your true voyeur within and perve on me in the privacy and comfort of your own home, as often and as earnestly as you like.


These videos might include:

Strip Teases, Shower Scenes, Boob & Bum Worship, Breast Play with Oil, Lotion or Lube, Costumes & Themed Videos.


Plus the flirty everyday videos your part-time girlfriend might send you...

Watch my breasts bouncing up and down as I do a workout on the treadmill. Join me for a dip in the pool in my itty bitty bikini. Watch me as I study in my skimpy pyjamas, I always get so distracted when a horny mood takes over me. Follow me to my favourite nudist beach for a sun-soaked skinny dip. Come shopping and sneak into the change-rooms with me as I try on some sexy new lingerie. Watch me bend over in the nude as I hang the washing out on the balcony. Listen to me recite some naughty bedtime literotica as I can't help but fondle myself... The playtime possibilities are truly endless!

Jasmine_0112 crop.jpg

The JUST FOR YOU videos are customised to show you exactly what you want to see most. But be warned: this is my full exposure content, not for the faint of heart. Prepare to get more than a little bit dirty with me. Most importantly, they are made especially for you and only you. I will never send pre-made videos that others have already seen. I will even personalise it by addressing you by name so you can be sure it’s all yours. I want you to know that you were the only one on my mind while I was filming it. Just like with my face-to-face bookings, I will put my all into ensuring that these digital experiences are tailored just for you, catering to your deepest wants and needs.


Get creative and tell me exactly what you want to see. I will do everything I can to make your darkest desires come true. Here are just a few ideas…

Do you want to see me in regular clothes, lingerie, a costume, or completely naked? Would you like the main focus to be on my boobs, bum or pussy? Should I use a vibrator, dildo or my fingers? Which size toy will you choose for me? Do you want a POV camera angle or a voyeur one? Do you want me to play with myself in a public place like a park, the library, or my car? Would you like to see a steamy soapy shower scene? Or maybe a slippery oily breast massage? How many ways can I use my favourite dildo? I can lick whipped cream off it, deep-throat it and gag on it; I can ride it in cowgirl and then in reverse; or I can lube it up and use it to showcase my glorious titty fucking skills. Should I invite Aurora to come and play, starting with girl-on-girl massages and body slides? Or shall we kick it up a notch with our double-ended dildo and strap-on? Would you like a private tutoring session on how I like to be fingered? Or maybe a JOI (jerk-off instructional) video? Want to watch me pull my Kegel balls out one-by-one after a long pelvic floor workout? (I often wear them to my morning classes at uni and I’m dripping wet by the time I get to the apartment). Want to see me do something I'm brand new to, like using a butt plug or some anal beads? Or will you watch me take on something else I'm a virgin to, like some fisting? Would you like me to talk dirty to you and tell you what I want you to do to me? Or do you want to hear me describe what I loved most about our last encounter together? Is your fantasy something else entirely?


For longer videos, I may be able to incorporate several different elements of your choice. Prices will reflect the amount of time and planning that goes into shooting the content, but also the degree of explicitness. The X-Rated level includes strip tease, breast-play and above the waist videos. Double-X refers to toy shows, masturbation, dirty talk and below the waist videos. And Triple-X (if you can handle it), is for your extra explicit videos featuring anal play, fisting, lesbian action and public places. Please note that these videos will all be completely raw and 100% real... and that includes my orgasms. No ridiculous over-the-top acting. No fake porno moaning. Just authentic genuine pleasure and my raunchiest good-girl-gone-bad antics.


So that’s it! If you’ve made it to the end of this very long run-down, thank you for your patience. And happy viewing fellas!

Love Jasmine x


Pre-recorded Videos

I will select a video for you at random depending on your requested duration.

2 mins        $10

5 mins        $20

10 mins      $40  

15 mins      $50


Customised Videos

Prices range from $50 – $200 depending on what you’d like to see. Please see the categories below for a general guide.

Or ask me for a quote!

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 4.24.30 pm.png
Tease Me
Just For You


  1. The first step is to tell me what kind of video you'd like. Please do not make a payment until we have had a quick chat.

  2. We will then process your payment together via Beem It. This is an instant and secure payment method.

  3. If you have ordered a pre-recorded 'Tease Me' video, it will be sent straight to you. If you have ordered a custom 'Just For You' video, please allow 5 working days (although I will try my best to get it to you much quicker than that!)

  4. To access your purchase, you will be emailed a link to my Dropbox. From there, you can download the video and then it’s all yours to keep. It's that simple!


  • All payments must be made via Beem It. This is non-negotiable.

  • Virtual services are available at my discretion. Please enquire via SMS if you would like to be considered.

  • For custom videos, I have the right to refuse any request if I do not feel comfortable. However I will always try to come up with a compromise that we are both happy with.

  • Please be aware that for privacy reasons, these videos will not show my face (although my lips may be visible in the frame).

  • These videos are strictly for personal use. Clients found to be distributing this content will be immediately blacklisted from all services, including face-to-face bookings. 

  • Real-time services (FaceTime, Skype and live streaming) are not available at this time.

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