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I truly cherish the time I spend with my beautiful clients. But unfortunately there just never seems to be enough time! It can be quite a challenge balancing my love of escorting, with my responsibilities as a student, as well as the precious time I reserve for my family and friends. My only choice is to limit my escorting availability to part-time hours.


Due to the intimate nature of my working relationships, I have been blessed with the opportunity to develop endearing and long-lasting connections with my companions. As such, I have built up a very steady regular client base over time. While this is a wonderful privilege, it can also be a source of frustration for those who cannot always see me when they wish to. I absolutely hate disappointing people and it pains me whenever I have to tell you that I am fully booked. In a perfect world, I would be able to make time within my busy schedule for all of you!


However, I am so lucky that for the past year or so, I have been able to rely on almost every single one of my shifts filling to capacity ahead of time. Until now, booking in advance was the only way of securing an appointment with me. Unfortunately, this has made it impossible for those of you who do not have the luxury of planning ahead.


This is why I am introducing a new concept called The Waiting List.


From now on, in the event of a no-show or a cancellation on short notice, I will send a blanket text message or email offering the timeslot to all prospective clients who are interested. My availability will then be re-allocated on a first-come first-served basis.


If you enquire about my availability and I cannot accommodate your preferred day or time, I will offer you the option of signing up to my waiting list. Please use the form below to let me know which particular days and times suit you as there will be a separate list for each one of my shifts. Should one of my prior engagements fall through, we may finally have the chance to meet at last!


Please read the 4 important Conditions below before considering whether my waiting list is appropriate for you.



1. In the event of a short-notice booking, I will not have time to carry out my usual screening process to ensure that you understand the service I provide. Before joining my waiting list, you must therefore read this brief summary thoroughly: 


If you accept a place on the waiting list, it means you have read and agreed to the above provisions of service.


2. Joining the waiting list is not the same as locking in a booking. You do not need to be 100% certain that you will be available. I would never expect you to put your plans on hold or wait around all day in the hopes of a cancellation. There is no obligation to accept a vacancy on short-notice should one arise.


3. Please be advised that being on the waiting list means that I might send you a text message out of the blue on the date of your choice. Those who require discretion may therefore wish to forgo a place on the list, or you may like to request a more covert method of contact such as email or WhatsApp. 


4. If a timeslot is up for grabs, please do not accept it unless you are sure you can attend. If you suspect that you might arrive late, or if there is a chance you may not be able to make it, please leave it for another day when you are certain. If you snap up a spot and waste it, you will not be allowed on the list in future. 



Cash or Beem-It Only

Located in Perth CBD

Incall Only



DATY & 69

Rimming on Me

Spanish & COB

Sex Toys



No Natural Services

No PSE or Rough Sex

No Anal

No Drugs

Given my limited availability each week, a no-show means I have sacrificed my time to sit at my incall apartment (far far away from home) for no reason. This time is priceless, and if it is wasted, I will need to find more time to replace it, which directly deducts from the valuable time I had devoted to other parts of my life.


But it's not only about meeting my financial budget. It's also about meeting my orgasm KPI each week. It's about fulfilling my need for intimacy, human touch and sexual release, (and believe me, these needs are plenty!) I am a serial bachelorette. I am always single (by choice mind you), therefore I rely on my encounters with my clients for all of my sexual needs. So for me, a no-show is just like being stood up for a date... Inconvenient on so many levels! I accept that this is a natural pitfall of my chosen profession. But if I get a string of bad luck, maybe you could help me turn it around? Because unreliability in this industry impacts on you too! It takes time away from genuine clients like yourself, who would make much much better use of my time if given the chance.

I am hoping that with the new Waiting List in place, I will get to spend so much more quality time with you. Sometimes an unexpected heat-of-the-moment indulgence can turn into the hottest most breath-taking liaison of all. Let the spontaneous interludes ensue! 

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