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6 August 2023

Hello & Welcome!

What do you think of the revamp? The Pink Room is a new concept that I'm trying out, to change the way that I keep in touch with you all online. Instead of posting my little announcements in a thread and uploading random photos to the gallery, I'll be laying them out in a mini newsletter kind of format, where the visuals will match up with the accompanying news.


You will still have access to all of my old photos though. I'm keeping the 'Exclusive Images' gallery on the main page of The Pink Room. This is where you will find all of my normal day-to-day pics. Sometimes this will be cute selfies of me, and sometimes it will be photos that give you a little glimpse into my daily life (similar to what I would post on a social media feed if I had one).


I've also created a new panel on the homepage titled 'Archive Gallery.' I think you're really going to enjoy this one. It's a collection of my racier, more risqué selfies, a lot of which I have sourced from the vault of my retired Only Fans account. I've made a personal choice to keep any nudity above the waist though, (I hope that's not too much of a bummer). I think there's over 600 photos in total across the two collections. They certainly do add up! So to summarise: Exclusive Images is for Jasmine the regular girl, and Archive Gallery is for Jasmine the escort. I wonder which one is your favourite...

You might remember me mentioning in my last post that I was beginning the process of returning to my natural hair colour (a lighter brown). After spending far too many hours in the hair salon last week, unfortunately only a very minor colour change was achieved. It looks a lot lighter in the sun, but if you've only seen me indoors, you could be forgiven for thinking that I haven't had anything done at all. The very dark almost-black dye has been building up over many years, so it's going to be a very slow process I'm afraid. In a couple of months time I will try for a second round and see how we go. I'm not giving up! I did get a few inches trimmed off though, so it's feeling lovely and healthy and soft. Can you notice any difference? (Please excuse my trackie pants. Sometimes the desire to be glamorous eludes me in winter).


Speaking of glamorous... I've recently been informed that one of the most tantalising fantasies for men, is the vision of a woman wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels. (How did I not know this before!?) In light of this new information, I have promptly gone out and purchased three beautiful trench coats: one in pink linen, one in navy cotton, and one in nude silk. They're waiting at the apartment in my closet as we speak. If the thought of this peaks your interest, please let me know. I quite like the idea of wearing stockings and suspenders underneath them also, whilst feeling the luxurious material of the coat against any skin that remains bare.

Something else you might like to experiment with in our sessions, is a new product I recently tried called "Sundae." It's like a deliciously scented, whipped-cream-inspired shower gel. It has the velvet-like texture of shaving cream, but the mouth-watering scent of your favourite desserts. Aurora and I have the Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon Meringue and Lamington editions. I think it'd be so much fun to break these out for a sexy shower-for-two (or even a shower-for-three!) Here's me doing my best impression of being a spokesmodel for the Sundae range. I'm sure their people will be calling my people any day now.


And here's a little clip to give you an idea of the possible applications of the product...

I hope that warmed you up a little bit. It's absolutely freezing tonight as I type this. I'm about to change into my pyjamas and get all cozy with my hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and electric blanket. How heavenly! Goodnight my lovelies.

Jasmine x

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