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Jasmine's Blacklist

Every escort has a Blacklist and it's not somewhere you want to be. It's a list of clients she chooses not to see for one reason or another.


Below is a list of reasons why you may have been added to my Blacklist (and some hints about how you can avoid it!)

  • Sending explicit photos or vulgar text messages

  • Offering drugs/alcohol as a form of payment

  • Pressuring me to offer natural services or other services that I do not offer 

  • Consistently proving to be unreliable

  • Showing up late or not at all

  • Attempting to negotiate the price

  • Sending long threads of incessant questions

  • Consistently requesting bookings in the middle of the night or on the weekend

  • Becoming aggressive inside or outside of the bedroom

  • Threatening my reputation online

  • Showing up to your booking drunk or on drugs

  • Attending your booking with no money, or not enough money

While most gentlemen wouldn't dream of committing the faux pas in the above list, the most common reason they end up on my Blacklist, is not because they have intentionally behaved badly. Sadly, it is because they are all heart and no head. They become too emotionally attached; a quality that is usually very endearing in a man, but one which can become problematic within the limitations of paid companionship.


Displays of jealously or possessiveness, confessions of love, expecting special treatment, or proposing that we embark on a relationship that extends beyond a professional one, are all red flags that I cannot ignore. Please listen carefully if I express that I am feeling any less than comfortable. If you are unable to respect my boundaries, no matter how much I enjoy your company, I won't be able to continue our arrangement. Sometimes the issue can be solved by encouraging you to explore your options and spend some time with other escorts. However if things have progressed to an unhealthy or dysfunctional level, unfortunately I will be forced to cut you off. Please try to understand that once you are on my Blacklist, there is no changing my mind. Kindly respect my decision and gracefully move on with the bittersweet memories of our affair intact.

Above all, always make sure you treat your escort with kindness and respect. A lot of working girls contact each other for references regarding their experiences with a certain client. If you make it onto one escort's Blacklist, you are guaranteed to end up on another, and another, and another...

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