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All About Her: Part 2

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Products, Inspiration & Experiences for Her...

What do you do if your lady has misplaced her sex drive?

If I was a smart business woman, I would say: “Head immediately to your nearest escort. Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect two-hundred dollars. Be ready to part with four-hundred dollars.”

Maybe I’m just not very business-savvy. Or maybe I’d just like to see you happy with the woman you really want to be fucking right now. This one is for the gentlemen whose wives and girlfriends seem to have lost their sexual spark (or perhaps it was never really ignited in the first place).

Do not despair! You are not the first man to be faced with this conundrum, and unfortunately you will not be the last. Sexless relationships are the reason we have a booming adult industry, capable of outliving everything from global financial crises to deadly pandemics. For whatever your partner lacks, an escort will pick up the slack!

The sexual energy of a female can be fickle and unpredictable. One day she's Dita Von Teese, making you hard as a rock, and the next day she's Medusa, turning you into stone. As sure as every man will always need sex, every woman will be struck by the occasional headache conveniently coinciding with sexy-time. Believe it or not, even us hot-to-trot ready-and-willing escorts sometimes grapple with the “no boys are allowed in my fort” mentality.

Have you tried giving her the good old shoulder-tap in bed, followed by the ever-so-subtle nudge of your boner into her backside? It always worked for her before, but maybe it's just failing to peak her interest these days? Perhaps you might consider trying one or two of these ideas instead. I'm no expert, but the proof is in the panties, and they’ve always been real panty-droppers for me.

I’ve organised them into three levels, depending on her degree of openness and adventurousness. If she’s particularly innocent and wholesome, or maybe shy and inexperienced, then don’t shove her in the deep end and expect her to swim. Let her paddle in the beginners’ level for a while. It’s what we call “vanilla” and it’s a nice gentle introduction that is unlikely to scare her off or intimidate her. Tread carefully guys. Remember that sexuality can be a fragile thing for us ladies, particularly in some cultures, where women are discouraged from identifying as sexual beings except for the purpose of (a) obliging her husband’s wants and needs, and (b) procreating. It will take more than a day or two to re-write this doctrine that has been reinforced over many years. But these non-threatening options might be a great place to start.

While they may not seem particularly lust-worthy to you, these are activities that will appeal to her natural feminine desires. Maybe she just wasn’t sure whether she could ever ask you for them before. But just watch her face light up when you offer them unprovoked on a silver platter. Remember, just because these acts are all about her, that doesn’t mean you won’t reap the bountiful benefits too. You give some, you get some.

Side Note:

If you don’t have a significant other, but you’d still like to pamper a beautiful woman, I’m sure one of your favourite escorts would be more than happy to volunteer as tribute.

Let the sensual shenanigans begin...

~ ~ ~

Products for Her

Beginners’ Level

If you're right back at square one and the mere mention of sex has your better half tensing up in apprehension, the best approach is to first make her feel relaxed. When we are relaxed, we are receptive. It's all about softening her up, showing her she can trust you, and gently coaxing her to follow your lead. The Kama Sutra range (available from the Adult Shop) is the perfect stepping stone on the road to reigniting your sex-life. Depending on how you use them, you can set the sexual tone as much or as little as you need to, in order to ease her into it without overwhelming her.

Start with the Ignite candles. Not only do they set the mood, but the melted wax also doubles as a luxurious massage oil. Coat your lover's body with this warm thick nectar, and feel her resolve melt away under your touch. Once she's practically purring like a kitten, sprinkle some Honey Dust on her wrists, thighs, and décolletage. We want to stick with neutral body parts first, nothing too erotic just yet. Slowly kiss and lick the sweet powder off her skin, and watch closely as she begins to respond to you. She's coming around now, but continue to be patient and let her body language set the pace. The third step of your seduction is the Oil of Love. Apply a couple drops of this magical elixir to her nipples, clitoris and backside. Lightly blow on the oil to allow a delectable warming sensation to wash over her. Then when she is ready, and you have her right where you want her, close your wet mouth over the oil and suck her gently until no trace remains.

Did I mention that the flavours and fragrances are amazing?

My top picks are the Vanilla Sandalwood in the Ignite candle, the Coconut Pineapple in the Honey Dust, and the Tropical Mango in the Oil of Love.

Intermediate Level

If there's one product that's worth its weight in gold, it's the Womanizer W500 Pro. This is the sex toy that escorts and civilians alike are raving about! I challenge you to find a woman on this earth that can spend one session with this little gem and not be tempted to name her first child after it. The genius lies in its ability to provide completely "touch-less" pleasure. A soft ring of silicone forms a seal surrounding the clit but the device does not actually come into contact with the clit itself. Suction occurs from a distance; without touch. It has 11 levels of intensity. Personally, I can only get up to level 4 before I'm going off like a rocket. If I were to somehow crank it up to level 6, within moments I’d be flinging the thing across the room before it sucks my soul out of my body like an exorcist reversing a demonic possession.

This toy is the conqueror of the clitoris. It's the achiever of the impossible. It's for those times when your girl is tipsy and she just can't seem to make it over the line... The Womanizer will get her there in 30 seconds flat. It's for when you've already made her cum multiple times, and it seems unlikely that she'd have one more in the tank... Leave it to the Womanizer to track down every last ounce of her climactic potential and drag it out of her kicking and screaming. But above all, it's for the woman who's long since abandoned any enthusiasm for sex... The Womanizer will fill her with wonder and curiosity again. Pretty soon she'll be wishing playtime was all the time.

It does retail for just under 300 big ones, but there are quite a few cheaper alternatives on the market using similar technology (I won't plug their names because I'm strictly Team Womanizer all the way). I know it’s a lot of money, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better investment. For us ladies, the quality of sex toys is extremely important. We are detail-oriented. We will be significantly more turned on by a toy that is finely crafted with a sleek design. I know that sounds silly and capitalistic, but classy high-quality items just set the mood differently compared to cheap nasty crap. The Womanizer is the crème de la crème; smooth lines, silky silicone, and a gorgeous authentic Swarovski crystal embellishment. It’s the Ferrari of sex toys.

This is also the go-to product if your sweet sheltered lady is a sex toy virgin. It's far less threatening than a big old dildo, in fact it looks quite pretty really, like something you'd find in a makeup bag. It may still make her a little nervous at first though, particularly if she's not used to being the subject of your voyeuristic ventures. Not everyone takes to the spotlight so naturally. But I swear to you, when she cums, she’ll forget all her inhibitions. I bet you’ve never seen your lady go wild like this before. There’s simply no orgasm quite like a Womanizer-orgasm. (They need to hurry up and hire me as their sales rep already!)

Some of you may be thinking, why on earth would I introduce my partner to a sex toy that could render my penis obsolete? Well that's the beauty of it. It would never do that to you. The Womanizer is your ally, not your opponent. Unlike a dildo, it does not operate by providing penetration, therefore it poses no threat. Your job as a sword wielder is safe. No redundancy package for you! Your lady will still need a good "entering" from time to time. And while it mimics the suction element of oral sex, sadly it doesn't possess a warm wet tongue, so for that too, she will still need you. What the Womanizer does offer though, is a way of breathing new life into her (or rather, sucking the life from her). Once she discovers this new, exciting, powerful way of reaching orgasm, it will likely make her more receptive to other sexual prospects. Like a flower blooming in the sun, the Womanizer will open her up to feeling sexy in her own skin, daydreaming about sex unexpectedly, and hopefully trying new things with you more frequently. If you are game enough to invite this new arrival to the party, you might find that suddenly your lady is a lot more willing to attend the festivities with you.

Come on PleasureAirTech! I just wrote 700 words about your product. Will I at least be paid some commission on the back of this article? You know what, I will settle for a free Womanizer in every colour. Please send them to my box immediately... I mean my PO Box. Oops.

Expert Level

This one is not for the faint of heart (nor for the fragile of loins). I bring you the "Thrusting Sex Machine!" (Yes, that is the technical term). LoveBotz makes a couple of great quality models with both dildo and flesh-light attachments; fun for him and her. I think the nice splash of baby pink on the model below, makes the whole thing a lot less menacing. But let's face it, it's still a bit of a beast. Do not just whip this monster out from under the bed. She will run a mile, and if she doesn't, you might want to sleep with one eye open, because that's one fearless little lady you've got there. You need to lean into it, explain the concept first, show her a carefully selected porno featuring a similar contraption. Do not choose a scene where it is thrashing about in the waters like Jaws on steroids. You don't want to traumatise the poor girl.

If or when she warms up to the machine, you might want to consider adding some soft restraints or a spreader bar into the mix. My top picks are the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Kit (say what you want about the movies, they make some beautiful quality sex toys and accessories) and the Scandal Ankle Spreader Bar with it's lavish red brocade velvet. Although this requires her to adopt a more submissive nature, it does not necessarily have to venture into full-on BDSM territory. The idea is that she is relinquishing all control to the machine, and by proxy, to you. The restraints themselves are really just for show. They are pretty easy to wriggle out of as they're only bound by velcro. But they are just suggestive enough to make her feel like even if she wanted to stop the machine from fucking her, there's nothing she could do. With no chance of shying away from the ensuing pleasure, she might as well give in. Psychologically she's still aware that this isn't necessarily true, but it can be a huge turn on to pretend it is, and to surrender mentally to that fantasy.

Even if they don’t like pain with their pleasure, most ladies who have been properly prepared for it, will not object to this set-up. I’m strictly a girlfriend experience provider, yet this scenario just teeters on the border of my comfort zone, falling ever so slightly on the side of being exciting rather than unpleasant. I think it all comes down to two key facts. Firstly, although it can look brutal, there is no pain involved; the restraints are soft and loose, and the dildo attachments can be adjusted for size, shape and speed, keeping within her individual comfort levels. Secondly, it is not a man dominating and overpowering her, it is a machine. So in a kind of sexy heroic way, you are there to watch over her and make sure she is okay. And if you happen to become aroused by watching over her, then so much the better! Assuming the role of protector, can foster an endearing sense of trust. Don't be surprised if she feels closer to you after the experience.

Inspiration for Her

Beginners’ Level

We all know that men are visual creatures. The eyes might be a window into the soul, but they're also apparently a window into the scrotum. However, a woman's sex drive, lies much more in the mind than in the eyes. Getting in her pants really comes down to getting in her head. That's why reading her some Literotica can be the most intimate form of foreplay. Lay her down on the bed and tell her to close her eyes while she listens to your voice. Then just read... It's as simple as that. Read the words slowly, patiently and deliberately, and caress her body lightly throughout. You can find entire libraries of erotic stories online for free. Bellesa in particular, has some fantastic ones. Or better yet, why not write your own, with your partner cast as the leading lady? It's the ultimate personalised fantasy. With a gesture so memorable and meaningful, by the end of your rendition, she'll be both putty in your hands, and a puddle of wetness on the sheets.

Intermediate Level

Buying her some lingerie may not seem racy enough to warrant the intermediate spot on this list, but for some women, the thought of dressing up for her man can leave her feeling utterly nauseous. Most women struggle with their body image and self-esteem at one point or another. You have no idea how cruel we can be to our own reflection. The insults that peter around our subconscious mind are enough to make you cringe. Even confident women are afflicted sometimes by bouts of feeling unattractive and unworthy. While you may see her as an absolute goddess (and I hope you do, because every woman is), it's unlikely she feels that way about herself. If only she could see herself through your eyes, right?

You might be wondering how some overpriced underwear is going to help with this endeavour. Well when approached tactfully, a gift of lingerie might help her consider the possibility that you actually think she'd look sexy in this tiny excuse for an undergarment. And once you pop that idea into her head, she might even start to wonder if you could be right. But this is not as simple as slapping a bow on a gift box and calling it a day. Here are my three critical tips for getting it just right...

Tip 1. Not all lingerie is created equal. Firstly you want to figure out what kind of woman she is. Is she demure, elegant and classy? You'll want to be shopping at Honey Birdette, Bras N Things, or La Perla. Presenting her with the latest ensemble from the Whores R' Us Spring Collection, is likely to both offend her, and make her recoil in horror. Even us escorts would rather not dress like a trashy 80's street hooker. But maybe your lady is more on the naughty, raunchy, kinky side? Lucky you! This is going to be much gentler on your wallet. Head to a sex-shop for a provocative barely-there dental-floss-looking number. Yes, it's a little cheap and nasty, and probably highly flammable, but these items can make us feel sexy as hell. Sometimes I'm in the mood for the high-class call-girl look, and other times I want to look like a down-and-dirty pornstar. Some days I embody a pampered trophy wife, and other days I want to release my inner stripper. But not every lady can identify with both sides of the coin. So before you get to the cash register, ask yourself... Does this style match who she is on the inside? If not, then she probably won't feel comfortable slipping into it.

Tip 2. Buy for her shape. What are her best assets? You want to accentuate these. What is she self-conscious about? You want to provide some coverage in these areas. Ask the sales assistant if you're not sure, but here are some examples: If she has great legs, stay-up thigh-high stockings will be super flattering, but these can be really annoying for girls with thick thighs (speaking from experience here). If she has a mum-tum, a babydoll style or high-waisted briefs will look gorgeous while also providing comfort. If she's busty, open-cup lingerie can be a jaw-dropper, but never buy her a corset as she'll only spill out of it in all the worst ways (again, speaking from experience). For more modest busts, they can get away with a plunging neckline and no support; take advantage of this! High-cut thongs give the illusion of longer legs and more booty. On fair skin, choose darker colours. Tanned skin looks incredible in any colour. If she's fuller figured, do not buy her a "one size fits most" garment. These are total bullshit anyway. If you're worried about the sizing, make sure the fabric has some stretch to it. Beware of asian-sizing if you're shopping online, and keep in mind that you'll probably need to go up a cup size in Honey Birdette. Some brands have horrible little tags on their packaging with an image of a perfect size 6, DD cup model looking flawless in the lingerie. This can be enough to send your lady into a shame-spiral. Try to either remove this tag before giving it to her, or choose an item with more realistic body-positive marketing.

The Michele Chemise by Beauty Night is a piece that is flattering on all body shapes. It is available in regular and plus size, and it retails for $59.99 at LoveHoney.

Tip 3. How you present it to her can make all the difference. Offer it as a suggestion, not a command. For example, "I saw this in the shop window and I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing you'd look in it. I just had to get it for you. If you're comfortable, maybe you could try it on for me after I give you a nice massage?" And to that she might reply, "quite frankly, you had me at massage." The first time I had the bright idea of trying on some lingerie for a boyfriend, I remember the most embarrassing part was having to emerge from the bathroom after donning my new threads. I had seen actresses in movies sashaying out to seduce their man, like the bedroom was their catwalk. "Here I am, come and get me boys!" No way could I ever pull that off. Who did I think I was? I was nowhere near confident enough for that. So I fiddled around for ages, stalling and panicking, too scared to come out of the bathroom and frantically looking around for a window I could climb out of to make my escape.

Don't even give your woman the chance to endure this. Help her through it. Dim the lights, and strip down to your skivvies too so she's not the only one half-naked. Try not to wait idly on the bed like a captive audience. Instead try to busy yourself lighting candles or adjusting the music so she doesn't feel like she's walking out onto a stage under a spotlight. If she's really shy, you could start with a blindfold on. Tell her you want her to come out to kiss you before she slowly takes off your blindfold. Since you're already up close, and since she'll feel safe under your kiss, she won't feel so scared. Plus once you are up close, she will be standing with you instead of standing alone in front of you. Something about that feels less vulnerable and less exposed to criticism. And lastly, let your reaction when you see her be genuine. Don't fake it or over-exaggerate. Just try to express what actually turns you on about how she looks, and if you can't find the words, then reach out to her and show her you can't keep your hands off her. She'll get the picture. If you make her feel sexy, I guarantee she'll start to act sexy. You'll know how well the lingerie worked by how quickly it hits the floor.

Expert Level

How often do you watch hard-core porn and wish that someone would fuck you like that? I know you don't want to hear this, but it is highly unrealistic to expect that from your lover. Why should you get all the pleasure, while she gets all the pain, humiliation and degradation? Obviously there are women out there that are willing and able to fulfil this brief. But the vast majority would take offence to their otherwise loving and gentle partner suddenly pulling their hair, grabbing them by the throat and ejaculating on their face for his own amusement.

When was the last time you said to yourself: "Wow, I really love that feeling right before I vomit. I wish someone would just assault my throat with a blunt object until I throw up"? No judgement if this gets you going, but most of us do not dream of such things.

Have you ever wanted someone to just bite on your cock real hard and chew on it like bubblegum, then give you a nice big smack in the balls? No? Then it should come as no surprise to you that most of us don't enjoy nipple biting, clit chewing and pussy slapping. I love porn as much as the next person, but it's meant to be a source of visual stimuli for our entertainment, not a blueprint for our sex-lives. If you interpret it as a how-to manual for pleasuring women, then you're being woefully led astray.

But what if I told you there might be a way that you could turn your pornographic fantasies into your sexual reality? What if you could watch porn with your lovely lady, and copy what you see on the screen together, all-the-while making her feel safe, respected and aroused? The only catch...? You can't resort to your old favourites, Fuck Sluts 2 and Ass Invasion 3. As this is all about her, you need to carefully select videos that cater to your lady's desires: Female-Friendly Porn. For a collection of beautiful, tasteful erotic films, created specifically for women and couples, you can't go past FrolicMe. Their elegance and sensuality is honestly unmatched. This is what women want to see. If you were to extract our fantasies from our hearts and minds and project them onto the small screen, this is what it would look like.

You can have your cake and eat it too, but it might take some compromise before you find a cake that both you and your partner have a taste for. Maybe she's a little on the fussy side, but once you find one you both think is delicious... Well then you're in for a treat!

Experiences for Her

Beginners’ Level

Let’s start with something harmless; a decadent couple's massage. This option is great if you suspect your lady might get a case of the green-eyed monster with the intermediate and expert levels.

But how does being fondled by a stranger bring you two closer? Well I can’t speak for every woman, but for me, a massage is a massage. It’s always going to be a turn on. It wouldn’t matter if Donald Trump himself was the one doing the honours, I would still show that Oompa Loompa some love afterwards. Nothing inspires gratitude quite like a bit of hot slick oiled-up pampering. I mean she’s naked, you’re naked, people are sliding their hands over your silky bodies. She notices a peaceful contented expression on your face that reminds her of how you used to look back when things were better between the two of you. She feels the knotted tension dissolve beneath her skin. She’s relaxed and blissful and it was your thoughtful idea to organise this for her. She wants to repay you when you get home. But how?... You get the gist.

If you’re short on cash, then why don’t you be the masseuse? Trust me, you don’t need any training. All you need is a willingness to worship and take care of her body (which I’m sure you have in spades). But here’s the kicker… We get a little sick of being offered a massage only for it to soon become obvious that it was just a manipulative way for you to stick it in. Don’t get me wrong, massage-sex is my all-time favourite, as is massage porn. It’s incredibly erotic. But don’t lose sight of why you’re doing this. This is supposed to get her on-board the sexy-train again. This is not about you temporarily getting your rocks off by means of coercion. If you truly want to make it all about her, give her a genuine honest to goodness massage. Dim the lights, light some candles or incense, chuck on a spa playlist on Spotify, break out the expensive lotion or aromatherapy oil, and take your time. Try your best not to get carried away and make it all about you. Pretend you’re an actual masseuse and this is a paying customer. It’s not sex, it’s an actual massage. If you can show her that this time it's all for her, then your chances of getting sex later on are significantly improved. You need to play the long game. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get aroused. She’s naked under your touch, of course you're going to get hard. You could even let it rub it against her lightly to make sure she knows it. But the more professional you remain, and the more self-restraint you show, the more crazy it’s going to drive her. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but playing hard to get just a little, gives her the opportunity to be the one who wants it for a change.

Intermediate Level

Most women have at least a dash of bisexuality in them. One of my most memorable experiences with a client was during a weekend getaway in Melbourne. After going out to dinner and then to a comedy club, we decided to end the night in a strip club. My client generously offered to pay for a private lap dance for the both of us. This was a first for me, but willing to try almost anything once, I excitedly agreed. We were sitting side by side on one of those vintage burgundy leather sofas, my palms sweaty with nervous energy as I held his hand. The two ladies we chose were not centre-fold models, nor were they the most perfect looking women in the club. But to me they were so sexy. Soft natural curves, warm friendly energy, and genuine smiles. They were fun-loving backpackers from the UK, and had we met under different circumstances, I could see us being friends.

I can understand why escorts and strippers both have their place in the adult industry. There is something so tantalising about exotic dancers being unattainable. An escort is a sure thing, but a dancer incites our animal instincts to pursue “the chase.” Being a female patron, definitely comes with certain perks. While my client was permitted light touching only, I got away with so much more. Not only did she encourage me to suck her nipples and rub her clit, but she was also mesmerised with burying her face in my breasts, and wrapping her legs tight around my waist as she thrust against me. I think we both got lost in the moment and forgot where we were. It was some time later before we realised that my client and his companion were watching us intently, getting off on it just as much as me and my new lady-friend were.

After bidding the girls farewell and retiring to our hotel room, the sex between my client and I was absolutely explosive. It started with me mimicking the strip tease that I’d seen the girls do earlier, but instead of just teasing, it ended with a whole lot of pleasing. He got the temptation of a stripper, and the follow-through of an escort, all-in-one.

Expert Level

Now this one is not for everybody, but have you ever considered booking an escort together as a couple? The dynamic has to be just right for this to go smoothly. It’s probably not going to be beneficial if your lady has no sex drive at all, but it might work well if she still wants sex, but is just slightly bored of the same old same. Please try not to take it personally if the latter is true. It doesn’t mean you are bad in bed, quite the contrary. Let’s say chocolate cake is her favourite dessert. She loves the way it tastes, the way it smells, the way it feels on her tongue. She can’t get enough of it. But after years and years of eating the same chocolate cake, it’s going to lose its lustre ever so slightly. Naturally she is going to become curious about trying alternative desserts. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want the chocolate cake anymore, it just means that she might want to try it with a bit of a twist. Maybe she’d like to have some whipped cream on the side and a cherry on top. If you’re the chocolate cake in her life, do you really mind if she adds some sprinkles on top for special occasions? In fact, wouldn’t you like to enjoy those sprinkles too? It’s very likely that after tasting a little something extra, suddenly eating that cake in the traditional way without all the toppings, is going to seem all new and exciting again.

When the dynamics are right, and all parties are firmly on-board, a threesome has the power to bring you closer than ever. I’ve seen it first-hand and it’s so beautiful to watch. It’s such a rare honour for me to witness and facilitate the re-connection of a couple who are still very much in love. Even just playing a small part in it fills me with such joy. I feel like I’m walking on sunshine for the rest of the day. And without sounding too much like a marketing ploy, inviting an escort as your plus one, is just far more sensible than choosing a stranger at a bar, or worse, one of her friends. Your lady can feel reassured that the escort is not going to catch feelings for you and try to steal you away. No matter how handsome you are, how skilful in bed or how well-endowed, I am a professional, and even if you instigated it, I would never allow our liaison to continue behind her back.

I think that allowing your lady to choose the escort is a very wise move. She needs to be in control here, she needs to feel comfortable and respected and never threatened by the “other woman.” I can’t stress this enough. If she doesn’t want the escort to be an absolute knockout, then you just need to accept that and thank your lucky stars that she’s on-board with this at all (most men would give their left testicle to be in your position). Don’t be surprised if she chooses more of a natural girl-next-door type, rather than the plastic pornstar of your dreams. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s insecure, it just happens to be what most women find more beautiful and appealing.

Let her make the first contact and set everything up. Most escorts will insist on dealing directly with the woman anyway as we want to make sure she feels good about this and is not being pressured. It will also give us girls a chance to bond over a quick chat. You want your lady to see the escort as a comrade, not a competitor. Communication between you two is also critical. You should be openly discussing what is okay and what is not okay, long before you contact a third party. Is she okay with performing oral on the other lady, or does she only want to be on the receiving end? Would it hurt her to see you kiss the other woman? Are your values aligned in terms of safe sex and using protection?

Above all, if this goes ahead, you want to make sure that your lady is the star of the show. The escort is merely a guest role. In my experience, the best threesomes are all about the lady. This is not about you being allowed to fuck another woman. This is about pampering her, making her feel appreciated, and showing her just how desirable she is. Imagine her laying back on the bed as you kiss her neck and suck her nipples while I’m between her legs licking her pussy. Picture you fucking her in doggy while I rub her back, squeeze her ass and tell her what a good girl she is and how sexy she looks right now. Visualise a steamy shower-for-three, where I’m kissing her passionately as we slide our breasts against each other and you’re lathering her thighs with soapy bubbles. She is the centre of attention at all times, she is the one you can’t take your eyes off, you and I are constantly giving her compliments and discussing how much we both want her. This is how you do a threesome right! By making it all about her instead of about you, what that really does is make it about both of you as a couple. It will remind her that you are capable of putting her needs first. Making these new memories together, can be a symbol of your love and trust for one another. As I mention in my advertising, “Why not allow Jasmine to be the naughty little secret that you both share?”

~ ~ ~

I know it can be incredibly trying when the sex in your relationship dwindles or dies. But if your bond is wonderful in every other way, if you love her and she’s your best friend and your teammate in life, then you owe it to her and to yourself, to be patient and work on it. A good woman is hard to find. Don’t write her off just because she’s not a nympho for you… (yet). With open communication and a willingness to explore new avenues, your sex-life could flourish from boring to breath-taking!

Happy experimenting, lovers!

Jasmine x

For all of the gizmos and gadgets mentioned in this blog, I can highly recommend Love Honey and Wild Secrets, two online sex-shop retailers that I swear by for all my “business” purchases. They both have a fantastic range, great value for money, and super-fast postage (with discreet packaging of course).


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