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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. My studies are more intense than ever and unfortunately time is a commodity that is in scarce supply for me these days. But I just couldn’t let today go by without writing a little something…

The 24th of January 2018 was a very special day for me. It was the official birthdate of Jasmine Lane. That’s right guys! Today marks one wonderful crazy year in the private escorting industry. I can hardly believe it. It’s gone so fast!

I can still remember my first day like it was yesterday. After a series of unfortunate events, Jade Rose and I abruptly and unexpectedly quit our previous jobs at a brothel. We suddenly found ourselves with no income and no plan, and we frantically tried to plot our next move. With each other’s support and encouragement, we built up the courage to throw caution to the wind and give private escorting a go. This was quite the leap of faith, as back then I had no idea whether the private escorting world was very established here in Perth… or worse still, whether or not I was even good enough to make it in that world. But with Jade as my own personal cheer-leader (and with me as hers), we threw ourselves into the challenge ahead. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.

We started scouring the classifieds for an incall residence. We wanted somewhere close to the CBD, but not actually in the CBD (city living just isn’t quite our style). We found a quaint little cottage-style house in Morley. We viewed it on the Tuesday, and that very same day we forged some payslips and lied about our employment references (oops). To this day, I’m pretty sure the landlord just assumes we were lesbian lovers living together and not escorts operating a two-woman whore-house out of his rental property. Signing the dotted line on the lease was a major milestone in itself, because we were taking on a significant financial responsibility, with no indication as to whether or not we would actually be able to make any money. At that point I think we were both thinking, “this had better bloody work!”

So, we signed our lives away on the Tuesday, and on the Wednesday, I had my very first booking as Jasmine Lane. Strangely, being Jasmine Lane felt very different to being Just Jasmine (no last name); my brothel stage-name. While Just Jasmine was a little timid and kind of a push-over, Jasmine Lane was in control and independent. Jasmine Lane still had all the sweetness of Just Jasmine, but with double the confidence. Before that first booking, I remember rushing around lighting candles and smoothing out the bedsheets, wondering if there was even a hope in hell that we could get this off the ground and actually make a business of it. I think I actually had visions of us starving in the streets at one point. But then the phones started blowing up and I knew everything would be okay.

To my delight, some of my regular brothel clients managed to find us and reconnect. In those first few weeks we worked long hours, usually from 11am until 2am Monday to Saturday. A lot of that time was spent sitting around watching shitty daytime TV, waiting for last minute bookings. It was hard work being away from home around the clock. But persistence paid off and we began to establish a name for ourselves. Clients began booking in advance. The scales tipped and we were suddenly bringing in more repeat customers than once-offs. Clients started writing lovely reviews about us and recommending us to their friends and business associates. Not only were we making money, but we were marketing ourselves in our own distinct way and developing our own brand. This was the real deal! I remember feeling so proud of us.

Looking back, I can honestly say I’ve had an amazing time and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can literally count the “bad” clients on one hand; there have been very few. I’m overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone has been. Thank you to all of the gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. You guys have made this journey better than I ever could have imagined.

And this is an extra special day for the gentlemen who are still with me from those first days back in Morley. From the bottom of my heart, your loyalty is enormously appreciated. Here's to all of the beautiful intimate memories I’ve shared with you all. I can only hope there will be many many more to come!

All my love,

Jasmine xx


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