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Jasmine's Rendezvous Recollection

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

This extra special Literotica piece was written for me by my gorgeous friend Jade Rose.

It’s Wednesday evening and Jasmine is lying at home alone in her bed. Her mind is wandering, and soon enough she finds herself thinking about an erotic rendezvous she had with one of her favourite clients the night before. The desire that filled the room, the connection they had with one another, and the toe-curling, earth-shattering sex they had together. She can’t help but become aroused. She pictures every passionate moment spent in bed with him. She imagines his masculine touch, his handsome face, and his massive hard-on as he embraced her and took her past the point of absolute ecstasy. She can feel a tingling sensation growing inside of her.

She feels her hands beginning to explore her soft supple skin. Starting at her neck, she caresses her collarbones and shoulders, just as Mr. Sid had done the night before. She moves her hands down, stroking her big beautiful breasts and lightly grazing her nipples with her fingertips, they become firm under her touch. She bites her lip, she knows what she’s about to do. “Naughty girl”, she thinks to herself. She can hear the echo of Mr. Sid’s striking manly voice resonating in her ears. Her hands flow down her stomach to her perfectly shaven pussy, it’s so soft and wet already. With a single touch of her clitoris she lets out a small breath, it feels so good, almost as good as the touch of Mr. Sid, but nothing can compare to the real thing.

She reaches for her nightstand; a drawer of wonderful toys is hidden within. She takes out the vibrating dildo that Mr. Sid had gifted to her for her birthday; it seemed only appropriate that he would be with her in spirit if not in body.

No need for lube, Jasmine’s little pink pussy is already dripping wet. She lightly strokes herself up and down, teasing herself. She naughtily puts her fingers in her mouth. She tastes so good. She can’t wait any longer. She turns on the toy on a to a nice low vibrating hum; she likes to work up to the main event ever so gradually to get the most out of every sensation. She slowly slips the toy inside herself, letting out a sexy moan that echoes around her bedroom. The vibrations feel so good; her entire body starts to tingle. While one hand moves the toy in and out of her gorgeous pussy, the other is playing with her clit. She starts with slow circular motions with her index finger, emulating what Mr. Sid had done with his tongue the night before.

Jasmine is so horny, her pussy is soaking wet. The feeling of her soft skin beneath her fingertips is such a turn on. She turns the vibrations up higher, and higher, and higher until she feels she is about to cum. “Not yet”, she thinks. Jasmine is having too much fun playing with herself for it all to be over so soon, she wants to bring herself closer and closer to the edge each time before she allows herself the sweet release of orgasm. She slides her wet fingers from her pussy all the way up her body until she feels her hard nipples beneath them. She gently tweaks one between her thumb and index finger; it sends shivers down her spine.

Jasmine wants to get raunchier now; she flips herself over and rises onto her knees. Pushing her big juicy ass in the air and pressing her breasts and beautiful face into the pillow. She moans and smiles playfully while inserting the toy from behind. She loves being put in doggy style, even when she is alone. The toy slides inside her pussy so perfectly. She can see herself in the mirror beside her bed, watching herself turns her on even more. The vibrations are so intense, and the head of the toy is hitting her g-spot just right. She moves the toy in and out of her tight pussy while she uses her other hand to rub her clit. Up and down, side to side, and around in circles… Every motion feels so good, she can’t contain herself, and her moans become louder. Jasmine can feel the orgasmic pressure building up inside of her. Her entire body begins to tense up. She knows what’s coming next. “Fuck!” She exclaims, Jasmine’s dripping wet pussy convulses with pleasure, gripping the toy and pulling it in deeper with every pulsating moment of what she had been waiting for. She groans with pleasure, her orgasm is too good to make her want to stop. She smashes her pussy with the toy faster and faster. Her pretty little clit is so sensitive to the touch but she can’t stop playing with it, her orgasm is enough to make her eyes roll back while she imagines cumming on Mr. Sid’s enormous cock. She wants more, she keeps going until she achieves a second, a third, and a forth mind-blowing, pillow biting orgasm.

She collapses into the bed and lies there for a moment, with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. She slides the toy out and places it on the bed next to her. She has a naughty smile on her face, and her dripping pussy juices on her fingers. She closes her eyes. Goodnight Jasmine.


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