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My Sexual Bucket List

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Ever wanted to know just how to turn me on?

Read my sexual bucket list below...

I thought I might share with you a wishlist of my favourite fantasies. Or maybe this is actually just my sneaky attempt to persuade you to help me make some of these a reality. Can’t blame a girl for trying, right?

FFF Threesome

One of my favourite things about being an escort, is that it has opened me up to sexual experiences that I probably never would’ve tried as a “regular girl.” For example, my first real taste of girl-on-girl action was in the industry. And guess what… I kissed a girl, and I liked it! In actual fact, I did a whole lot more than just kiss a girl. To my surprise and delight, I have thoroughly enjoyed my bedroom escapades with some truly beautiful women. But now I think it’s time to take my bisexuality to the next level. My friend Jade and I have been talking a lot lately about a fantasy that neither of us has tried before: the elusive all-girl threesome. Female-Female-Female. Now believe me, I would never want to exclude men from my bedroom altogether – I love men! But there is something so soft and sensual about kissing a girl, caressing her skin, tasting her most intimate places. Just once I would love to try a threesome, minus the testosterone. I can only imagine what would happen if Jade and I were to find a pretty young playmate to spend some time with.

Nuru Massage

I’m a huge fan of massage, both giving and receiving (but mostly receiving). Nuru massage is a style that involves a smooth slippery gel and lots of body-on-body contact. I’ve recently learnt that coconut oil can be used as a fantastic alternative to nuru gel. A slow deep full-body massage feels exquisitely indulgent. And for me, being in a state of absolute relaxation, has often been the precursor to some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

Blind Fold Play

This one gets better and better every time I try it. There is definitely something to be said for excluding the sense of sight in order to heighten the other senses. There is also a certain appeal to the build-up and anticipation of not knowing when or where the next touch will come. I love to be teased and pleased from my head to my toes, whether it’s with a feather, a riding crop, fingers, lips or tongue – a blind fold adds an irresistible element of surprise.


I love threesomes, but I also love sitting back and just watching. Nothing gets me off quite like watching a couple who are so completely into each other. Their turn-on becomes my turn-on, and I can’t resist touching myself while I watch. It’s like having a front row seat on a porn set, except that they aren’t acting. The connection is genuine and the pleasure is authentic. There is one thing that I have never had the pleasure of watching in real life though, and lately I find myself picturing it more and more, (particularly when I’m getting hot and heavy during a solo session): Anal Sex. Now anal is something that my body is not physically capable of. The amount of times a man has said to me, “oh but you’ll enjoy it with me… I’ll go slow… you just need to relax… we can practice with toys… you’ll get used to it… lube this and lube that…” Sorry guys. I’ve tried every technique there is. I want to enjoy it, I really do. But the fact of the matter is, I’m just not made for it. I assure you I’ve done my research, but trust me when I say that it’s just not for me. In saying that, when I watch porn lately, I find myself drawn to the scenes with a bit of backdoor action. I don’t know why I’m so turned on by watching a sexual act that I don’t enjoy myself. Perhaps it’s because I really want to see another girl enjoying it. Or maybe it’s just because it’s visually so damn explicit. Either way, I think watching a couple doing it in real life, right in front of my eyes, would be incredibly exciting.

Foot Fetish

I think it’s finally time to admit it… I like the foot stuff. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t want to venture down there, I totally understand. Please don’t feel like you have to. But for me, there is something ultra-erotic about a man pampering my feet. Something wonderful washes over my entire body when the pleasure centres in my feet are aroused. To have them caressed, massaged, licked, nibbled, sucked, worshipped… there is nothing more tantalising. I can’t quite explain it, but a bit of stimulation to the erogenous areas of my feet, seems to make me all warm and wet in other places higher up.

Bisexual MMF Threesome

The idea of being dominated and degraded by two men does not do it for me at all, (in my eyes it’s just one step away from being a gang-bang really). However, a truly bisexual male-male-female threesome is something else altogether. This is a controversial one and I suspect it won’t be very popular with some of the men reading this (you’re already cringing, aren’t you?) For some reason girl-on-girl is far more socially acceptable than male-on-male, however personally I think that’s a little hypocritical. I understand though that many men prefer to err on the side of caution whenever topics of male bisexuality are broached; our cultural expectations of masculinity precondition you to do so. Yet one of my deepest desires is to be with two men at the same time, where all parties engage simultaneously with each other. I have had a MMF threesome once before during my work, however the reality fell short compared to the fantasy. These two men were not bisexual, and they were deathly afraid to make eye contact with each other, let alone touch each other. I shudder to think of the panic that would have ensued if they had accidentally "crossed swords" at some point. Basically, I had sex with one, then had sex with the other, with no interaction between them, and with some difficulty keeping things up in the air if you know what I mean. Sadly, this failed to live up to the fantasy. What I really want is a MMF threesome where everyone is comfortable with each other and there is equal satisfaction all ways. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that seeing two men together with all their raw carnal aggression, is a massive turn on for me. If you’re allowed to like girl-on-girl, then I’m allowed to like guy-on-guy. Sorry, Not Sorry.

Food Play

You can probably guess from my curves that I love food. And I’m an escort, so we can also assume that I love sex. One thing I can’t resist is combining my two loves. What could be better than good food plus great sex? Whether it’s chocolate sauce, whipped cream, or champagne; if you put it on my body, it’s your duty to lick it off (and I don’t mind being devoured in the process). I’m a sweet tooth though, so make sure you bring enough for me to turn the tables on you. Finding creative ways to bring food into the bedroom can be sexy, fun and delicious!

Sleeping Beauty

Perhaps I watched too many Disney movies as a child… or perhaps I’m just a sloth who loves sleeping. But to me, there is something so seductive about a Sleeping Beauty fantasy. In essence, this is a role play whereby I would be in my most vulnerable state – in a deep sleep, scantily clad in a silk nightie. Envision yourself quietly pulling back the sheets and slowly undressing me, before beginning to explore my soft supple body with your warm touch. The idea is that I will be gently roused into consciousness as the waves of pleasure build to a climax. I can’t think of a more blissful way to wake up.

Isn’t it amazing how every single person has their own unique set of kinks and desires? I guess that’s what makes sex so enticing. As long as you’re open to it, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading guys.

Jasmine xx


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