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Step Into My World

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

“Client” is the terminology most commonly given for the role that you play in the sex industry. But you may also be called a customer, a punter, a John, or a job.

The first step is deciding to take the plunge and give paid-sex a go. In other words, to step into the role of the client. The second step, which is arguably just as important as the first step, is choosing which stream of paid-sex is your flavour.

There are four main streams of sex work in Australia: street work, brothel work, agency work, and private work. I’m about to tell you why private work should be your only choice.

“Private escort” is the industry lingo for an escort who works for herself. She is also sometimes referred to as an “independent escort.” We are the ladies with complete autonomy. By that I mean that I work by myself, for myself. I don't work for an agency and I don't have a brothel manager (or worse, a pimp) controlling what I do with my body. I choose who I see, how long for, how much I charge, and what services I offer. I am my own boss. I call the shots. I set my own standards. And make no mistake, there is nobody behind the scenes twisting my arm or coercing me into jumping into bed with you. I want this as much as you do!

What are the perks of private escorting for you, the client? It means you will always be talking directly with me, not a receptionist or an assistant. This means you can feel comfortable asking me anything you like, and to express your preferences, from the weird to the wonderful, with complete trust that I will uphold the values of discretion and confidentiality. An escort has heard it all so we won’t even bat an eyelid, no matter how outlandish your curiosities may be. We will be far more open-minded and tolerant than your average civilian receptionist. Plus, your sexual needs are personal, and this information should remain between two consenting individuals. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a third party, (or a fourth or fifth party), privy to that sensitive information.

Private escorts are usually happy escorts. Every escort knows her own body’s limits, however only private escorts are able to truly respect those limits. Private escorts are less likely to be over-worked or under-appreciated. We are the crème de la crème. We tend to be well-rested, and we live an indulgent lifestyle with plenty of time to ensure we are impeccably groomed and our bodies are well looked after. Most importantly, when we have had enough, we can say so. We never have to push our bodies past the limit. No one is forcing us to stay a minimum number of hours per shift, or urging us to just see one more client for the night, or pressuring us to service that sloppy drunk guy that’s falling all over himself. Unlike other escorts, a private escort has the first and final say in all matters. No one is putting their hand out for a cut of her earnings, so she has no one to please but herself (and you!)

That brings me to the absolute defining factor when choosing a private escort: Managing myself, means that it is my choice to see you. And with that choice, comes my complete willingness and eagerness to be intimate with you. Yes, you may have chosen me from an array of absolutely beautiful women on offer… But what a lot of clients don’t realise is that I have also chosen you. As a private escort, I have the luxury of being picky and choosy with the select clients I allow into my bedroom (and into my body). I can afford to have high standards, and I exercise that right each and every day. If you have made it to my doorstep, it means that I want to meet you; specifically you! (Not the long line of other gentlemen who also approached me and requested that timeslot). I might not know too much about you just yet, but there was something about our initial contact that made me want to know more. I promise you that if I have agreed to meet with you, I have every intention to enjoy our encounter together as much as I'm sure you will.

The bottom line is that private escorts are the ultimate sexual partners, because we are seeking pleasure, just as you are. For the most authentic, genuine and fulfilling experience, choose a private escort, because we are the true masters of our own sexual destiny.

Love always,

Jasmine x


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