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The Subtle Art of Sensation-Play

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

There’s an act of foreplay that you won’t see on an escort’s service list, or even under the various categories on PornHub. You never hear it mentioned when people talk about their fantasies, and it hasn’t gained the popularity or notoriety that oral sex has as a form of foreplay. In fact, many people wouldn’t give a second thought to potentially adding it to their sexual smorgasbord. They’re in too much of a hurry, too eager for instant gratification and too fixated on the race to get to the “good stuff.” I’m sure a lot of men will read this with an air of indifference, disinterested by what sounds like an unnecessary detour on the road to Orgasm-ville. Or maybe I’ve piqued your curiosity? Maybe you’re wondering what new erotic discovery has got me all hot under the collar and my little panties all wet and in a bunch… What I’m talking about is the little-known secret I like to call “Sensation-Play;” a life-changing phenomenon which is fast becoming one of my absolute favourite things in the bedroom.

“Sensation-Play” is a phrase that I thought I had coined myself. But I am not in fact the Christopher Columbus of this World Wonder. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia it’s been “a thing” for a while now and I’m just a little late to the party. But it is aptly named. Put simply, it is an act of foreplay that involves the use of sensation, touch and textures, to induce the most exquisite pleasure on the lucky recipient. Its closest relative would have to be Body Worship. But Sensation-Play as I have experienced it, is much more than just Body Worship (although it does have a lot of Body Worship elements worked in). In partnership with a couple of my lovely regular clients, I have been delving into Sensation-Play for quite some time now. I will try my best to describe a typical session for you, but it really has to be felt to be truly appreciated in all of its intangible deliciousness.

As with most acts of foreplay, there is a giver and a receiver. I know you don’t even have to ask which one Little Miss Selfish usually is (I’m not even sorry). The receiver lays down (blindfolded preferably, to get the full effect). She is presented to the giver naked, like a blank canvas, but with complete vulnerability and absolute trust. She’s like an empty vessel that he must pour life into. He uses everything in his arsenal to awaken her every nerve ending, creating a masterpiece of colours, feelings and vibrations throughout her entire body.

This might mean using cool nuru gel, warming lubricant, or aromatherapy oil. Maybe he’s brought along a leather crop, a silk ribbon, a feather, a vibrating bullet, a handful of rose petals or a string of pearls. Or the mark of a true artist; an array of paintbrushes with bristles of different shapes and coarseness. My personal favourite is the fan-shaped brush with the silky feather-light bristles. My skin comes alive as he slowly paints my body with it, and a shiver lies in wake of each long stroke. His creativity is my kryptonite. He is limited only by his imagination. Perhaps he will alternate using his tools on my skin, with touches from his own body parts; his fingertips, his tongue, the gentle graze of his five o’clock shadow. It’s the variety and the element of surprise that will have my sensory receptors skyrocketing into overdrive.

Now I’m not quite sure how exactly the giver creates the magic that he does. I think that firstly it must stem from a genuine profound appreciation of the female form, and I suspect that from there he’s just acting on intuition. He doesn’t have to think about how best to worship her curves, because like an animal’s instincts, there’s nothing that could stop him from doing what must be done. What I can tell you is that the key is gentle touches, slow deliberate caresses, and patience beyond measure. He will be a man who is not in a rush to get to an end-point, but rather a man who delights in the long-drawn-out seduction of his subject. She is his willing victim, in the most beautiful sense of the word. His skilful use of anticipation and those heavy weighted moments, is as much a part of his armoury as the feathers and ribbons and tools. A true master of Sensation-Play, will know that his power lies in his ability to build up the tension gradually, and to make her want the next touch long before he indulges her with it. He will tease and tantalise her senses until her body is pleading for more. Yet he will ignore her impatient pleas and keep his resolve. He will hold back just a little, never giving her all that she wants, but giving her just enough that she always wants more. The art is in making her crave him; but making her wait for it. This is not a sprint, but a marathon, and he will explore her body as though he has one hundred more years to go on pleasuring it.

Sensation-Play, unlike most other forms of foreplay, is not just about the clitoris or the nipples. It should be a holistic experience. Every part of the woman’s body should receive the attention and devotion it deserves. Literally her whole body. Leave no curve or crevice untouched. And when that’s done, have her turn over so you can do it some more! Some of my favourite places to be pleasured? Across my ribs and that lovely crevice beneath my breasts, the palms of my hands, the back of my knees, my feet, the nape of my neck, and that sweet spot just at the top of my crack. Remember to vary the textures, change up your pace, apply some firm pressure and some light, but never let me know what’s coming next. I will await your next move with bated breath, but don’t ever give in. Don’t ever give me it all. When done right, my response to every touch should grow more and more exaggerated. To the point where you’ve built me up into such a frenzy, that even the lightest feather will make me lose control and send me plummeting over the edge.

I believe that a man who has the desire and the ability to master Sensation-Play, is the true definition of a Sex-God. He has the capacity to satisfy any woman on this Earth, and he is the epitome of a selfless lover. While Sensation-Play is not the sweaty, breathless, dirty kind of sex we all love, I find it to be incredibly erotic and arousing in its own right. And I find the tantric, long-lasting pleasure to be some of the most memorable and invigorating sexual experiences I’ve ever had.

~ ~ ~

Have I made you a believer yet? If Sensation-Play sounds like something that might excite you, I’d be ever-so-grateful if you would allow me to play muse to your artistry. I lie in longing anticipation of the beauty we can create together.

Forever yours,

Jas x


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