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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Literotica by Jasmine Lane

Trust is something that doesn’t happen after just one meeting with a man. Or even after two. Trust develops after several meetings, and Mr B and I were at that point. During our regular liaisons, we had explored many new things together, and with each new experience, we built upon our foundation of mutual respect, patience, kindness and communication. He knew me very intimately by now, and we had developed an unspoken trust. I knew two things for certain: that his only aim was to please me, and that he would always honour my boundaries… But now it was time to put that trust to the test.

This time he had only two requests. Firstly, that I answer the door wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels. And secondly, I was to greet him with a smile, but I was not to utter a single word. In fact, he wanted me to remain silent and not speak at all throughout the entire encounter. And because I trusted him… I obliged.

True to his word, I opened the door and no words were exchanged. He leaned in for a kiss, but lingered just a centimetre away from my lips. As our breath intertwined, our heady passion grew with each heartbeat that passed. The air was charged with anticipation. Before our lips could touch he spun me around and pressed his already rock-hard erection into the small of my back. He restrained my arms by my sides and told me not to move. “Close your eyes,” he whispered in my ear. So I did as I was told.

I felt him place a blindfold over my eyes before leading me by the hand and pushing me up against the kitchen bench. At my ankles, I felt him nudge my feet apart to widen my stance. I could barely stand upright in my heels as he traced his hands up the inside of my calves and thighs. My knees threatened to buckle underneath me as his touch quite literally made me weak. I felt him pull the belt of my trench coat undone. With painstaking precision and patience, he then ever-so-slowly lowered the zip of my coat. I felt the soft fabric slide off my shoulders and into a heap on the floor, leaving my bare breasts now completely exposed to him. They felt heavy and achy, in desperate need of his touch. But Mr B delighted in making me wait. With parted lips and baited breath, I stood naked in the kitchen wearing nothing but my heels, waiting for what was to come.

With a feathered wand, he began to trace light circles and patterns over my entire body. This onslaught of pleasure and anticipation built up and up as a slow burning passion grew deep inside me. I wanted more. I tilted my hips towards him, pleading silently for him to enter me right now. But he was determined to make me wait. He swirled the feathers around and around and finally he brushed them against my swollen pussy lips. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. How much more of this teasing could I endure?

Just when I thought I would have to break the rules (and my vow of silence) and beg for him to fuck me, he lifted me onto the kitchen bench. I felt him spread my legs apart and place one foot on each kitchen stool so that my little pink pussy was completely open to him. I waited in the silence. And then came his mouth, hot and wet against my already throbbing pussy. Finally! As his warmth engulfed me, I shuddered with grateful appreciation. He started off slow, lightly pressing his soft lips to my clitoris. Then he would stop, and make me gasp in exasperation. Again, he began to caress my body with the feather wand. I willed him to return to my clit once more, but he seemed intent on tormenting me. I squirmed about, trying to bring his attention back to the task between my legs. We both knew he had me right where he wanted me. I was putty in his hands. He teased my nipples into tight peaks as my back arched on the countertop. I could feel the cool air-con brushing against them, hardening them even further. Still, not a word was spoken. The apartment felt empty and silent, except for the quiet hum of the refrigerator and my soft whimpering moans as he continued to caress me slowly.

It felt like he’d been teasing me for hours. I think he could sense that I couldn’t take any more of him depriving me. So, I finally pushed his head between my legs and forced him to pleasure me. This time he didn’t make me wait. I grabbed handfuls of his hair, and pulled him closer as I was grinding my pussy against his face. There was no room for politeness anymore. I needed him now! His tongue felt like heaven stroking and swirling across my clit.

With my blindfold in place, I couldn't see a thing. But in my mind’s eye was a picture of me displayed for him on the kitchen counter. Presented like a delicious dessert on a silver platter. My legs spread wide and totally open for him to savour my sweet juices at his leisure. I was at his complete mercy and I was going to enjoy every single minute of it. Through my blindfold I could see small flashes of light creep in every now and then, and I suddenly became acutely aware that the curtains were slightly drawn. For a moment, I considered that my neighbours in other apartments might be watching us. But I was drunk with lust and I just didn't care. Let them enjoy the show!

As he continued to lick, kiss, and suck my pussy with expert skill and tenderness, still no words were exchanged by either of us. In the darkness, all that existed was the two of us. The sight deprivation and loss of verbal communication, forced us to connect on a different level. It felt profoundly intense. We were communicating in the dark and in the silence, solely through our bodies. The language of lust.

A scenario played out in my mind of a stranger coming into my house in the middle of the night, and me wordlessly following his every lead without resistance, as though in a trance. I was under his spell: a slave to his every whim. Except he was a stranger that I somehow knew. From a past life maybe? I felt that our souls were inextricably linked and I knew I could trust him. Complete trust that he would only inflict on me absolute pleasure. All the things I liked and nothing that I didn’t. Pouring all that trust into someone else felt like a relief… The sweetest surrender.

Mr B’s warm wet mouth pulled me out of the fantasy and brought me back to the present. Somehow, I had lost myself in the way he was making me feel. Every cell of my body was alive with sensation and it was doing strange but wonderful things to my mind. His tongue picked up the pace, sending me into overdrive. Then all at once it felt like the crescendo was coming. “Slow down baby, I don’t want it to be over just yet.” Oh no. My hand went up to my mouth in shock as I realised I had just broken his rule. He grabbed my wrist firmly and I knew it was a warning to keep my mouth shut. His dominance and control only made it all-the-more sexy.

I knew he was about to punish me for my defiance. He took his mouth away from me and the sudden absence was palpable. My pussy throbbed and pulsated without his touch. I arched my back further, straining to get near enough to him to make contact once again. Minutes felt like hours, until finally he flicked his tongue lightly against my clit. But just as quickly as I had felt it, it was gone again. Had he actually licked me though? Or was I yearning for him so badly that I had imagined it? No, there it was again. A flick of the tongue followed by a long pause, and then another flick yet again. Every touch followed by a moment of sweet torture while I longed for the next touch. But when it came, that touch was exquisite! In the darkness, every sensation was heightened. Every moment bursting with bliss. Soon, the moments in between felt just as full with feeling and pleasure, as the touches themselves. My engorged pussy was practically pounding with hunger.

With my naked back pressed against the cold hard marble bench-top, Mr B’s constant pattern of licking and pausing was relentless. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. And he intuitively knew he didn’t have to do anything else. He didn’t increase the pace, or even the pressure. Eventually the lightest briefest flick of the tongue was enough to send me catapulting over the edge. I came with violent soul-shaking convulsions, wave after wave after wave…

~ ~ ~

In the same way as it had all started, he used the feather teaser to caress my body slowly as I gently drifted back to earth. My wetness dripped into a pool on the countertop beneath me. My body was covered in goosebumps; my every need and desire sated. And as he placed a warm kiss in between my thighs, it’s hard to remember a time when I’ve felt so satisfied and fulfilled.

He lifted me off the kitchen counter, my legs weak and trembling. Without a word, I followed obediently as he led me to the bedroom. It had only just begun…


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